Happy For You

This is for my brother. 🙂 I’m glad he likes it so much that he even put it in his own blog.(or at least he said he would)

He was too happy to do any writing tonight, so I wrote something for him. I love it when the feeling overwhelms you into writing something special, even if it’s not for yourself.

Happy For You

I’ve seen your anguish,
And seen the tears fall,
Like rain in the late afternoon.

Each drop represented a moment lost,
Each heartbeat skipped a few more,
At the very sight of that beautiful face.

The memoirs sit atop a shelf,
Flanked by books left and right,
Dust settle on the things left untouched,
Like your feelings, they never fade away.

Years of roses and more the next,
You just want to tell her more and more,
Yet without the words you could hardly say,
Words as obvious as the red red rose.

You learnt about separation way beyond your years,
Separated from something that you’ve only yearned,
Yet the crack of your heartbreak verberated in my ear,
I can only imagine the pain you only know.

Like a shooting star she comes home,
And so does the spark in your eyes,
She’s like christmas,
The brief happiness that comes each year.

At the sight of her you melt inside,
I was worried you’ve forgotten how to be happy,
But I’m glad it came back for you tonight.

The whole world faded into a blur of colours,
As stories were told and laughters were exchanged,
Nothing else will ever matter,
When she looked at you and smiled.

A simple friendly hug meant the world to you,
The dreams you dreamt for years,
They’ve all come true in just one night.

You’ve wished for so much more,
But for now, this will do.
A little treat for that broken heart.

Dancing under the moonlight,
Inhaling the sweet scent of playground grass,
Spinning around in circles,
Happiness consuming you.

And for all of that,
I’m so happy for you. 🙂

Yes, yes, I know I’ve been doing a lot of poems. But I have to pen it down before the feeling fades away! And post it up before the enthusiasm dies! I’ve already got like …70 or so photos in my drafts waiting to be posted up! I’ll try to take time off from my schedule to sit down and blog it out. 🙂 Time is so precious these days.

And I’ll reply to the comments very very very soon!(I’m referring to the post below!)