Have You Ever Gone Trigger Happy in A Pasar Malam?

This entry is a little overdue..just like my pimptress entries(PATIENCE LAH). But hope you guys enjoy the photos anyway. Yep, 56 killer is here to kill your modem again.

One thing bad about buying a fridge with no dual component would be having a whole winter wonderland experience whenever you take the chicken out to defrost. It’s so bad that we can’t even close the door to the freezer compartment due to the accumulated frost. We decided to manually remove all the frost. Hard work you know!

So much of snow!! Yeah, the hat is my hairband. I’m so used to it that I didn’t even realise that I wore it out of the house to throw rubbish once. I asked Lie Yuen, “Why are people looking at me weirdly?” She said, “I also don’t know leh..”

This is how accustomed we have become to my pimptress hat. Hehe.


*scrape scrape* And I didn’t ask Lie Yuen to take a photo at THIS angle. i look like an aunty with saggy boobs. ANGLE SAJA OKAY….ANGLE.

Josiah has been talking about this pasar malam about 15 minutes away from where we stay. He asked us if we were interested to check it out and have dinner there on Tuesday. Of course I would readily say yes to any photo taking opportunity.

Little Boss relaxing while manning his mum’s rattan stall.


*shivers at childhood memories* just kidding lah. Only once or twice my grandmother would say it to us. My dad’s form of punishment is kneeling down in front of the altar/take rubber bands and flick it at us/leave me downstairs with the lights off/threatened to only feed me roti canai with sugar and nothing else(i ended up loving roti canai and sugar more than any other mamak food).

Ughh..but people still eat it.

The aroma of joss sticks and incense is somewhat nostalgic to the average Chinese, don’t you think?

Veges are always pretty to photograph!

THE LOVE OF MY LIFE….We’ve been in love for… 16 years now. My grandmother put some durians on a plate for me and put some newspapers on the floor of the dining room for me to sit on. While the adults enjoyed a durian feast at the dining table, 3 year old Jolene dug her fingers curiously into the soft fleshy durian with utmost fascination. She stuck her thumb into her mouth and the rest as they say is history.

Rempah ratus… herbs.

BRA..LELONG LELONG. I know it’s about the same price as those that they sell in Carrefour..but ew.. Can never bring myself to buy undergarments from pasar malam.

Petai.. quite interesting the way they present their ware.

Cosmetics. Never ever buy foundation, lipstick, eyeliner or lipliner from capalang brands. Eyeshadows are fine because mixing and matching is good. And you can throw the colour out after using it once or twice as it is so cheap. But ugh, imagine putting some RM3.90 lipstick on and then swallowing it as you do with your usual lipstick.


Yes, I KNOW it’s a watermelon.

L-r: Josiah, Lie Yuen
We bought some satay for dinner.

*air liur meleleh*

This durian dude asked me to take a photo of him. I layaned lah. And then the mango dude in the next stall told me to go home and “use the computer to see through his pants, because he never wear underwear”. Sheesh.

Meat… been a while since I had some good ol’ pork. It’s not pork though.

Dried goods.

Nice colours!!

MMMMmmmMMm…. but no time to cook la these few days. So just for the sake of taking photographs only.

I LOVE CRABS. But lazy to peel. 🙁 So never get to eat crabs. T_T


The fisherman arranging his squids so that they would look prettier.

Oklah, not exactly a favourite. Sting rays have the texture of rubber.

*Air liur meleleh more*

Not a fan of green apples, but such a pleasure to photograph!

We bought these though. Pulut udang. I thought it was otak-otak. Felt so disappointed. 🙁

So kaku lah they all. Supposed to do that running running thingie and look back at the camera and wave pose.

Damn old school right???

This is me buying my dinner. Yeah, makelove the diet. Mummy and Daddy say I cannot swear on my blog. Sorry.

KEROPOK LEKOR!!!! I know WHO loves it. hehhee. But you can’t have too many of it at a go, or else you’ll cause your palate to feel really raw..Owww.. And then if you leave the rest for later, it’s no good anymore because it’s best eaten when its crunchy and hot!!

finger food!

Oh god…………..*orgasmic*

One of the highlights of Malaysian cuisine.

Lie Yuen wonders about the usage of pink coloured onions.

I’m not entirely excited about something pink for once.

It’s supposed to go with this french toast thingie.. which is actually a square omelette.

Fried sausages.

Fried chcken!

pulut udang!

Abit like curry puff….but they have all kinds of fillings.

The obligatory bag of satays.

Inside the pulut udang..

The three fattening food to rule them all!!

It’s good to break away from the norm every now and then. I’ll DIE if I have to eat kuay teow thng, chicken rice, wantan mee or bakkutteh every night. Or Kangkung with soup.