I DO Sleep Better With Chipster!

On one warm night not too long ago, I found myself lying in bed for hours on end.

I simply couldn’t fall asleep!

I tried and tried.

Still, I was wide awake.

Making emo calls to Befrienders.

After spilling out my secrets to the Befriender’s hotline operator about how I’m in love with my dog’s mother’s owner’s son’s daughter’s son’s niece’s nephew which is strangely named ‘A’, I decided to give it another shot!

For awhile I felt myself floating into another realm.

In my mind I saw a midget monster scrambling towards me on all four limbs. From time to time he would spit at me.

The midget monster was clinging on to my neck and dangling freely with one hand while the other one tried to grab at naughty places. Needless to say, I was damn scared.

According to witnesses, I sleep-walked out of my house after the nightmares.

!! What a close shave! I was only this close in becoming tomorrow’s headlines. “Girl, 21, dies in road traffic accident just outside of her own gated community home -_-” < — emoticon will be inserted in the headlines too.

*cue for Angels’ singings*

I think i found the answer to my sleepless night.

True enough, a sense of euphoria settled in as soon as I climbed into bed with a packet of Original Flavour Chipsters.

It makes a good pillow too.

Actually very hungry. (*note the drool!*)

According to scientific studies, having many Chipsters in your mouth will aid in better breathing, weight loss, combat against skin problems, hair loss prevention, eliminate all possible occurrences of cancer but most of all it guarantees one to sleep soundly throughout the night.

I sleep so well with Chipster that Lie Yuen’s angry “Jolene you haven’t wake up yet?!?!?!” face doesn’t even faze me.

But compared to a night without Chipster………

“Shh, don’t disturb her. She gets cranky and wakes up really early in the morning to make rack of lamb and shredded chicken bits porridge for the whole house when she hasn’t got her Chipster fix,” Lie Yuen tells Cze-Yin.

“Good what! Like that we hide the chipsters forever! Yayyy can eat porridge everyday!” says Cze-Yin who has no heart.

….The End! And they all lived happily ever after.


I WANT THE WIIIII…I’m a born again Nintendo Lover. *hugs Nintendo DS Lite*

See you all at Nuffnang’s Pyjamas party! (if i get the tickets lah)