I Learned How To Go Up And Down On A Pole

In between busying myself with my stickers and going down to Singapore, I couldn’t find the time to blog about the Clorets Dark Secret Amateur Pole Dancing Competition event that I attended awhile ago. Soon Seng had two invites from Nuffnang and he invited me along! So nice of him. We made a pact to go together for any Nuffnang events because it’s always nice to go with a friend you’ve known for years and not from blogs. This entry is also like wayyyy too late as I was only Soon Seng’s guest, not a directly invited blogger or anything. So no pressure for me to churn out a blog entry asap!

All ready to head out and loving the sunlight.

Another one of the reasons why I went was because of April, who is one of the particpants. Frances/Pek Mei was there as well, though I didn’t recognise her in the first place. She looks SUPER SUPER different with make up on. She waved excitedly at me, and I lifted my hand slowly, unsure if I know that person. Haha.

The way they climb up those poles….

See how effortless they make pole dancing looks?

Yeap, supporting herself with only two fingers.

Soon Seng and me after a hearty Sakae Sushi meal.

Here’s a group photo of all the participants with two guy participants thrown in the mix. Unfortunately, the event I went for was only a press conference so we only got snippets of what they were capable of doing to the pole. I’m guessing many lucky boyfriends after the event! Not too sure if the guys’ girlfriends will enjoy seeing them gyrate up and down a stainless steel pole.

April loved being on top! Any chance she had, she’d scurry all the way to the top. I make her sound like a squirrel right?

Sheer thigh muscles, she has.

She’s really pretty, isn’t she?

Look at Frances go!

They invited two celebrities to host the event. I didn’t recognize them when I saw them. On your left would be DJ Pietro and the girl is none other than Hannah Tan.

It was sort of a Nuffnang event for me because there were a few bloggers sent by Nuffnang to cover the event. This is Julian Hopkins who is doing a thesis on blogging and the commercial side of it! He looks so cheeky here!

He’s pursuing his PhD at Monash and surprise, surprise, Meldee is his colleague. Mel’s doing her honors paper at Monash while tutoring at the same time. The world is so small I’ve stopped getting surprised.

I finally got to meet Simon Seow, after seeing his face around the blogosphere a lot.

Hannah Tan was far more approachable than Pietro. He was probably too busy to make small talk. Before finding out that she was Hannah Tan, she smiled at anybody who happened to look her way. Very down to Earth! We even talked for quite a bit and I didn’t even get any celeb vibes from her. I actually felt human while talking to her. When everyone streamed out of the gym(it was held at Celebrity Fitness in Bangsar Village 2) she waved bye bye from quite far away, like you’re on the same level as her.

It’s nice when celebs are friendly. 🙂

This is Hannah showing us her name card and her pendant. Notice the same H?

Myself and Clare, another fellow blogger. She came all the way from Sibu! Not purposely for this event lah. She just had good timing. 🙂

There were workshops for the media and the bloggers were lumped in one group. I thought no one was looking while we were being ‘trained’. I didn’t know that we were actually watched by everyone at the event. I was totally oblivious to the crowd.

Mmm you like that wtf

Looks like I’m in some kind of musical. Frances and April were positioning my arms, legs and torso like I was one of those wooden mannequins sold at Ikea for graphic students.

Gotta love April’s shirt!

Frances and me.

Soon Seng, why you look so happy ah?

We were given certificates for participating.

Now…what do I do with it? Might help in my future job applications. “Boss ah, I can pole dance..”

A bloggers plus celebrities photo session.

And in came the hyperactive pole dancers!

All of us were such sports!

Thank you once again, Soon Seng, for the invite! And like you mentioned on your blog, for the lovely company as well! 🙂 He is such a great analyzer. We dissected all our mutual friends to bits hehehe. NO ONE ESCAPED. Kidding lah, we spoke only nice things about all of you.