I Slurp For Money

I used to be a pro at this you know. I used to take the silliest photo with the most random objects and I could pull it off! I reckon that now I’m a tad bit older, the spontaneity seems to have evaporated. My face is just not as elastic as it once used to be. 

I used to camwhore randomly so much that I could even be considered a professional at boliaoness. Just when I’m slowly backing away from the glitz and glamour of random camwhoring, contests are cropping up everywhere and all they want the contestants to do is to camwhore. You know, pull the funniest face, snap the most creative shot of yourself and you stand to win products you can’t even afford and money you wouldn’t mind.

I was always too lazy. A Flat screen TV? Pfft. A macbook? Bah, I’ll never win it. (I HAVE ONE NOW BTW! 😀 :D)

But when I saw this.. well, it changed my mind. RM6000. JUST to snap a photo with a Slurpee okay. A SLURPEE! Which costs you RM2.20 for the large one (the only way to drink it IMHO). 

So after dinner today, I went into town to hunt for a 7-11 to get my Slurpeelicious Moment. Excuse the haggard thing in the photographs. I was considering to slap on some make up but like who the hell wears make up to drink Slurpee lah right? So here it is. Enjoying Slurpee in the raw, like how a real slurpee should be enjoyed. Wow, I know so many words. -__-

The contest mentioned that your Slurpee needs to take up 40% of the picture. First of all, it’s no easy feat. Secondly, I can never limit myself to just one photo. Never. 

IMG_1714 by you.
I hate it when the slurpee is watery..it’s only slurpee when it’s like icy slush!

IMG_1718 by you.

Hmmm..there you go! This is the way I like my slurpee done. Mixed! I get the best of both worlds you see. Something that I’ve been doing since I was a child.

IMG_1719 by you.
Oh so cold!

IMG_1725 by you.
I’ll probably submit this one because the size of the Slurpee is about 40% of the photo. 
IMG_1723 by you.
And this is nice because of the effect!

IMG_1722 by you.
This one cannot lah. Slurpee so small, tummy so big.

IMG_1721 by you.
Don’t you just love the colour combination? Like some scientist’s experiment bubbling away!
IMG_1734 by you.
No point sucking man. Just scoop the ice and eat it!
IMG_1731 by you.
Thought I should at least utilize this cute hairband I bought from UK. Just me and the Slurpee might be a little awkward and lonely. 
IMG_1735 by you.
Oooh check out the colour tones on my scoop of Slurpee.

And you know what’s the best part? I realized I left my Slurpee in the car. -__- Gaahh. Gonna go get it now.