If Only I had Channel X Unlimited Facebook Via SMS In National Service

I can still remember those lonely weekends in National Service, the two precious days where our phones were returned to us.

We would line up in the canteen and wait patiently as the Cikgu calls out your name from the sticker which they stuck onto the back of your phone. We’d grab it with two hands like hungry deprived children in poverty stricken nations and fumble as we plug our chargers into it. Some girls fought over the power socket but savvy people like yours truly (ahem) bought a multiple power sockets thingie to share with the other girls. I had every right to ALWAYS have one socket to myself because I was the one who bought it.

The phones were our only source to the outside world. My friends would sms me to enquire if I was still alive, my family would call me to reassure me that three months would be over soon enough and I would talk to Chee Kiang until late at night asking him how he survived his national service a year ago, sitting next to the charger looking out at the dark dorm room which I shared with 24 girls. No one spoke English by the way, all the more reason I was depressed.

What I would GIVE to have the internet with me, I thought. Blogging was at its prime at that time in 2005. But this was the era BEFORE Facebook. I did actually keep a journal with me and sent entries home for my brother to upload for me onto my blog.

But just imagine if I had Facebook that time AND the Channel X Unlimited Facebook Via Sms I’d be able to tell the world how sad I was and all the stupid things I saw happening around me. I mean National Service did get better but there were so many things that I just *had* to tell the world immediately. With Channel X Unlimited Facebook Via SMS, I could even get the notifications back to me immediately.

Like say if I saw my Cikgu punish two boys found smoking in the toilet with the “Push Ups Tahan” (to be in push up position but to hold it midway for as long as the Cikgu wanted them to), it’d be awesome if I could update my FB status straight away. Why why didn’t Channel X Unlimited Facebook Via SMS come earlier? 🙁

Hopefully the kids these days at National Service can utilize this awesome service. Only RM1 per week for unlimited FB usage. Even the burger at the burger stall in NS costs more than that. Burger Special was RM2 I remember! So Burger Special or to whine to your friends whenever and wherever? Your choice!