I’m A Nice Person After All

I realised that I can be quite a bitch when I stay with people other than family.

Of course we must have other people to stimulate the inner bitch in me.
But where is the line drawn between bitchy and just plain “what a fucking bitch”?

We all know the stories about Vinnie and the housemates. But you’ve not heard the latest.

Sometimes it’s better to forgive and forget. Just read on first okay?

A couple of weeks ago, Li Shen wanted to study next to me and Vinnie’s table is next to me. Vinnie was upstairs so Li Shen sat at her table. Then she started to get too comfortable and even put her leg up on the table. I mean hahaha, dah lah enemies, quite bad also lah.


Of course, every race also don’t like anyone to put their legs up on their tables lah. She must’ve been too angry because she’s actually a Punjabi, she made a typo talko.
Li Shen scurried away and Vinnie touched the table and did a little prayer. At that moment, I was like, “Wah sei, damn fake.”

Was memang pissed with her already and so I decided to take revenge ona behalf of Li Shen who went upstairs.

Vinnie’s not a great singer especially when she has a Windows Media Player on. Plus, I can usually hear every thing the singer is crooning. It’s that loud. So I was waiting for her to start singing so that I can say coldly, “Eh, can you not sing ar?”

But she didn’t start singing. The second opportunity was there though, so I took it.

“I can hear every single word,” I said in my best bitchiest voice.(Thanks Amanda for the training!)

She innocently said, “Hahh?”

I repeated, “I. CAN. HEAR. EVERY. SINGLE. WORD.”

She didn’t answer me and we just ignored each other. Then she went to the bathroom and once again she didn’t press the flush button so I said, “You didn’t press the flush button again!” and slammed the door.

We were both ignoring each other again after that.

The following morning, she told Li Shen, “Eh, I went to your room and I saw my chair there.” Then I butt in with a damn sweet voice and said, “Oh? You WENT into LI SHEN’S room?”

She buat innocent and said, “Oh nolah, just passing through!”

After a small argument about the silly plastic chairs, I went back to my desk to study. She was studying there and her file was jutting towards my side and I took my huge ass heavy water bottle and pushed forcefully at her file. She took her file and slammed it on the table.

We ignored each other again.

Then after awhile her elbow was jutting towards my table. I really wanted to say, “Us Chinese ar.. don’t like people’s elbows on our table.”

But that would’ve been too mean and I couldn’t say it. So I just settled for, “Excuse me, your elbow?”

We ignored each other more after that.

We went out for dinner and didn’t even care about her. She became seriously pissed after that. Banging things, playing the music loud loud.

She even said she wanted to shift out to our other classmates. We were like, “good riddance!”

We were even glaring at each other and giving each other those lingering evil glares… fierce wei.

The entire house didn’t talk to her for a week plus and I myself cooled down already. The bitch in me upped and left.

It was damn pitiful actually. She’d lock herself up in her room and would only come downstairs to take water and other than that, she’s just up stairs for the rest of the time.

One time while I was cooking spagghetti, I saw that she had a coat on and I just felt that she was so pityful so I tried to make conversations. I asked, “You cold issit?”

I gave her a shy smile.

I mean I understand how painful it can be to live with a bunch of people who won’t reply you, won’t talk to you and will just do whatever they can to snub you. But this has got to stop because she never did anything EXTREMELY horrible to begin with.

In all honesty, I can’t even remember what’s the worst that she has done.

I would give small smiles when I see her around uni. Nod at her when she comes home.

I think it is time that this should blow over.

Yesterday I even engaged her in conversation by offering to correct her spelling error in her psychology presentation slides. She returned the favour by helping me to kill a bee that was going into my room.

But she’s seen how mean I can be and I don’t want to go back to before, but I just want this polite distance between us.

I don’t want to be mean. I wonder what got into me before. *shakes head*