I’m A Subang Patriot!

Me too!! I’m also a regular girl who grew up in Subang!!

Hahaha, don’t know why but I just felt so warm inside when I saw Daniel’s quote and I just found it so ….menyemangatkan!(spirit giving?)

I’ve always been proud of my hometown! (I can hear Lie Yuen rolling her eyes) It made me think of all the wonderful people I know in Subang and have heard about who came out of Subang. 🙂 Whenever Subang gets referred as Malaysia’s Education Hub, I feel a sense of pride deep inside.

It’s been quite a while since I last wrote an ode for Subang Jaya, so here’s one for you, my childhood Subangians!!

Driving along the Federal Highway,
There are two turnings into Subang that you can make,
And If you can no longer see the Lakeview Lake,
All I can say is that Klang got nice Bak Kut Teh.

Everyone’s a member of Holiday Villa,
Weddings and proms mostly at Shangri-La,
Growing up in Subang, involved a lot of swimming,
3 am, 4am, 5am, yet nobody is sleeping.

If you came into this world via SJMC,
Confirm you’re not the same generation as me,
But if you learned how to walk in Subang Parade,
You and I would probably be around the same age.

A long time ago we had many sleepless nights,
The roaring of the engines as planes took flight,
A time when the airport was only minutes away,
Instead of the 45 minutes journey to KLIA.

Which child wouldn’t scream with glee,
At the sight of the old KFC,
Home to the greatest playground in town,
Where little children would run around.

Weekends spent at Toys ‘R’ Us,
The cravings for toys got worse and worse,
Riding the chut chut train in the arcade,
Situated at the back of Subang Parade.

Remember when Sunway Lagoon first opened its doors,
Roller coasters and water slides, what a sight it was!
A decade and a half later,
Now it’s only memories from the yesteryears.

Jogging and fishing at the Lakeview Lake,
In the distance, the KTM starts to brake,
Our childhood spent believing in crocodiles,
That terrorized the lake with other reptiles.

SRSS19, SKSJ, Sri Subang, SS17 and Lick Hung,
Most of us did not know our mother tongue.
Poking fun at the kids from Sri KL,
But came college and we got on well.

The girls did ballet, the boys did Taekwando,
But everybody’s mother made them play the piano.
Rehat time, must play Tali Getah,
Those who found it sissy would play pepsi cola.

SU, SJ, Seafield, USJ4 and 17,
Schools we went to when we turned thirteen.
Losing count of the schools in USJ,
Feeling sad when friends were sent away.

Scorching hot Sports Days at MPSJ,
Always thinking of how to run away,
Walking to the ‘toilet’, and then we would run,
You’d find most of us, yamchaing at Taipan.

IU days and Installations, they were plenty,
Your face, my face, among the many,
A chance for all to glitter and glam,
Charity, schmarity, what a sham.

Sometimes a minister would plan to visit,
Throwing the school teachers into a giddy fit,
Red carpet, kompang, bunga mangga to beautify the school,
The minister never comes and we all look like fools.

Tuition classes were a must,
Not good enough if you only passed,
The legendary John Quek and his intensive classes,
The guy who cleverly brought A1s to the masses.

Scratching our heads, feeling amused,
Out-of-towners utilizing the skating ring we never use,
What’s so great, about Pyramid?
We’ve been there since we were kids.

Done with our SPMs, we learnt to drive,
Stay away from the Federal highway loop to survive,
Illegal races, spoiling our weekends,
Damn mothafuckas should be banned.

Envying your collegemates who came from everywhere,
What time you went home, nobody would care.
But home was Subang and mum and dad would scold,
“Come back so late, sleep so late, later grow old!”

Now we’ve grown and scattered far and wide,
Holidays and breaks become harder to coincide,
We see each other less and less,
So many of us have flown the nest.

Strange that I’m more patriotic towards my hometown(which doesn’t even have a Town Anthem?) than I am towards my country. Ho Ho Ho.

I love Subang, don’t you?:)

P/s: Fellow Subangians might want to try a hand at figuring out what the verses mean so that people from out of town can comprehend what I’m trying to say.