I’m On Holidays And I’m On A Movie Binge!

It’s been a good three days of holiday so far! There’s a good balance between family time, friend’s time, movie time, Harry Potter time and Angel hair-combing time. For those who don’t know, I’ll be back for 5 weeks!

When I reached home, my brother pushed a paper bag into my hands and there it was, the seventh and final book of the Harry Potter series. I mean the initial hype has died somewhat so I’m just taking my own sweet time – and hum to block out all noises when someone tries to tell me what happens – to read the book. I’m still at the Seven Potters chapter. -_-. Still on a double digit page.

Slowly, but surely. 🙂

Since I came back just in time to go for another Shopaholics Unite! party, I decided to make a solo trip down to Hartamas to see what I can pick up. I bumped into SIX of my old schoolmates there. 🙂 While I was browsing through the racks, I saw Pei Sze, Siow May and Serene. When I went out, I bumped into Wai Ping, Sze-Ping and Amanda Lee. While chatting to the latter bunch, we realized that we were all from different years back at school! With myself being in 1986 batch, Sze-Ping in the 1987 batch, Wai Ping in the 1988 batch and Amanda in the 1989 batch(my brother’s batch). Cooool. 🙂 If only I bumped into 1985 and 1984 seniors, that would have been very fun!

I realised I was the oldest there though. -_-

This is what I got from my trip!
A skinny belt and some tanks. Good enough lah, I like the colours. RM23 for each top and RM10 for the belt. That’s why I love Shopaholics Unite!. You should too!

After that, I had a nice drive back along the empty highways and caught up with some Harry Potter before Mel came to pick my brother and I up in her new spanking Black Metal(it has a name already). The girl has got her own car!

We headed off to Pyramid with Mun Teng and Joshua in tow to catch Simpsons The Movie while Dennis came a little later.

i’ve been prepping myself with the latest season of Simpsons while waiting for the movie to be released.

I LOVED THE MOVIE. Though I didn’t get alot of the political jokes(and felt very upset that Dennis and Josh could chuckle away, TOTALLY getting everything..), the religion jokes were damn bad also. Hahahhaa.

And of course, me being me, I roared with laughter at all the hamsap jokes. I squealed at Bart’s dick though! Though it is yellow and tiny but you would still feel slightly violated at having to see his little pendulum.

Do watch out for the disney animals parody. Damn cute woodland creatures helped Marge and Homer to remove their clothes and after that, the bunch of animals stood in a corner looking on happily and as Marge and Homer got steamier, you could see the expression on the animals’ faces changing to trauma-stricken ones.

However, one of the reasons why I love The Simpsons so much is the extremely talented cast. One guy can take on SO many roles. Have you looked these voice actors up on Youtube and see them perform during talk shows? It makes the series(and the Movie) SO MUCH nicer to watch! Go now! Go look up “Simpsons cast” on Youtube!

Nancy Cartwright, the voice actor who plays Bart, she was in London for a visit a while ago and she saw those Buckingham palace guards, I don’t know what’s the actual term for such guards, but they wear those tall big black hats and stand very still outside the palace, yeah that type. Like any other tourist, she went to tease one of the guard to see if he would move. He continued to stand very still.

Then she asked him(in her normal voice), “Hey, are you a fan of the Simpsons?”

The guard continued to remain still.

Nancy Cartwright then put on her Bart Simpson’s voice and said, “Hey I’m Bart Simpson, who the hell are you?!?”

Apparently the guard’s knees buckled. Hahahahahahaha.

She has used Bart’s voice pretty much to her advantage before. She even got free food from a cafe once when she put on her Bart’s voice to impress the cafe owner.

I came home and decided to doodle a little bit on my mum’s new kitchen whiteboard.

I learnt how to draw Homer from Youtube! They have such tutorials. Abit ugly lah, but pretty good effort eh?

And ta-da, I photoshopped it.:D Hehe. Not sure about the colour of his 5 o clock shadow though. 🙁

After the movie, we headed for some good ol’ McDs. I’ve not had any McDonalds for a damn long time. Making stupid jokes over mountains of fries and sipping coke and chomping on the ice later, I can do this every. day. 🙂 *sigh*

By the way, I’ve FINALLY watched Die Hard 4 with my family. It was perhaps the most kancheong movie I’ve seen in the longest time. Horror movies don’t even come close! There’s a very reason why the movie is called Die Hard. Very hard for Bruce Willis to die. I think I watched the last Die Hard movies back in early primary school so I can’t for the life of me recall what he was like back in those days. I just remember that Die Hard movies were boring, boring and boring and can I please see Lion King again instead. 🙁

Computer hackers are so sexy. Mmm. I found the Thomas Gabriel character a little feminine looking though. Didn’t quite like his eyes.. too sissy for a baddie. Maggie Q does not even look Asian anymore. Not like she ever did. I’m kind of amazed how Bruce Willis can tell if she’s Asian or not. Hmm.

Justin Long is getting sexy! You know like how David Schwimmer is sexy in an ugly way? Same goes for Justin Long(dude who plays Matt Farrell). Kinda nice seeing the guy move from the series Ed as an awkward friendless teenager to the nerd who tried to lose his virginity with Britney in Crossroads(BOMBED!) and now sexy hacker. Yummy~!

The technology in the movie is very impressive. All those fast tapping on the keyboard.. mmmmmmmm.. so hot. I especially like the messing with the traffic system gimmick that they pulled off.

Seems that cars doing bad ass things in movies maketh a movie.

I was gawking at the part where the plane blew the flyovers apart.

I was gawing at the part where the car fell down the elevator shaft and burst into flames.

I was gawking at the part where the car knocked down the helicopter.

I was gawking when the car rammed Maggie Q into the wall of the elevator shaft yet she could climb into the dangling car(HELD BY THE LIFT CABLE! WAH LAU!!) like a freaking immortal creature.

I was looking exactly like that. Such a geek right? Hahahaha. Yes, yes, with the glasses too during the movie.

Die Hard 4 makes The Shooter seems like a Disney cartoon.

I came home and felt so stylo mylo while tapping on my computer. Can’t blame me. The hackers were so pro and the speed of their fingers making nice padded taps on their keyboards is so damn infective.

And yes, that’s my 8 year old dinosaur of a monitor. It accompanied me through many many internet addicted phases. *sigh*. We stopped being friends ever since I had my first laptop at the end of 2003.

Anyway, I’m heading out to the SS15 McD’s Drive Thru now for another bout of yamcha. It’s She Dee’s second last day in Malaysia before she heads back to Hawaii:(

By the way, if you are a Norah Jones fan and would like to get her to come to Malaysia, do yourself a favour and click here.