In Support Of Shirts 4 Real

In December, Esther and her friends Jan, Brian and Kenneth(who is also my friend lah, haha but they are closer) told me about this new company that they have started. Heard of Shirts 4 Real?

It started off when they designed a shirt for an event and upon encouragement from a friend, the three of them brought their shirts designing hobby to a whole new level. Esther’s their Everything-Also-Do women. She runs the blog at, helps with designs, meets clients with them until she gets so tired she can’t come out at night with us. Cis!

They brought their entire stock for me to thumb through.

I chose this pink foundation shirt. What’s unique about the shirt is the capped sleeves.

I was initially quite skeptical about capped sleeves as they kind of clinch on to my arm but this shirt’s sleeves doesn’t. Quite airy and comfortable in fact. I sound like I’m sucking up right..hahahhaa…I’m not lah! Even though they did give me this t-shirt! Thanks guys. They refused my RM35.00.

Oh yah, the shirt is RM35.00 by the way.

Okay I know you are sick of me by now. I had a nice shirt on, I was bored, the sunlight was streaming in, one thing leads to another and suddenly I have 60 new photos of myself in my computer. Nasi sudah jadi bubur.

The material is pre-washed by the way thus it won’t fall into pieces or become flimsy like other cheap shirts. And again, I’m not sucking up, washed it a few times. Still feels very sturdy to me! Good quality wei.

The photos are coming to an end, don’t worry.

And yes, I do realize I’m utilizing the “Angles” far too much. So? 🙂

Aforementioned sleeves.

Ah, at last.

Alright, allow me to go into further details about what Shirts 4 Real are really up to. Shirts 4 Real aim to design, produce and market range of t-shirts and polo t-shirts to the masses. Instead of the usual funny t-shirts with your typical sexual innuendos, Shirts 4 Real produce shirts that bear significant meanings to their customers. The team wants those who wear these shirts to know the meaning behind these er, meaningful t-shirts. Each t-shirt has a deep meaning(my vocabulary is SO fantastic! OMG!) of its own. In the end, it is a sense of an identity that you can relate to. The company’s image is very wholesome as well.

Each shirt is deemed as a messenger to send their messages across.

Despite the company being barely a year old, they’ve already been approached by corporate organizations to design and produce t-shirts for events and other official purposes. I was pretty impressed when they told me that!

For their earliest range, Shirts 4 Real utilized the word found for all their tees. With this word, the boys were hoping to instill a sense of belonging and a form of hope to those who wear their shirts.

It’s the right amount of tight-fittingness for a guy’s shirts! Not too gay, not too skater dude wannabe.

As you can see, it’s the ideal apparel for your laid-back wear. The material is not suffocating unlike some shirts which I have which is of equal thickness.

The team usually brainstorms together and come up with a theme. Here’s hoping that there would be more soon.

It’s interesting that they even placed emphasis on packaging. 🙂 I’m thinking birthday presents! (to people who don’t read my blog laa.:P)

So pretty. 🙂 Esther is such a pro at packing it.

With young entrepreneurs, innovation is one of the better traits among these young bloods.

They laid out one of their shirts on the floor.

Meet Brian, Shirts 4 Real’s Creative Director. He is also a design student and thus the pretty pretty designs.

This is Jan, the maestro behind the super interactive website and the company’s managing director! He is an IT student!

And here’s Kenneth, their marketing director and a business student.

Isn’t it interesting how they are all making use of their knowledge and allocated jobs according to what they are studying in university?

Here’s Esther, who has worked very hard with these three guys to promote the company.

Each shirt comes with a tag depicting the story behind the shirt.

Must’ve been fun collecting these things from the printers.

An inspiration drawn from Amazing Grace. 🙂

Like any other bloggers, I don’t like helping to promote things that I don’t like. So all I’m trying to say is that these shirts are really worth the Rm35 because it’s the quality that you are paying for. I really like it. 🙂 I hope you do too! We should also be proud of the people who are of our age and have already taken a daring step into doing something this huge! The least we can do is support them right? 🙂 Here’s to making our own money! *clinks glass with whoever who wants to clink glass with me*