In The Name Of Emo-Loving…..

…cannot cannot. I must stand up for one of the greatest pair of lovers around.

I don’t know about you guys lah, but this Smalls always emo about how much she loves Gavin, and misses Gavin and stuff.

Apparently, *eye open big big like preparing to tell BIG conspiracy like that. sorry too much of Da Vinci Code* Gavin also blogs!! At this group blog that he has with his friends, called ThinkTanks. Quite ingenious, the name.

However, his friends think that he has been emo-ing a little too much in his posts as of late. About what else but of a recurrent theme which is subtlely described as,Its a female monkey. Rather challenged vertically. Cackles alot. Commonly seen snuggling up to Gavin like there’s no tomorrow.”

Apparently there is a petition going on to go against the Emo Gavin at their group blog. They are having the petition to impose an Anti Social Behavioural Order on him. HAHAHA. GO AND VOTE TO GO AGAINST THEM, PEOPLE.

Jocelyn gets a free dinner from Gavin lah for promoting it on her blog.
Me ar? Um, Gavin doesn’t know me, but I think I should have Smalls’ gratitude. Hehehe.

I like bo liao things. *pbbbffsst*(raspberry)