It Must Be The Fringe

As you all know, I’ve been lusting over the z610i for quite awhile now. I suppose the only sane thing to do when one gets back to civilization would be to head to the nearest handphone shops to touch, feel, caress, smell, press, lick.. the object of one’s deepest desires.

I was at Sunway Pyramid with Mun Teng and V-ng Yan to watch John Tucker Must Die and decided to go to the IT area to look at some phones. Imagine how happy I was when I saw the z610i on display.

I approached the Ah Beng sales man. At the very same moment, a middle aged Uncle approached the guy as well. He rushed over to tend to the needs of that uncle before considering mine. So like a fool I innocently poked my head around the top of his counter, looking pointedly at the z610i.

Obviously when a customer approaches you, you ASK if you can be of assistance right?

I was ignored! 🙁

I asked if I could look at the z610i. Not missing a beat with the other customer that he was attending to, he slid open the glass cabinet with utmost difficulty and took the z610i and put the phone in front of me without even saying a WORD to me. What the farking fark fark fark!(I do realise I sound like a cheerleader. Yes.)

I turned the phone around in my hand, like an idiot. Looking at a phone that was wrapped in plastic and without a battery.

I was just going, “Ummmm..right..” What DO I do with just the shell of a phone? Stupid!!

Then I asked gingerly, “Can you please insert the battery for me?”

Grimacing, he stuffed a battery into the slot and flipped the phone open for me.

Wow. The phone has lights. and then what? The goddamn screen is still blank.

I pointed to the external screen and asked, “How come got nothing one?”

And he rolled his eyes(according to Munteng and V-ng Yan) and pressed some buttons and voila, the screen is on. It says, “Insert sim card.” Oooh look, the external screen says “Insert sim card.”


I was not given the chance to be seduced by the bubbly screen saver on the external screen, or showed how cool the functions of the phone were.. I was left on my own, seething with displease.

Feeling like a major idiot, I smacked the phone down on the table and muttered, “Nevermind,” turned around and stormed away.


I muttered and told V-ng Yan, “I think it’s the goddamn fringe.” It makes me look naive, young, blur, poor, unsavvy, stupid and annoying.

After that, I went to a bags shop to look for a birthday present for my mum(Mervyn, you do not have to pay me the RM60 immediately..ahem). But for every bag I touched and accidentally toppled over, the sales assistant rushed to it immediately like it was an infant child falling from its high chair. For every bag I touched, the sales assistant spat, “20%.” “50%.” “10%”. I could hear his eyeballs rolling whenever I turned the price tag over. It’s just these vibes you know?

I tried to play the I-can-afford-these-so-I-don’t-have-to-look-at-you card. Didn’t work. But it did make me feel a tad bit more powerful than back at that handphone shop. He didn’t even smile at me when I handed him the cash.

I told V-ng Yan, “I honestly honestly think it is the fringe.”

Cut my hair last Friday. Looks better when blown dry though.