I’ve Had Enough

I’ve been known to kick up a fuss when anybody crosses my path for as long as I can remember. Especially when these people who piss me off are no better than me, I refuse to take shit from them. 

It was only in university that I started taking actions against people who are supposed to provide me with good customer service. I do not like to be given attitude when I am clearly a paying customer. This is not about some stupid disrupted telco service. If you’re smart enough to decipher this then good lah. I used to war with the security guards at uni because they would not let me into the old campus for wearing short skirts (it was about 1 cm (I’m not exaggerating) above my knees) or when I wore a sleeveless top (when traditional costumes without sleeves are totally allowed. I wasn’t even wearing a racer back.). 

 Just like everyone else, I hate to be spoken rudely to. I might not like it, but I can understand if you’re going through a rough patch, if you’ve had a bad day or if your house got burned down, your dad passed away and your contract with your company ended all on the same day. True story. 🙁 Damn kesian.

If you want to tell me off, use a nicer tone. Explain the situation to me as politely as you can. You would like that to, right?

 But this is beginning to take place on a weekly basis. 

If this person is paying me money or is a mentor of some sort to me, you know someone with ACTUAL authoritative power over me, I’M TOTALLY OKAY about taking your shit. Even if the person is paying me money, I might get very very angry if I’m getting shit from that person (like how some customers make me so pissed I could tear my stickers into smithereens). But teachers and lecturers who tell me off, I accept. Because it is my responsibility to be a student. But this is not about me being a student. Please take note.

I’m not okay with people who are disillusioned about their status within an organization and thus dare to raise their voices at people who are not even under them. Heck, people who will never be under them! Most of the time, I do things according to the rules laid out for me and this time I was acting upon instructions given to me, and yet I get blasted again. Just like last week. Just like the week before.

I’m up to my eyeballs in bullshit. I am trying as best as I can to function in the role given to me (at least the very basics, anything more than that is NOT under YOUR jurisdiction.) and yet every time I come to you because I NEED to, I have to suck it in and just smile and lower my voice to a polite whimper when you talk to me like I’m a kindergarten kid who just pooped her pants.

It is degrading to be scolded by someone of that stature. 

Most of the crimes that were committed by others are so negligible but a big fuss is always kicked up. I just want to perform my role happily and be done with what I need to do. I really do not need to stand there and waste many minutes of my life reasoning with you why I need to do this, why you need to do this for me and why this is NOW the rules so PLEASE get with the times.

I’ve lodged complaints to your superiors and I’m not afraid to continue doing so until a warning letter is issued. 

Also, would one speak in condescending tones to a peer? No right. So how am I below you to be spoken rudely to?

This is your job. It’s very simple. I merely carried out my duties. It’s your duty to continue from where I left off. If you’re not happy with your job, it’s really not my problem. There are plenty of other jobs out there. Please don’t make me do the mundane work that you’ve been entitled to do. I will take this back if I’m given a notice that what you asked me to do is part of my job. But for months, this has never been my responsibility. 

Even if you made a mistake in assuming that it was part of my responsibilities, I would really appreciate to be spoken humbly and politely to. Out of the kindness in my heart (though these days I’m doubting if there’s any in it), I might even help you out. It’s just not the case today, nobody.