Jolene’s First Hennessy Artistry

Sticker Monster updates! (Click on the pictures to get the updates, and if you hate stickers, just scroll down. The post is below!)


What a way to start off my holidays! It’s going to be a loooong jam packed holiday for me this time around before my fifth and final year begins!

Meeting up with the rest of the gang with an excuse to get all dressed up and camwhore endlessly was indeed my ideal way of spending my first Saturday night back home after 3 months of stuffy Kedah. I haven’t been out since. 0_0 Only karaoke the next day with Dennis, Vern,  Esther and Mun Teng but I’ve actually been stickering for the past week! I caught a glimpse of One Utama’s sales over the weekend but I was with my parents, so I shall go back there again alone or maybe with Chee Kiang sometime this week.

Though alcohol and strange du du du music is not my scene, but the drinks served at the event was bearable and I had a good time as I had wonderful company! There was a smattering of Michael Jackson music during all that noise so it’s good. All thanks to Marcus whose dad gave him VVIP (yes we can’t stress it enough) passes for his friends. Damn nice. Marcus has always been so generous.. he was already our designated booze provider during the parties we had back in school.

About the VVIP passes, we were being total assholes lah. Driving into the venue with the Hennessy stickers on the car window going “Oh move aside peasants. Common folks! Scram!” lol. As Barry said, “It goes straight to the head when power is given to little people.”

Mel’s pre clubbing activity. The poor girl was sent to cover the ISA protest for the publication she’s with. She’s still pretty traumatized from what she saw.

Before alcohol messes everything up.

Marcus passing out the highly revered gold wristbands.

l-r: Marcus, E Guy, Abby, Kevin, Esther, Suet, Barry and Mel.

I couldn’t let them take a photo without me.

My Esther dear and me. Good work with the blusher, babes! So very nicely on your apples. 🙂

E Guy who is now hot stuff, according to Yijin during one of our MSN conversations. Why Marcus so good boy looking here..hahaha.

Mun Teng and I! She was supposed to come with us but she had to teman a friend and thus we didn’t really see each other throughout the night. 🙁

We felt like total celebrities. Those backdrop thingies really do give the effect huh?
l-r: Mun Teng, Abby, Myself, Esther, Mel, Suet, Liss.

Nicer one of MT and myself.

Lucky Suet was interviewed by some tv person because of her outfit. Barry was of course interviewed too.

This is Kevin.

There were photogs with their big flashy cameras snapping away and I passed them my beat up compact and said, “Um, can help us take picture pls? Thanks!” They must have felt icky touching a compact.
L-r: Kevin (Liss’ friend), Mun Teng, Suet, Barry, Marcus, Kevin, E Guy, Esther, Mel, Myself, Abby, Liss

Mun Teng with Mel’s clubbing necessity.

Trying my hands on feminity.

Was greeted by this when I entered the marquee.

Some random sparkly thing hanging from the ceiling. Jolene gives a thumbs up. I love anything sparkly.

Another one of the other decorations there.

Free flooow! Funnily enough, there wasn’t that family burning sensation in my stomach. Probably I didn’t have have enough.

Giving thanks to Marcus the Generous!

One of the many photos of us girls throughout the night. Oh that’s Florah in the middle, another one of our old school mates whom we bumped into. Her mum was our super fierce art and moral teacher.

Florah has changed a lot since high school.

LOL LOL. Mr. Moi and partner and Mr. Chan and partner.

Suet and I.

Trying out a different smile with Esther.

Supposedly candid lah.

Abby has been back in Malaysia almost every weekend. Smart girl, making use of the cheap air fares!

The poor boys had to be our photographers throughout the night. But gotta give them credit, they were doing a pretty good job at composition!

The stage with musicians that I didn’t even bother to look at. LOL. What was going on? Me no nothing.

Bumped into Joshua there. He was heading over to the rest of the Nuffnangers. I actually declined tickets from Yatz who was giving it out on behalf of Nuffnang as I was worried that I might not really have anyone to cling onto and I totally didn’t know the way there. I didn’t blow them off for Marcus’ vvip tickets! Don’t salah faham k Yatz? 🙁

Was equally surprised to see Poh Yee there!

Ivan approves.

Myself, Ivan and Poh Yee.

Mel and E Guy’s obligatory couple photo. At every one of our outings, the two of them would somehow have a photo together by chance.

Bromance at its best.

Kevin gets serviced.

Kinky choo choo train pon pon.

Marcus why the overly happy face hmm? Like very bahagia like that.

With me!

WHY CAN I NEVER MUSTER THE SEXY KISS!! *continues to practice in front of the mirror* I is jealous of you Melody Song!

totally cacated

Esther and her boys.

Me and my bestie. I’m actually touched she used this as her profile pic. Awwwwwwwwwww. 🙂 The first of us to get married to. *sniff*

Jo-Ster-Dee have the best MSN conversations. Dreams and fantasies of yacht holidays with sexy sailormen on board and whales with mistaken identities in the far off distance (inside joke, lol).

Esther’s comment for this pic on FB was hilarious. She noted that all our fringes slant to t he same side. We’ve perfected the correct head tilt angle after years of camwhoring together.


To 10 years of friendship! Pity a few of the rest were missing. If the entire gang was back, there could easy be 20 of us. If you’ve been reading my blog during my college days, you’d have seen all the big ass outings that we now miss so much. Everyone’s all over the place either working or trying to complete university in some faraway country.

I’m still sober at this point. Really one.

Wish I could say the same about Abby.

Look at Abby lah, sure kill damn alot of boys with that smile. See how Kevin tries to muka maintain, trying to resist her charms.

Myself and Ginny who was an official photographer at the event.

Met another one of the bloggers, Simon!

oooh!! Met Zhi Li from KampungboyCitygal for the first time!

Jack!! I last saw him at the legendary PPS blog meet in 2005.

And here’s Sarah.. one of my favourite seniors from school who showed me the ropes on how to be a good Interact Club director and is now the editor of KLue. So proud of you girl!

We is trapezium! Tim and Aud look red here!

And Bryan… whom I first met and last saw at his house in 2006 for a merdeka party. My first time getting royally drunk too. It involved sitting on top of his house pillar and kissing another girl. At least something to tell the grandchildren about right? Thanks Bryan!! 😛

Almost everyone was there that night! Here’s Eu Foh, my form4 and form5 classmate, Barry’s form1 classmate.. we’ve all been classmates at one point or another.

And Su Ann! We both had similiar necklaces!

Here’s Mervin and Mel. Poor Mervin always gets shouted at by me on the phone. Since his name is like just above my brother’s in my contact list then when I need him to come home/run some errands/tell me where his friends house is so I can pick him up, I’ll be like, “YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO PICK UP PHONE ONE AH?/COMING BACK OR NOT?/HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO GET THERE?” or something to that extent. And Mervin will be slightly alarmed on the other end going, “Hello….Jolene, I think you accidentally called me again..”

And Liss who was pretty much MIA for a big chunk of the night.

Another happy photo of myself and the girls.

Joyce!!! I finally get to meet the KinkyBlueFairy properly! She’s just as bubbly on her blog. Definitely not one of those who blog and talk differently in real life.

HELOO YATZ. I finished my topshop vouchers already, have you? 😀

Didn’t get to have a picture with these two girls, Cheesie and Jia Meei. I read about Cheesie’s hairbow on twitter and was curious to see how it turned out. Very well done!

I’m loving this photo!

Barricading our E Guy!

Now that’s what you call a good boyfriend. It’s sweet when the boyfriend holds the girl’s handbag. 🙂 Chee Kiang always complains why I must put so many things in my bag. He just doesn’t understand.

Chun Meng and Allison who were with us, part of the Marcus entourage. 😛

Esther and her darling Mel.

My angulation is wayyy off. And Marcus, if you think the profile pic for the Hunnies and Dahlings FB group is bad, this one is probably worse!

I can’t wait till December! That’s when the whole gang is home and we’ve already made plans months ahead to party the night away and also to throw a crazy wild “YAY MEL IS GETTING MARRIED” do for the future Mrs. Murphy. She has ordered her fiance Tim to bring in penis headbands for the girls when we go gallivanting around town.

E Guy, you suit the ancient Chinese look.

Hahah E Guy knows how to open his mouth slightly for the right amount of sex appeal.


Mel’s fan has always been a reason for men to chat her up on the dance floor.

Supposed to be a slutty stare at them but I guess their cuteness overwhelmed the entire thing.

Can’t remember what they were up to but good to see that they were bonding.

LOL Chun Meng had to make his point very clear by placing his third finger on Marcus’ face.

Someone’s grooving to the music..hehe

Was E Guy asking Barry for a dance?

I went over to Hsu Jen’s table but she was at the toilet. Jill was there though! Jill is Hsu Jen’s close friend from college whom she intro-ed to me as a sticker customer.

Awww..esther looks so contented.

Jolyn and myself. This is probably the first time we’ve taken a photo without the both of us in costumes. We’ve met three times before this and the first time I was Slutty Joker Nurse and she was a vampire. The second time I was a Christmas Present and she was a Tailor and the last time was when she was Pink from the Lady Marmalade video and I was Lady Gaga.

She got into a car accident after the artistry event and suffered a blow to the side of her face. I hope she’s okay now. 🙁

Of course I had to have one with one of my favourite siblings duo.

Suet and I looking bored after awhile.

Kevin was trying to hit on Suet and I look like I have a moustache. *peers closer to inspect*

How unglam, sitting on the steps and waiting for the rest to go home.

Kevin and i! Kevin is putting on his ‘Come to me ladies’ face.

And this is Kit Mey who was also back from Singapore for the weekend. 🙂

Mel and I.

Abby loves me!

Abby loves Mel too.

What’s with all the leaning..

LOL Real life facebook ‘like’.

Another round of drinks before we called it a night.

Mel has the cutest lips!! Awwww.