KL Stayover Day 1: The Clubbing Jakun

Sometimes, exploring a place closer to home can prove to be so much fun. Thanks to Chien and her free stays at the Shangri-la on Thursday till Saturday, I had just the chance to do so.

The drive down was entertaining because Chien was cursing at practically any car that was moving slower than her. She was screaming at the traffic, growling at the road signs, cursing her wrong turnings and basically letting out angry frustrated screams from Subang all the way to KL. I was sitting at the back with Hsien happily reading my Cecilia Ahern’s Where Rainbows End. Chien’s mum was in front trying to calm Chien down and giving witty remarks to every angry sound Chien made. If you need entertainment, just put Chien in a car in the middle of KL during rush hour.

I felt abit paiseh running around the hotel taking photos of the interior, so I didn’t and stupidly forgot to do some exploring around the hotel.

This is the view from the 13th floor.

You can even see KLCC from here! Chien was saying that we could even paraglide from our room and actually reach KLCC. That would be nice.

Me and a scary moth.

We started with KLCC in the evening. It was great fun seeing Chien’s hair slowly turning white as the purchases she made crept nearer and nearer to her budget’s limit.(what limit?) Obviously, with my measely allowance, I cannot DO KLCC.

We ended the evening with a round of drinks at Gloria Jeans. I don’t know if Chien will kill me for saying this but since it was our turn to treat Chien, she found us our seats and sat there alone, obliviously, while waiting for us. I turned around and saw that two old-looking men(Hsien said they’re probably in their thirties but I think they’re older) were photographing each other. Their table was directly in front of the one Chien chose.

Obviously it’s quite weird for two grown men to snap pics of each other. Unless they are bloggers. But I doubt so because they kept turning around and checking the camera and giggling. They took more than 5 photos. I had an inkling they were using an old trick from the book. Pretending to pose for a photograph while secretly wanting to take a stranger’s photo is SO passe. After putting down the drinks, I pretended to go back to the counter to get some straws and I managed to look at the dude’s LCD screen. The focusing-box had Chien’s head in it, and the other old men was like at the side of the screen. Sheesh.

I SHOULD have gone up to the two dity old men and say, “Eh? You know my friend one ar? Eh chien! This one your friend ar?”

But I DID go back to the table and said really loudly, “Eh CHIEN you’re in the box you know!!” I don’t know if I got the message acrossed. =

Hsien and I were laughing at the dirty old men and Chien was just cowering in embarassment. Heeehee.

l-r: Me, Hsien and Chien

Even though it has been nearly 10 years, I am still unable to refrain from gawking at the architecture.

We went back to the hotel at about 10pm to get ready for Zouk. Hehe, yes! My first time!!

Chien’s mum cute message to us about how boiling water should be the first thing we did. I like that cute stick man picture, arms crossing and all! Hahaha.

I thought I was crazy by bringing a fraction of my accessories.

I suppose not, Chien was worse.

Getting ready for a night out.

Hsien and I camwhoring. Was on the phone with Amanda.

Still on the phone with Amanda.

Min Dee kindly came to pick us up from the hotel with her friend Amanda Hay. Nice chatty girl, that one. 🙂 I never knew Zouk looked like it was made from a lump of clay. I’ve only seen pictures, but I thought they were just illustrations.

I’d take pictures of the outside of Zouk but I didn’t want to appear more jakun then I already was. I wanted to pose outside Zouk with a cute peace sign like an enthusiastic tourist. The crowd looked abit too aggressive for me to attempt silly things like that, so, scratch that.

Since it was Ladies’ Night, entrance was FOC and they didn’t even check my ID! Ho ho ho. Um, maybe I should be sad about that. This is the first time I’ve used my “18 years and above” qualification properly save for the 18-sx and 18-sg movies in the cinema.

Yes, yes, it is sad that this is my first time at a proper club. They had a queue at the entrance just like they do on TV! I was blurly walking about and Min Dee had to say, “eh! Jolene come back! Don’t go wrong way..” I took the wrong entrance into Zouk. -_-. Min Dee asked me, “Oh! Jolene, this is your first time here right? Wah…!”

I followed Amanda’s advice and wore white. It was fun glowing under the uv light. Hehehe. Another jakun moment. It was damn packed and after awhile we lost each other. Hsien, Ji Yang and Kay Hong were with me and Kay Hong kept pulling me to the dance floor and I was still shy so I said, “Nononononononono…”

Me, the wallflower.

I thought the walls looked like boobs. Allow me to digress, but I hope the material they used to make the place is fire proof. What with all the cigarette butts being littered around.

A pic of the DJ area from the dance floor.

Camwhoring with Kay Hong.

Chien and Hamsap Kay Hong.

After awhile we loosen up and approached the dance floor. Albeit with a little caution at first and eventually we even joined Hsien’s friend Li Suen and Alicia on the podium. Grooving, I was. I’ve done this abit once or twice in Bangsar but apparently, it’s nothing. I’m not sure if it was me, but I saw this ang moh dude giving maybe me an appreciative look and smiling while I was up on the podium dancing. It went on for quite abit that I had to take a few more glances to confirm. Well, excuse me, I don’t get this often so I suppose it was abit flattering while it lasted if it was really me. Haha. And after I was done, Min Dee came up to me again, “Wah! Podium ah! Wah!”..
Ok, I’m feeling more and more jakun-ish. I should really go out more often… but I think this trip is just a one-off. I’m not really into the scene. Which is why you’ll be treated to a shit load of photos from here on.

A view of the crowd.

Kay Hong the Hamsap and Me.

l-r: Chien, Kay Hong, E-Guy and Me.

l-r: Nigel, me and Manda.

Me and Manda.

Manda looking uber stylish.

l-r: Cheeky Nigel, Me and Ji Yang.

l-r: Ji Yang, Kay Hong, E-Guy, Nigel

l-r: Ji Yang, Chun Guan, Amanda, E-Guy, Nigel and Me.

If you don’t drink and you don’t smoke, you camwhore.

l-r: manda, ji yang and hsien

Manda brought along some of my seniors from school.
l-r: Seng Keat, Allan, Manda and Me.

One for the camera!

Chien and Nicholas.

l-r: Me, Chien, Allan and Seng Keat.

Reapplying lip gloss in the ladies’!

l-r: Hsien, Chien, Ji Yang, Amanda and Chun Guan.

My camera was really sort after that night. It actually came to a point, where Kay Hong, Jin Yin, Chun Guan, Smalls, Slinky and Me were standing in a circle, each wanting to use the camera. It was quite weird having to wait for my OWN camera.

Jin Yin and Kay Hong went first.

Happy Chun Guan and Smalls.

Obviously I had to take a pic with Slinky  because really, how often do you meet a blogger friend?? We’ve been harassing each other’s blogs for quite awhile and we only met for the first time on Thursday. I saw him sitting among my friends(yes, we have mutual friends. Everybody in Subang Jaya have mutual friends.) and I tapped him on the knee waiting for him to register who I am. Hahaha. Nice guy this Slinky. I thought he was short from his other photos. But ohmigod, now I know where the name Slinky came from. He’s damn tall! Slinky, you’re damn tall!! He won’t tell me his real name, but I think I know what it is, but it’s fun just calling him Slinky. He has taken to calling me Jolene, so, that’s not fun. 

Nope, I don’t know these people. Perhaps by name. We didn’t even get to say hello. It was my camera being passed around. Not sure how I feel about that. Anyway, if you recognise yourself, email me and I’ll send you the other few hundred photos.

See how happy Chun Guan looks when he’s having a picture with Smalls?

l-r: hahahaha E-guy, Manda and Me.

Me and Amanda Hay.

We actually stayed at Zouk until 3am and that’s when we were ushered out of the club. The lights came on and the crowd filtered out. I witnessed a few typical afterhours scenes. There was a guy hollering in a ready-to-fight type of shout saying, “MICHELLE TOOK MY FUCKING PHONE!!” in the middle of the jumble of clubbers and modified cars. He looked quite pissed and agigated that I had to move aside, just in case a fight ensues. Never read papers ah, these days? Guns and all.. *shakes head*

Then I saw a girl so smashed that her guy friends were carrying her into a (modified)car. Her feet were like dragging on the floor. What a scene!

Such an eye opener for me.

We were still up for supper at Jalan Alor.

The infamous Jalan Alor chicken wings.

Lala, spicy. I didn’t touch it. But it looked good.

Min Dee and Amanda Hay.

We went back to the hotel at about 5am. Strangely, we were not as tired as we should be.

Would have liked a photo of us up on the podium, but it would be embarassing to be trigger happy in the middle of the dance floor. So here’s me, striking a pose to re-enact the scene. Albeit this is just as embarassing. And someone’s going to kill me for this. I can hear her rumbling down my road in her Wira.

Next up, KL Stayover Day 2: My First Time Being Tipsy.