Kyle’s Surprise Birthday and Being Kepo

Even if it’s a little late, we still decided to give Kyle a ‘surprise belated birthday’. Amanda(Tan) called me two days before and asked me to help call Kyle’s friend.

So sorry, but all not free and I don’t know enough of them. 🙁

We met up at Aileen’s house before heading towards Kyle’s. See? I was the only outsider, as they’re all doing architecture at TCPJ. Save for David, who was.
l-r: David, Choon How, Livee, Wei Kiat, Amanda, Aileen, Sam

I was surprised to see David there as well! 🙂 How nice to meet a fellow PPS blogger on a lazy Thursday morning.

It wasn’t much of a surprise because we reached at different times. Hahaha, but nevertheless, we were there for Kyle. Right?

Yup, Kyle was happy. That’s nice. 🙂

The best part has yet to come.

The obligatory sunken candle trick.

Amanda and me. We finally had the chance to meet properly despite harassing each other’s blogs and talking to each other online for nearly a year.

LOL.. Aileen pushed Kyle’s head into the cake. This is the first time I’ve really seen something like that. Usually Chien will be at birthday celebrations with me and she won’t allow anyone to torture the birthday boy/birthday girl.

The indentation of Kyle’s face.

Aileen having a good laugh.

Hahaha.. I don’t like the colour of the stains. At all.

l-r: Me, Sam, Choon How, David

After the mini party, I followed Esther to school to collect her brother’s report card. I would have gone for my own brother’s but I was unfortunately sleeping like a pig.

l-r: Me, David, Esther.

David was here to collect his brother’s report card as well. Haha. I do realise I have two Davids in my post today. One’s a Teoh and one’s a Lim.

Esther’s sister, Alicia and me.

I like small boys.. they are so adorable. *hamsap face*

After camwhoring for quite a bit, I was looking around for my bottle of water. This has happened many many times back in school. Sigh.

I was hoping Esther wouldn’t fall over.

Somehow or other the positioning of the sunlight in our school is really nice.

A typical graffiti on the walls. So young also so emo adi. “I tear my heart open..”

I wanted a picture with my hair blowing in the wind, but this will do.

OH NO!! Our hideout place back in those days.. is now converted into a toilet.

Apparently these are the afternoon session’s board of directors. I just thought that it’d be nice to take a picture with some prefects. Getting nostalgic here. I *actually* felt a little wary when I saw so many green figures in the school compound..

Look who’s waiting for his brother to come out from school as well??
This is Ying Quan, and we’re of the same age. Once, someone thought I was his mother. *^^**##&$$%(*&^^^%. If I see that girl again……*pummels fist into pillow*

Apparently he got into Boston University and will be off in August. Sigh, I’ll miss him.

Driving down the road from school, we bumped into Wai Ping and Kah Kit. Out comes the camera again.

Did you know that Kah Kit is a real camwhore? Everytime he sees my camera, for sure he will take it from me and do this:

He actually propped the camera on top of Esther’s Kelisa and started snapping away.

Wai Ping apologising for Kah Kit’s camwhoring tendencies. It’s okay, we come from the same mindset.

Met up at Chinspiration outside college as Chun Meng’s back. And also to see people like dear Kwo Kuang lah.
top l-r: Chun Guan, Chun Meng, Kwo Kuang
bottom l-r: Me, Chien and Hsien.

My yucky mushroom quiche. They’ve done away with the gravy and it sucks quite badly now. Blehh.

Chun Meng looking on as Kwo Kuang does his impersonation of this famous comedian(can’t remember the name) that has been going around the internet for ages. I must see it.

Forgive me for the barrage of photos and influx of posts. I’ll be going for national service soon and I won’t be able to update as often as I would like to and I won’t be seeing all these people for quite a while. Most of them will be gone when I am back… so, bear with the photos. 🙂

Next up! Pictures from Luna Bar. The place is friggin beautiful.