Latest Gossips With Channel X Unlimited Facebook Via SMS

So I’ve been using the Channel X Unlimited Facebook via SMS for over a week now and it really proves to be quite useful especially when the Satio’s juice runs out and I can’t use my mobile broadband account to satisfy my social networking needs. The good old mobile phone then saves the day now that I have Channel X Unlimited Facebook Via SMS. Keep facebooking all week only for RM1, not bad right? 

As I have mentioned before, nothing beats good ol’ smsing with your fingers on an old school dial pad. This way, I can easily upload anything to my facebook be it notes or statuses, even while I’m driving. Shhh.

Oh, and if you wanna be stalking that certain someone, you can even subscribe to his or her updates! Totally convenient way of stalking, no need to be googling them or refreshing their facebook profiles to see what’s going on in their lives that you are not a part of. You now have the liberty to live your own life too! This also applies to parents who want to keep an eye on their wild children.  

I don’t know about you but whenever I see that there’s a new notification on the lower right hand corner of my facebook page, I feel happy and immediately click it. So I am definitely one to enjoy the notifications that are sent straight to my phone! Also, I get to be the first to tell my friends who is now in a relationship/who just broke up. No more “Yah I saw it on Facebook” because they didn’t have time to go home to their browsers! Ne ne ni bu bu. 

Channel X Unlimited Facebook via SMS is totally perfect for the kepochi me.