Loving Tofu, Malls and Boutiques.

It’s kind of obvious how tiring my week has been seeing as I’ve not touched this blog in over a week. I went back to Subang over the Raya Break and came back to Kedah a happy, happy HAPPY girl. I told my parents how inconvenient it is that I do not have a car here and that I did not want to really rely on my friends for the whole five years(though I do chip in for petrol, but still! Manpower?) and since they would help me get a car when I start working, why not earlier?

So YAY!! I’m getting a car by February! This is because the resale(resell?) value would be higher if it’s a 2008 car.

Oh, oh. A Myvi. 🙂 Over the past week, I was straining my head left and right while on the road to check out the available colours. At first I was totally smitten by how sexy the mocca silver looks. It’s like Ash-grey. Then I was seriously contemplating getting the red car as it would be so vroom-vroom. Heard that the colour fades though! Then I thought white would be so sweet too! The orange colour on the website looked so ugly that I didn’t even take it into consideration but I’ve seen it on the road a few times now and goshhhh.. it’s so beautiful! It’s like burgundy but metallic. Don’t know why they still call it orange as it is in more of a chocolate-red-brownish kind of hue. 🙂

Thanks dad, thanks mum. 🙂 Thank you so much. 🙂

I went to the only go-able shopping mall in Sungai Petani a few days ago and got these from my favourite gift shop.

A tofu tissue box and tofu seat belt wrappies! It’s like I’m expecting a baby and buying all these baby things in anticipation. Hehehe.

I’m like on a tofu craze! All these japanese toys really boggle the mind as you see it everywhere and have no idea what they are called! But thank goodness, with 11 years of internet experience under my belt, I managed to dig through forums and japanese online shops, and now I know that I’ve been lusting after the Hannari tofu! It’s so fucking cute!

I don’t think the tofus that I’ve bought are original but it’s just as cute! It’s quite expensive, about SGD35 for one of those tofus. I think I’d be just as happy looking at the cute tofu plush toys on Flickr and eBay. Here are some photos that I’ve nicked off the net:

According to a forum, for a set of four Hannari tofus, I can get it from Penang for RM 100.

Hannari tofu keychains!

There’s actually a pretty huge variety of Hannari tofus. 🙂

This is apparently a wrist rest that vibrates.

The Sesame Hannari Tofu.

The rice Hannari Tofu.

I’m thinking some kind of bun hannari tofu?

Strawberry Pie or Apple Pie Hannari Tofu. So love!!

This is probably the cutest. Tempura Hannari Tofu, complete with seaweed wrapped around it. Hehe.

Carrot cake Hannari Tofu.

I tried looking for the name of my pudding but to no avail. I actually wanted the tofu from Singapore but Chee Kiang accidentally bought the pudding one for me. Which I really really love as well. It’s damn nice to hug. The last time I hugged something to sleep was when I was 7. He was a Wombat from Australia named Digger. He was so popular with my family that he started developing personalities. I even have photographs of him posing around my garden.(Dad bought me my first analogue camera when I got number 1 in class in standard 3. *gloat*)

Anyway, back to the pudding. I don’t know its name. 🙁 All I know is that it is designed by the good people at Actioncity.com.my and that I’ll be making a beeline for the outlet at One Utama when I go back to Subang.

The only photos I found of my darling pudding is behind this girl’s head. I WANT IT ALLLLLL!!! So kawaii!

I know it’s like I’ve reached my second childhood but I can’t help myself. I’ve recently developed this fixation on these ‘trendy giftshops’. My malaysian favourite is SnJ. Actioncity and Minitoons are from Singapore and they’ve recently opened branches in Malaysia and I would be squealing like an annoying teenager that the whole school hates whenever I see any of the outlets.

While searching for Japanese plushies, I came across these. Initially, my very innocent mind thought that I’ve finally found the dimsum edition of these Japanese plushies. Paus, here I come!!

Then I thought that the ‘hat’ for these ‘paus’ were a little suggestive.

Super WTF okay. Go read the write up about these Funmari Milk-Chan (Fluffy Milk). I’ve never ever imagined that boobs can be made into soft toys. If anyone knows how I can get my hands on one, let me know!! And if you know of a shop selling the original Hannari tofus..let me know also:)

The brown colour boob is supposed to be damn nigga with a pierced nipple and all. I think the cutest one is the middle one. According to its biodata(I know!! wtf!!) on the website, it has always been a small Funmari Milk-Chan but it aspires to be big one day.

I was thinking that dicks would probably look too gross… and vaginas can actually be quite cute if they design it properly. I’m thinking two bananas side by side to create the shape, a cute tongue sticking out(blek~!) and some afro for hair. I’ll just leave it to the japs.

And now to the part my poor best friend has been waiting damn long for. Hehehhee. Mel and I paid the new Sunway Pyramid a visit when I went back during the Raya break. It wasn’t as empty as I thought it would be. It had that hollow feel to it but I suppose it’s still in its initial stages. I can’t believe it has finally open its doors. I’ve been waiting since 2004!

Just what we need! Another Starbucks! I don’t get all these malls expansion, why have two of the same outlets?

Mel’s beautiful new hair and me.

I’ve been reading about Beautilicious in the Cleo magazines and was all hyped up about it because of its beautiful packaging. With pink as its trademark colour, you would think that the company would indulge their customers in soft pastels and shimmery hues. Give it a cotton candy feel to it.

But I opened the pallete and was horrified by the choice of hues they used. It’s like I went back to the 80s. It’s almost as if they used primary colours and didn’t bother to blend it to suit current trends. No, they didn’t even have dark natural colours. I’m not a fan of lip glosses but there were a few there. Poh Yee did buy one over the weekend so I suppose it’s not all that bad. How bad can lip glosses get? But the eyeshadows were so wrong.

It has been so long since the ‘Welcome Home Dahlings!’ Team(we’re the only three Dahlings left in Malaysia, and whenever any of the overseas Dahlings decides to grace Malaysia with their return, we’re there for yamchas and shopping sessions!)
met up for a serious bout of shopping. But that’s the case, when you say to each other, “let’s go get some shopping done!” and you’ll come home empty handed. Sigh. We decided to go down to Boutiques Heaven aka Bangsar. But being thick in the torso and bigger in bones than the average Malaysian girl, I was sorely disappointed and trying my very best to muffle the tearing sounds of the bursting seams while trying on pieces after pieces of depressing garments.

The three of us camwhoring with Bangsar in the background.

We first entered a shoe shop called elo.

I love the way they arrange their shoes according to hues. I’ve been buying shoes with heels as of late. I’ve always been a little self concious with my height, but I’ve decided that heels are the way to go. So what if I’m taller than two thirds of the men in this country?(and can see bald spots and dandruffs on many Malaysian girls) Flats no more!

Shoes shoes shoes. Why do shoes garner a love that is deeper than a love felt for dresses and other clothings?

Blook! One of the Holy Grails of Malaysian boutiques.

Mel having a quick pose outside Blook.

I must not miss out.

Next up, something that I’ve been reading in Female: GOSSIPS! Woot. But the customer service there is below par. So it wasn’t a pleasant experience.

Nice deco though. In fact, very nice.

The other two top boutiques. I always always always end up buying something whenever I step into a Cats Whiskers boutique. No need to put photos of the interior la ha? Any Malaysian girl would have seen the inside of a Cats Whiskers boutique at least once. Heh. 🙂

Mooie! The boutique with the super cute name.

I think among all the boutiques, the people behind Mooie are the most creative. The price tags are damn cute. “For RM35,I’m all yours.”

Pads for the heels!

It looks like a cafe.

These boutique people really know how to utilize the sunlight to make their stuff look extra delicious.

They were lacking in the sensitivity department though. Don’t they know that their customers come in all shape and sizes? 🙁 The curse of the Lai family. Damn boobs.

Mel trying out her “50 cents! 50 cents!” pose. Inside joke from high school days. Hehehe.

Oh, turns out that I do have photos from inside Little.Black.Book.

Little.Black.Book should ALSO cater to women of larger sizes. I can never remember EVER fitting in to any of their tops. The skirts that they stock are slightly common, so I usually give the bottoms a pass(but to give myself credit, I can usually fit into the bottoms). But the tops are damn nice!! *grabs boobs and cries pitifully*

One day, Little.Black.Book, one day. *wags finger*

How very quaint. 🙂

A discreetly slutty yet comfortable top for class.

For the times when my tutors deduct my practical class marks based on my dressing. We’re not supposed to wear t-shirts and jeans no more for lab. Must be professional bla bla. Well, fine by me. It just means more trips to the boutiques. What to do. Teacher say must go shopping. :\

Okay, stupidness aside, I’ve been meaning to get a satin top for ages! It’s nice and can be used as “formal wear”. I could do with one more. 🙂

A shop that looks promising and is carrying our very favourite word: SALE! I didn’t check it out but according to Mun Teng, they usually stock working clothes and dinner dresses.

I went into Musse, not PurpleDotz as Mun Teng and Mel told me that purpledots wasn’t that nice. So we gave it a miss.

I think this was inside Musse. I wasn’t particular impressed with the selection but the decor was pretty!

Eh wait, I’m confused. I think I actually went up to Dress To The Nines anyway. Then which is the one with working clothes and formal wear?? *scratches head*

On the way up to Baci.

I needed one too! In this photo, I didn’t bother liquifying my tummy. I thought that I might actually indulge in a bit of maternal glow in photos for once. 🙂 Don’t I look nice and motherly? Shopping for baby things, buying a blue bath towel if it’s a boy, buying a pink one if it’s a girl. Sigh. Crap, biological clock going off again. *hits the snooze button*

Amos! *Skeptical voice* It’s innnnteresting.. but the “EVERYTHING FOR RM30” was definitely nice. I’m not sure if the generous sale is still on.

Another thing that is interesting is the huge variety of malibus that were on sale. Oh, if only I needed a malibu. 🙁

When Mel saw this shrug she was offended, “Uhh!! Poor Oscar had to die for this!”. I couldn’t stop laughing as I was imagining Oscar being skinned for a shrug and more images of Save Oscar protests and campaigns popped into my head.

A day before I went back to Kedah, I went to the new Pyramid with my mum for one last time. Decided to take more photos of the place for the benefit of my friends who are overseas and are missing home. I was asking my mum if she feels proud of the new Pyramid. When she looked blankly at me, I told her that Pyramid is in the vicinity of our hometown. Just like how one would feel proud of Malaysia whenever it is mentioned in something huge and international(In the Da Vinci Code, there was apparently a Swiss bank(the high security one?) in Kuala Lumpur. Woooo..). That’s the way I feel about Sunway Pyramid whenever I read about it in the papers.

My friends and I grew up in Sunway Pyramid. We learned more about freedom at Sunway Pyramid. Outings sans parents, first exposures to Purikura photos, buying Starbucks with our own allowances, laughing at out-of-towners on the ice skating ring..the list goes on. It was the place to go after every major exam! After PMR, we watched Serendipity and were fetched home by my father, hehe. After SPM, we went to Zen to celebrate, where I cried because my camera got doused in water and died after the chemistry paper 3. After A-levels, we went to do some shopping. -_-

I love Sunway Pyramid! But the parking sucks serious ass.

Xixili! Not like I can afford anything from there.

Shu Uemura! Maybe one day I will pluck up the courage to buy a bottle of the make up remover oil that is oh so good.

Here you go, Forever 21 fans. You rich brats, you. It’s gonna be huuuuge!!

Another Body Shop? For what?

Just thought that you might enjoy a view from the top floor of the new wing.

Under the Blue dome! Apparently the areas are named after the domes that they are under.

LuluBelle! Pink overload seriously. Being an appreciator of the colour pink, I actually felt dizzy after coming out of the place.

Ta-da!! The aforementioned Mini Toons somewhere high up my post. I really love soft toys with a velvety touch to it. But it must not be a conventional soft toy.. bear face, dog face, out!! I want inanimate objects type of plushies. 🙂 Weird creatures are accepted too. Like octopus and deranged looking Stitches.

<3 I know I’m too old for this.

Stickers and curtains and rugs…oh my..

MUSHROOM!! TORTOISE!! And strangely, Chip and Dale.

Mahjong plushies. Mannnn!

Lego calendar. Go figure!

The cutest notepads that I’ve seen in such a long time.

I’ve never heard of the brand. The shops in the new wings are seriously big. Think Midvalley. The shops in Midvalley are usually quite big ya even though the brands are unheard of!

Treats!! Beautiful clothes and persistent sales assistants. No problem. I’ve got a problem with ugly clothes and persistent sales assistants. The people that are hired to work at Treats are probably trained to be as pushy and as persistent as possible. The branches in Ikano and Hartamas have sales assistants with the exact same ‘enthusiasm’ for their jobs. And it actually works because the things that are pushed into your hands will actually look good when you try them on! It’s the kind of clothes that you frown at when you see it on the racks. So the secret is to try everything you see. 🙂

Another shoe shop. I think there’s a branch in Midvalley.

Wow. Damn big.

Hahahhaa. Machines. It’s really huge too.

A view of the outside. Looks quite bare. Almost as if cars are not allowed into this part of the mall.

Strange. Too bare lah. They should add a fountain, like something outside Ngee Ann City at Singapore. Now that’s grand!

Gotta love the effort in making fly overs for our convenience!

It really dwarfes the humans. Oh I know how to describe it!! Very Putrajaya. *nods smartly*

I’d like to have a word with the architects who worked on the building. Ew.

At least one is able to walk to the old wing along the periphery of the building.

Marks and Spencer! My mum was reminiscing about her sweater that she bought from Marks and Spencer in Scotland, when she was there to study music. It’s apparently still quite good until now and is now being worn by my grandmother’s maid. As for me, my memory of Marks and Spencer was at the KLCC branch back in form5 when Chee Kiang, Gaya, Wern Cheen and myself started exclaiming loudly about how cheap everything was. “Wah!! RM50 for handwash! So cheap!! Let’s buy three! RM150 only what!”

When I saw the name of the shop and the colour theme, I was bubbling withe excitement. A cute boutique perhaps?? I peered in only to see many ugly bags. Bleh. At least make the bags cute if you’re to opt for a cute name like Lollipops. I’ve heard from Mel that it’s quite an ‘atas’ brand. Like how people fawn over LV bags. I can never understand how people can fall over themselves to land their hands on something so crude looking. Furthermore, it’s reputation has been tainted by the peddlars down at Petaling Street(and anywhere else in the world where there are Chinese).

One random photo before I turn in for the night:

A big lizard eating a smaller lizard. It was really scary. The lizard is almost as long as my palm. He probably had one lizard too many.