Luna Bar Is Beautiful

After ages and ages of hyping about Luna Bar, we finally made a trip to that oh-so-beautiful place in the heart of KL. It’s quite secluded though. Situated behind Shangri-La and on the 33th floor of Menara something something. Even going up to that floor requires abit of mind work.

Chun Meng was nice enough to give me, Hsien and Chien a lift from Subang. About 14 of us went. That being Me, Chien, Hsien, Amanda, Melissa, Kevin, Chun Meng, Marcus, Ji Yang, Nigel, Barry, Kay Hong, Chun Guan and Amanda’s friend, Sean. It’s been a long time since we’ve done huge ass group outings. This is because the Aussie folks are back. (Kev, Ji Yang, Chun Meng and Marcus. Missing Abby and Zhuo Yan though. And one fella in UK. WHO IS BACK TODAY. ADRIAN!!)

There were a few flights of stairs that finally led to the bar and wow, I remember Hsien telling me that it was opened air but I suppose it’s a case of seeing it to believe it. In the middle there was a swimming pool. The turqoise water was being illuminated by spotlights from beneath – very seductive. Unfortunately, it’s not for swimming. Apparently only very important people (ie. national badminton players) get to swim in it. It’s like a nice condo swimming pool.

It would be extra beautiful if they placed lilies with a candle in each and everyone of it bobbing about in the pool.

To quote Chun Guan, “Bring girl here then settle adi.. phuiyoh.” He means it in an innocent way lah..all my friends are nice guys. To which Hsien and I nodded our heads in agreement. I think I had painted this picture in my head when I spoke of a glittering view of the city.

There is no roof to this place save for the bar area. The walls had alcoves and there were mats placed in it and you could climb into each of it – do remove your shoes though – and look out the glass panels to admire the beautiful view of Kuala Lumpur by night. The glass panels do not give full coverage to the top so if you ever feel like commiting suicide, it is not too difficult to do so. But it’s dark. The only light illuminating Luna Bar would be the ones from beneath the pool, some little yellow lamps that only adds to the ambience but mostly lights from the city itself.

All of us agreed that the next time we come here, we’d bring our other halves instead. It’s the perfect place to while away the night. I will have it no other way. I suggested to Barry that the alcoves allow for hot and steamy action but he said, “Can see lah!!” … so I suppose that should answer some questions for some of you.

The cheapest bottle of wine is about RM140 so obviously wine is out of the question. At first I wanted to settle for a glass of diet coke (RM8.50) but what the hell, RM28 for a cocktail is not too bad. I’m willing to pay for the ambience, and one shalt not gush down alcoholic beverages so it was a good choice to last me through the night. I had a tequila sunrise. It tasted like incense. But I got used to it after awhile. Hsien’s Strawberry Marguerita was lovely!! Better than TGIF’s.

The floor plan was made to appear empty and hollow and it was not meant to be a place for crowds to ambush. So it’s nice and quiet for long chats with good friends. Or clients.

They have showers in the ladies’. So people DO swim here… 

The toilets with translucent glass doors.

Hsien pretending to pose for me so that I will not look stupid photographing the interior of the toilet.
Can you see the mirror image of my feet on the mirrors hanging from the ceiling?? I only just realised it.

What a funky toilet powder room.

They have the same halo chandelier-esque thingies like they did in
Charlie’s Place!!

The beautiful pool. Sorry about the blur pic, but that’s night vision for you. Don’t want to be giving off any jakun-ish flashes.

That’s the bar area at the right hand corner of the photo. If someone would give me the chance to swim alone on a clear starry KL night, I’d be…. there are no words to describe my gratitude.

Chien and Liss

Hsien and I

The stone steps. Hsien was saying that the last time she came here, they sat on the steps and spent time talking into the night.

Chun Meng and Chun Guan. Chun Meng had a few shots by then, which explains the red face.

Melissa’s black black thing which is quite strong, Hsien’s Marguerita and my Tequila Sunrise.

Kay Hong the hamsap handsome.

My current MSN display picture. Ho ho ho ho. My drink matches my earrings.

That’s the most bimbotic thing I’ve heard ever since I heard about a lady who changes her car so that it matches her nail colour.

Amanda and me.

Kay Hong and me.

Barry and me.

KL Tower was just ABOVE our heads. *swoons*

There’s a brick wall which had a steady stream of water running down from it and a few spotlights were placed strategically apart to create a zen-like effect.

l-r: Chun Meng, Chun Guan, Chien, Liss, Kevin, Hsien and Kay Hong

Chun Meng and me.

Hsien and me.

The lovebirds that disappeared for more than half the night. I don’t even have a decent photo of the two of them on my camera. Sheesh.

l-r: Hsien, Liss and me. Excuse me, but I’m allergic to the flashes on other cameras..I don’t know why..

Here’s a shot of the city. My hands were shaky leh.

I was shouting, “THAT’S GENTING!! See Genting?!! That IS Genting!!!! Helooo Genting!!!”

It IS Genting Highlands. I remember seeing it from the Karak Highway a long time ago.

A view from the top of Luna Bar. You can still see Genting from here. If I don’t use this night vision mode, nothing will appear. Hence abit of shakiness will have to be beared.

If only I had a tripod. Look at the lights. Look at the way it glows in the night. The beam of lights just goes up up and up..

Perhaps the beam of light might even reach the stratosphere.

KL Tower was only a paraglide away.

A view of the pool from the top of the bar.

A blurry one of me with a bit of the view.

Amanda and Sean

My hand got a little more stable. I’ve climbed into the alcove and gone trigger happy.

Ji Yang and Chien

Can you see Shangri-La? Just walk over the ledge and you will fall from the 33th floor of that Menara something something.

Forgive me, but camwhoring. With the reflection and all. Hehehe.

Chun Guan and Nigel.

OOh! The view is clearer in this pic.

Another nice reflection picture.

Kay Hong and Liss having a chat.

So was Chien and Chun Guan.

Hsien and Marcus.

l-r: Chun Meng and Barry. They look nice here!

Amanda and Sean.

I bumped into Joshua there!! Somehow or other I was not THAT surprised, though I should be, all the way from Subang and all.
l-r: Joshua’s friend Yi Chien, Me, Joshua.

l-r: Ghim Su, Yi Chien.
These are Joshua’s college mates. Very nice people. 🙂 I went up to introduce myself and they made me feel at ease at once.

The sliding door outside Luna. Hehehe.

It was not too bad as we arrived back in Subang slightly after 1am.

Woke up at about….1pm to a phone call.

The guy on the phone asked me to “Guess who!” and I said, “Don’t want. Who’s this.”. I was roused from my slumber.

“It’s me lah, Chee Kiang!”

Woops. My hearing’s a lil impaired in the early mornings. afternoons.

Anyway, my dear boyfriend is back from Singapore, surprise!!

We couldn’t get tickets for Initial D or even War Of the Worlds. The urban folks will always be in a mad race to catch the latest shows. So we ended up in Taipan’s Coffeebean. 🙂

I realised we’ve never properly camwhored. What with him being away in Singapore most of the time.

Alright, I quite like this post. Beautiful Luna and a wonderful night in Coffeebean.

The time is 3.30am and the parents are bringing me to look for that NS meeting point in Klang tomorrow. Sigh. Oh! And there’s Blook’s fashion show at Subang Parade tomorrow. Will be back with more pictures. Yes, again.