Malaysian Blog Idol Is Here!

Don’t live in denial lah. I’m sure as a blogger within this dynamic blogging community of ours, I’m very sure, you would have at least wondered exactly where you stand as a blogger.

I know alot of you despise the fact that blogging has become a popularity contest of sorts and that some of you think that those at the top are not deserving of their fame.

You know how it is when the big players just type a few words, oh, I don’t know, like, “I’m hungry.” and with just that two words, comments just flood in? Those are called fans. Cannot blame them. They’ve come a long way.

I’ve heard of many bloggers who complain about how no one gives a shit about the article that they have put so much effort on. I understand it’s depressing.(But if the article/blog post is funny or at least interesting, it might help).

Wouldn’t you like to be heard on a larger platform? To voice out somewhere where there are people who pay attention to the quality of your posts and not just glance through with a maggi cup in their right hand and their left hand controlling the mouse?(that’s what I do lah that’s why sometimes I just read and never comment.:P That’s why you all emo. Haha) came up with the ingenius concept to search for the first Malaysian blog idol. 

A winner is picked every 2 weeks and will be in the running for the annual competition to bag the Next Malaysian Blog Idol title for the 06/07 season.

The contest will go on for 23 rounds(23 fortnights, I suppose?) and on August the 15th 2007, the 23 finalists will be judged again by the panel of judges to compete for the Next Malaysian Blog Idol title.

The winner will be announced on the 31st of August 2007.

Let me dangle the carrot for you.

The fortnightly winner is entitled to a monetary prize of RM50.

The 1st prize would be a brand new 19″ Dell LCD screen.
The 2nd prize is a brand new Sony Ericsson mobile phone.
The 3rd prize is a one year web hosting service with the following features:-

-1600mb space
-32gb bandwidth
-and many other features.

I don’t know about you, but when I stumbled upon, I sure found it enticing.

Initially, I myself itchy-backsided and went to register to be in the running for the next malaysian blog idol. But instead I received an email from them and they said that they’ve already listed me as a judge initially. O-kayy!

They have five permanent judges: himself, CyberPartyGal,, and Justin.

As for the guest judges, we have: as a special guest judge, I’m not sure how that works. Maybe his votes got more special powers as compared to ours’.
Boss Stewie
The Great Swifty
Jason Mumbles
Sultan Muzaffar
Lucia Lai

and myself. 🙂

The contest has started already but it’s not too late to sign up!

Contestants are judged based on the comments, pageviews, trackbacks, public’s votes and judges’ votes.

Sign up lah, it’ll be fun! 🙂