Midzone 2008 Countdown Party: I’LL BE THERE!

If you know me well enough, you would know that I would NEVER pass up the opportunity to see fireworks. I will climb up overhead bridges, trees or even endure 5 hour traffic jams just to be wowed away by fireworks.

At the Midzone 2008 Countdown Party held at the Boulevard, Mid Valley City, there will be choreographed fireworks!! Choreographed fireworks okay?! Imagine, fireworks just above our heads! I’m suspecting that the jam won’t be as crazy because there won’t be many selok-beloks to take to go down to Mid Valley.(I’m coming from Subang by the way). At most, it would only be a slow drive down the Federal Highway. Much better than braving the KL jams and risking mad party-goers from covering your car in fake snow and spray paint. I’ve seen horrible horrible things happen to cars that enter KL on new year’s eve.

The Midzone 2008 Coundown Party will feature international DJs from Germany, Hungrary and Japan. Let me drop some names: DJ Stoneface and Terminal, DJ Matthew White, VJ Sort among many others.

I’ve got two tickets for the party (for myself and Chee Kiang..:P) and so it would be something for me to do to usher in the new year. And for those of you who are more into the scene, maybe it’s more fun to have a change of venue right? Better than going to Sunway Lagoon year in year out! It’s always good to have another option for a place to party. From this year onwards, The Boulevard, Mid Valley City will house spectacular parties year after year. Got fireworks okay? GOT FIREWORKS!!

I’m quite excited because I don’t really get the chance to go for these things. As you can see from my pathetic photos below:

Go read this post if you can’t remember why I was clubbing in my pyjamas. Damn exams.

Anyway, if you want to teman me and Chee Kiang this new year’s eve, it’s only RM75 per ticket.

Here are the details:

Venue: The Boulevard, Mid Valley City
Date: 31st December 2007
Gates Open: 7.00pm
Party Time: 9.00 onwards
DJs Line-up: DJ Stoneface & Terminal (Euphonic Germany)
DJ Matthew White (Hungrary)
VJ SORT (Kagawa, Japan)
Tickets: www.ticketpro.com.my / 03-7880 7999
Ticket price : RM75 (pre-sale) and RM100(door price)
Official website : www.midzone.com.my

Come lah! It’s better than rotting at home in front of the tv making resolutions that you will never keep. I’m actually supposed to be in class on the 31st of December. Stupid right? I’m not planning to go back to uni till after the new year.(with a few self declared holidays too. 😛 I won’t be having practicals till the end of the week. Lectures are sometimes quite skippable.)

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Well, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone! Rm75 for fireworks above your heads, hello! If my tickets weren’t free, I WOULD STILL BE GOING!!!