Mini Photoblog On Myself In Kedah

Just some random pics from Kedah!

For weeks we’ve been planning to check out the playground behind our house. Summoning the courage to put our books aside, we walked over to the massive green padang behind our terrace house-hostel.

l-r: Wuan Phing, Xiong Khee, Lie Yuen. (YES, LiE YUEN. My A-Levels classmate!!! I’m so happy that she finally came to AIMST for dentistry even though she came in one month late!)

l-r: Xiong Khee and Me. She’s always laughing at me because I like to come out in my towel from the bathroom, cannot wake up in the mornings etc. etc. 🙁

Camwhoring. Not too good. But you see the houses? They look just like USJ! .. Kedah is not all about rice after all. Honestly, I’ve not seen an actual padi field. Disappointed.

Perhaps this was supposed to be a padi field, judging from the size of it. This is the padang lor.

A rickety old slate path that has a few dislodged slates that will tip over if you’re stepping on the wrong side of it.

Lie Yuen playing sea-saw with me.

l-r: Xiong Khee and Wuan Phing.

Xiong Khee still eating her carrot.

Amazing how the sea-saw doesn’t tip much at my end, what with Lie Yuen being 1/3 of my weight.

Fatt hiau. Sorry ar.

On the swings…. didn’t take one of myself because Cze Yin’s camera died.

I brought my printer up to Kedah and printed coloured photographs from my computer and pasted them all over my study table. Some artistic ones added instead of the normal human beings one. You know all those mo-liu photos that I take of my food before I eat them? They make nice mini photos to jazz up the otherwise boring study table.

By the way, I’m learning CHINESE!! I can speak a little and recognise just abit of chinese characters! A good way would be to try to sms in chinese.

I needed to keep in contact with some of the people from NS and I was planning to cut off all connections with them because I don’t know HOW we’re gonna keep in touch through sms(phone calls are too expensive, especially when there is nothing much to say)… but fear not, for I am learning.

Below is a message from an Ah Heng from NS. Had to get Cze Yin to translate it for me. HAhaha.

I don’t know what he’s saying.

Hehehe, see!! I know just a little bit of chinese now. But I think it won’t be long before my housemates’ patience run out… it’s like I have to ask them how to spell every single world and if they’re far away I had to shout at them and ask things like, “IS the HaHa word the one with the box on the right and the roof with a line and a box underneath it?”

Then apparently I don’t know how write my name one wor….. so I was given some lessons on how to write my name. 🙁