Missing My Old Gaming Consoles

For the past few months I have been relatively disciplined. I’ve gone swimming at least twice a week(good enough okay), ate like a quarter plate of rice a day, no fried stuff, no snacks(I’ll have fruits if I’m hungry) no fast food and no carbonated drinks. Though not everyone has told it to me straight in the face but I know that in your hearts, you want to say, “Wahhh! Jolene! Have you lost weight?”

To which I would reply with dismissive waves of my hand repeatedly and say, “Ah!! No lah! Where got! Hehehe..don’t lie laaaa..”

But unfortunately all these feel good vibes died off after I returned from my year end holidays. I’ve become less disciplined and the availability of the university swimming pool can be pretty erratic. My toes have disappeared from my line of vision. Again.

At times like these, I really wish I didn’t throw away my old Dance Dance Revolution dance mat. Back in the good old days of Playstation One and Two, I was one of those crazy kids who could sweat it out on that PVC dance mat!

Speaking of the DDR Dance mat, I remember a particularly fun night back in 2002. It was Chee Kiang’s 16th birthday and we celebrated it at his house. Alcohols were consumed for the first time, closet smokers revealed themselves and hilarity ensued over steamboat. Daryl drank one too many cans of beer and thus became the first drunk person I saw with my naïve sheltered eyes.

He slapped Gaya’s ass when she stood up to get him a drink which made us all scream with laughter! But the funniest had to be when he pointed at Justin and shouted pitifully, “Why you moving!?! (Justin was sitting still). Don’t move!! DON’T MOVE!! STAYY STILL!!!”

At that time, it was also during the World Cup Season and there was a match between Turkey and some country. Down the road, someone shouted, “TURKEY WON!”

Daryl got up and screamed, “YESSSSS TURKEY WON!!!!” This is coming from a guy who didn’t (and still does not) give two hoots about football.

As the night wore on, Chee Kiang and I were playing dance dance revolution on the Playstation One. It was a particularly catchy song and we were stomping the mats like crazy. Suddenly, to my right, I saw this half naked figure stomping next to me. Daryl was stomping on the bare floor next to me and appeared to be very engrossed in the game after taking his shirt off. That image has been seared into my mind forever.

I really do miss my DDR mat.

While browsing around Mudah.com.my, I actually found this!!

Only RM20! And it still looks pretty good to me. Back then I had to buy it for RM80.

I actually have many other fond memories of my brother’s Playstation One. (Most of the game consoles in the house belonged to him. I looked so pathetic every time I begged him to let me play okay? *scoff*)

The only game I ever finished on the Playstation One was the Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone PS game. Running through Hogwarts and eating those chocolate frogs were so fun. I especially liked playing Quidditch.

Second hand price at RM200, worth it or not?

Might be great for curbing the boredom here in boring ol’ Sungai Petani. There are many fun games like Crash Bandicoot, Bubble Puzzle and if I’m not mistaken, I had this silly Pepsi Man game. It’s damn disturbing. Pepsi Man was a macho looking Pepsi can which ran through the city and faced many obstacles along the way. At the end of his journey, he will see a Pepsi vending machine, proceeds to punch it and takes out a can of pepsi to glug it down.

After two years, like any tech-trendy little boy, my brother decided to opt for the sexier Playstation 2. I remember it cost my dad a bomb back then. Nearly Rm1000…or more.

Second hand playstation consoles are seriously damn cheap on Mudah.com.my! I would buy it just for fun. If my Nintendo DS ever dies on me that is.

RM80 for the Game Boy Pockets?! So…freaking cheap. Betul cakap dia tuh, bole buat koleksi Nintendo. I remember being envious of my cousin’s cousin who had a Gameboy and longed to play Super Mario Brothers whenever and wherever I could.

At RM420, it’s still rather pricy. My brother bought the Game Boy Advance SP too back then and at the time he bought it for about RM500. That was my first gaming experience while pooping in the loo. (My poor Nintendo DS is a good toilet companion).

I remember playing Super Mario Brothers happily while medicating on the ceramic throne. I even played Super Mario Brothers under the covers of my duvet late into the night. My brother later sold it off when he became more engrossed with computer games instead. Poor me.

It must’ve been some repressed childhood desire that caused me to make the rash decision to buy the Nintendo DS earlier this year.

Buying the Nintendo DS is probably the best thing that has ever happened to any money in my bank account. I bought mine at RM720.. and this seller at Mudah.com.my is selling it at RM550 as it is two months old and it even comes with a 2GB memory card and I’m sure he or she will supply you wish an entire DVD worth of games. If I’m not mistaken, one can insert almost a hundred games into a DVD. Unfortunately the memory card can only hold so many. So I bought an 8Gb SDHC to make myself happy.

However, true to the nature of gaming addicts (just one measely NintendoDS and I’m talking like some l33t gamer right?), I’m craving for the Wii. At RM1000, it doesn’t seem too bad. It’s brand new too, as claimed by the seller.

The only thing that is stopping me from buying the Wii is a biiiig flat screen tv. What’s the point of buying a Wii when you don’t have a big flat screen tv? It’s like brushing your teeth without toothpaste, like eating cornflakes without milk and sugar! Furthermore, it has all my favourite games like Mario Kart and Cooking Mama.

It’s unbelievable how ancient items like the PSone, Game Boy Pocket and Game Boy Advance SP can even be found on Mudah.com.my. If I kept my classic gaming consoles, I could probably earn a quick buck from some nostalgic 1990s child. Plus Mudah.com.my offers free ads. Perfect for kiamsiap sellers like me. I might be putting my stickers up on Mudah.com.my if sales start to slow down.