More Around The AIMST Campus/Scaling Practical Classes/Still Buying Things As Always

Aaah, it’s been quite a while since I last killed everyone with a random torrent of photos. I think it’s time now.

Before I proceed, do check out Lie Yuen’s livejournal as she has a few things that she has hardly worn and would like to sell them off!

Shopping addicts, this way.

And also, if you adore cupcakes, go here. is run single handedly by Karen Marie.

Do check out her Facebook group for hundreds of beautiful photos of cupcakes!

Feel kinda guilty for cramping everything into one post, but what to do. And also my 861 photos Langkawi trip with Chee Kiang and his ex junior college scholar mates. I haven’t laughed that hard in quite a while!

By the way!! I got distinctions for all my theory papers (that’s a grand total of TWO papers! Medicine and surgery!! 😀 ) and I passed my practical exam too. 🙂 So relieved.

Been taking lots of photos of the campus whenever I’m there. 🙂 Just thought that you guys might like to have a further peek into the facilities here. Might entice the few of you who are interested to come study here too. 🙂

This the exam hall that accommodated all three dentistry batches during our Module 1 assessments.

It was located underneath the Great Hall and Admin building.

Gotta love how everything just towers over us.

The dental faculty stands proudly in the distance.

On a good day it’s breezy with a hint of mist enveloping the hills behind the campus. Most of the time it’s sunny but the greenery around the campus makes up for the scorching sun.

Strangely, we have deep drains around our campus! Very Ratatouille.

Walking back to the car park. Students who are staying out of campus have specially allocated parking zones which can be pretty annoying because it’s such a long walk from our actual class rooms.

And that, in the distance, is our Sports Complex!

Our Olympic sized swimming pool is finally ready!! 🙂

It even has bleachers! The lifeguards are AIMST students who want to earn an extra pocket money. Apparently they only hire qualified life guards. As I’ve mentioned before, one of my juniors, Ken, is a state swimmer for Penang. He’s one of the bodyguards on duty. 🙂 If the poor boys have evening classes, poor Jolene won’t get to swim after her 5pm classes.

That’s us, walking into the equally gigantic sports complex.

Another angle!

We have a gym, a swimming pool, indoor badminton courts and indoor squash courts. Outside, there’s the basketball court, the tennis court and the track.

The beautiful spacious badminton court. 🙂

And like any self respecting club house, there are even lockers in the locker room!

Showers, wei. SHOWERS!

The other end of the sports complex.

A shot from the first floor.

Lie Yuen overlooking the badminton court.

The view from the first floor.

There’s even a room for a commentator! Is that the word?

That’s me, enjoying an imaginary badminton match.

And a nice picture, of course! 🙂

A view of the swimming pool from above.

Another angle of the bleachers and the badminton court.

And those are the squash courts.

The slightly obstructed view as you step out of the sports complex.

A larger view of the entrance into the sports complex.

That’s the outdoor courts!

The bus stop in it’s full glory. Rumours has it that there’ll be shuttle bus services soon. There were even talks about buses going all the way back to KL during festive seasons. Right.

In a weird twisted way, I’m proud to say that I get to see cows as I drive home from uni.

I’m still pretty fascinated whenever I see cows around.


A white cow and a syok sendiri cow.

It has also been ages since I last blogged about my practical class. So to remind you that I’m still a student, here are some.

We’ve started doing simulated scaling in which we are thought to remove calculus(those hard calcium deposits behind your lower front teeth and elsewhere if you’re a dirty dirty boy..*sexy voice*) with sickle scalers and the likes.

Scrape, scrape. Tedious work. I usually listen to my iPod as I do my scaling. It’s very mind numbing.

After scaling, we re-apply more ‘calculus’ for the next class. I prefer restorations to scaling.

The fake calculus comes in two components – a liquid and a powder form. Upon mixing the two, you will get a dough like substance. Sometimes if you add too little liquid, it becomes damn difficult to scale and you get hand aches.

A photo of me being very serious at work.

The tools of our trade. Among many others.

A mask I designed for Jimmy, inspired by the Shin Chan comics. I am still buying them, by the way.

Alas, we were finally introduced to the ultrasonic scalers. It’s so much easier than the manual scalers. The tip vibrates and when you place it near the calculus, the calculus just flies off! It shouldn’t be used in patients with pacemakers though as the electromagnetic sound waves will interfere with the pacemaker. It can’t be used on previous restorations too (be it composite ones or porcelain crowns etc.) for obvious reasons.

See how fast it’s vibrating! Water comes out to aid the cooling process.

Applying the scaler onto the hand piece.

Not much force is needed! That’s what I like about it. Scaling even removes stains.. so if you have stains on your teeth, please go and get it scaled! But unfortunately, it can’t help much with internal stains.

I love this photo! Like starburst!

Lie Yuen scaling herself.

Digging Lie Yuen’s ears for her.

I’ve hooked a Lie Yuen!

My, my. What a big fish!

Digging my nose.

I loooooove having my ears dug.

These are the things that are used to sharpen the scalers.

An acrylic rod is used to test the sharpness of the scaler.

Mineral oil for extra lube!

Lie Yuen and Poh Yee looking on like very good students like that.

Sharping the scaler.

After sharpening..

Thought I’d take a brochure-worthy photograph!

I was home two weeks ago and I met up with the girls at Taipan!

That’s Chien looking on as Min Dee reverses her car.

l-r: Chien, Mel, myself and Min Dee. It’s been too long. So sad that this time around we have to do “batch meetups”. Not everyone’s in Malaysia at the same time. ;(

I then met up with Calvin at SS2 for some good ol’ “So how have you been?”.

Tie me Kangaroo down spot, Tie, me Kangaroo down!

And during that weekend, Mel took me out at an ungodly hour to go learn self defense at 3k. Akido classes, it seems. God. I woke up at 7.30am.

My face was like that the whole time.

BY THE WAY, a very beautiful *PATENT* shoe shop called Tang just opened its doors at the new Sunway Pyramid. Not to say very cheap, but it’s reasonably priced at RM40-60 for patent shoes. So love. so so love. It’s first branch is at Sg. Wang’s infamous mish-mash sixth floor.

I didn’t know what took me so long but I’ve just came across this Korean brand called Orange Sorbet at Jusco. Everything is about RM20-RM40 and it’s like having CHILDREN’S clothes, for ADULTS. I mean if you can pull it off ( think swishy mini skirts, pastel dresses, tops with ribbons etc ) then you have to go and check it out. I was fortunate enough to find a whole rack of shorts for my (then)upcoming Langkawi trip. I bought this blue shorts for Rm39.90.

I didn’t buy this!

Gotta love the cherries.

I bought this one! It’s the red colour version of the previous white shorts.

Didn’t buy this one, though their range of tailored shorts are pretty impressive!

These were too tight for me..

I just HAD to buy this one.

Quite comfortable too! It was about RM29.90 for this one.

Angel seemed to really like my shopping buys.

Awwww, little baby all cuddled up.

And now for some shoe showing:

Went out to defrost in between classes. WITH MY NEW SHINY PINK PUMPS!

It’s from Tang! Damn pretty right? 😀

And this one too! It’s around RM50.

I don’t have green shoes, so might as well. 🙂

I know I’m just a little bit crazy at 21 plus two house footwear. And these are only the ones in Kedah. 😀

And my very first pair of Tang patent shoes. I loved the view, so there I was again.

Dum dee dum. Me love!

I went to the PC fair in Sungai Petani and bought myself some pink gadgets! Except for the FM modulator, which is actually white in colour. A pink mouse and a pink pendrive!

2GB of pink goodness! It’s not just any pink okay, it’s shimmery pink. Someone up there loves me too much~

My pink mouse even emits pink light. I know I sound damn bimbo lah, but the colour does makes me happy. I also like baby blue. 🙂 And the next colour that I like is pastel green and then pastel violet. 😀 Then we can start with the browns and the dirty greens. 🙂

I bought a whole range of glitter for all those very important reasons: Nail art, additional eye make up, birthday cards, misc. decorations.. the list goes on.

The glitter love is finally satiated.

=) They even make pretty good decorations. They are now sitting on my shelf in a neat row.

Lie Yuen and I bought those bead curtains from Living Cabin a few months ago and we’ve only recently put it up. We can’t reach the ceiling so we used a rod to aid the process. Innovative eh?

My neck was aching so bad!

Kung Fu master.

My tetek panjang.

But the end effect was damn worth it. 🙂

The both of us feel like princesses now.

Transparent pink hearts and black beads.

A bit of a hindrance but hey, aesthetics get the upper hand.

And another weekend, we went to Penang. Brenda brought us to this bar called Babylon.

I love using long shutter speed when I get to visit classy joints. The lighting is always so beautiful.

There’s a mattress where everyone sits on together and just spend time slowly sipping on drinks and telling lame jokes. (Why is the Ocean Blue? Because the fishes go “Bloo Bloo Bloo”)

l-r: Dylan, Brenda, Lie Yuen, myself, Poh yee and Derrick.

After I got back from Langkawi, I brought Chee Kiang to check out the campus as he wanted to see it. I wish he could see it during the day. 🙂

That’s the lake before the dental school/hospital.

The walkway between the faculties and the admin building. Very very beautiful at night.

Each tree is lit up. I wonder why were they being so generous with the electricity that night.

This is the fun part! We were walking towards the dental school which is still under construction and were tempted to go in to check it out. We asked the construction workers if it was okay for us to look around the building. They were like, “Sure!” So in we went. I hope I don’t get in trouble for putting up these pictures as the building is not opened to the students yet. But we couldn’t help it, we were just too excited! And as for me, I just need to share!! As always! 😀

This is the side entrance to the dental school. The other wing belongs to the engineering, IT and business faculties.

Lie Yuen is enthralled by the presence of a real dental chair.

A dental chair!~! *starry eyed*

Work stations..Oh my god oh my god oh my god!

They even have this system going on!! How professional! I better change my student card soon because it’s been killed by the sun.

L-r: Chee Kiang, myself, Cze-Yin and Lie Yuen. We were too happy. I mean the three of us were obviously very happy, Chee Kiang was just layaning me when I asked, “Nice or not?!! Nice right nice right!”

There were 50 dental chairs in this room! Imagine the hustle and bustle…:) One day, in the near future, there will be a photo here on this blog. The photo will show you a very busy clinical environment where people of all ages are coming in for basic dental treatments at AIMST’s Dental Hospital. Jolene Lai will be sitting there. Just you wait.

Me being very happy.

Wohhh.. many holes for many things. Our simulation labs only have two holder thingies. This must mean serious business!

Chee Kiang was looking out at the cafeteria and girls’ hostel.

There’s even a reception counter!! I wonder if they will hire real nurses or are the nurses from the future Nursing Diploma course. Yes, there are rumours that there might be one soon.

And in the middle of the place was a construction plan laid out on the floor.

Intrigued, we were.

OKAY THE END. From tomorrow onwards till the 2nd of January (and see lah how many self declared holidays I can afford to give myself) I will be back in 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. YAY.

Oh, by the way, remember the fluffy cardigan I bought for my nephew yonks ago?

He finally had the chance to wear it! All the way to Hong Kong some more!

So cute right? That’s my cousin-in-law Kwee Fong holding him!