My August Shopping Report

I am hooked to this new show on Clicknetwork called Budget Barbie! It’s about a girl called Qiuqiu, whom I assume to be some popular Singapore blogger, and her shopping adventures. I actually found the videos after watching some of Xiaxue’s Guide to Life episodes. I think this Clicknetwork is a genius. They make simple videos that are so damn entertaining!

Basically, she shows you what she can buy from various shopping malls around Singapore on a $100 budget! She can make the most ah lian things look awesome. If you think you are cheapskate, she will make you feel like you are wasting money. She’s also super skinny and tall, so almost everything that she can get fits her like a glove! It’s fun to see her model a certain look because you think it is not possible that ANYBODY can look good in something so damn ah lian. Some stuff are gorgeous too. πŸ™‚

I would love to see what she can get from Orchard Road (or the most atas mall there) for $100! That would be a mission!

Inspired by  her videos, here’s my shopping haul for the month of August.

OoOOh wait wait! Esther and I have just started a community on Facebook! It’s sort of a portal but with the benefits of facebook to enable impulse shoppers like you and I to sell our unwanted and unworn clothes, accessories, shoes, bags etc. We named it One Woman’s Junk..actually she came up with One Man’s Junk Is Another Man’s Treasure. We modified it and now we have One Woman’s Junk! I love the name! It’s catchy!

Please click here and get your friends to join too!

okay blog post resumes now.

Like how some ladies who wanna get pregnant tend to be drawn to sour stuff/maternity style clothings/other babies, as a woman who is about to enter the work force, I am particularly drawn to working clothes. I mean this is a little too bare and short for work but with a nice blazer over, it would be okay? But still not appropriate to be worn in a government hospital.

It’s only RM39 and from Summit! Among the ton of crap there, there’s a shop called Cos-Max or something. For a Lala shop, they actually sell their clothes in sizes and not just free size and then slap on a RM25 price tag!

For so little cloth, it’s not super worth it lah. But it’s a cropped jacket that doesn’t make me look super fat. (I said super!)

It’s got tiny gems on the hem and hooks at the top. So I don’t look like I’m suffocating and it’s simple enough to provide a sense of decency to uptight employers.

This is from the same shop too and is my favourite among the two! I love it that the collar is really unique and .. uh, I think this is what people call boat neck right? Also RM39 only. If I don’t find anything, this might end up becoming my convo dress.

Sorry ah one more!

T______T I saw it on the mannequin, I couldn’t resist. After consulting friends on twitter, turns out that this is not appropriate for weddings.. so gonna keep it until the next formal event or shoot myself for being stupid and impulsive. Either one.

I tied the flowy stuff together because otherwise I would look like some birthday cake. Or to rub salt to the wound, like some wedding cake. T_T

This is from Summit as well. It’s about..RM23? Quite okay lah.

Mun Teng dragged me to the FJ Benjamin Warehouse Sale a few weekends ago and I came back with two Raoul tops! πŸ˜€ This one could be work friendly with a tube top inside, maybe. There were a few racks of Raoul stuff going at RM150 for two pieces!

The ribbon around my neck is attached to the shirt and is like a scarf where you can tie around your neck.

Can’t decide if this shirt is obscene or sweet?

Did you know that Nose was having sales from I don’t know when right up to the 12th of September? Everything was at 20% off and some even had bigger discounts! This pair is one of their latest designs, as in they were placed at the front of the shop. I have been meaning to get slouchy heels in a suede material and I have it now!! The price was RM89.90.. and abit sakit hati want to spend so much as I was feeling quite broke already. But to my delight, it was RM71! Yay!! Still not super cheap, but almost RM20 off something that I want quite badly is awesome!

*shifty eyes* After coming out of Diva and not being able to afford anything, Forever 21 looked cheaper in comparison. In comparison!! It’s not like RM10 for 3 pieces kind of cheap.. and pink feathers are pretty, no?

I needed hoops and when compared to the unbranded ones, I can get about the same amount of hoops for about the same price.

Love it that the silver hoops come in various sizes. Perfect for various levels of aggression.

I went to some wholesale shops in KL with my godma and she happened to know the girl in the shop. She told the girl that I sold accessories online and that I would like to try out some stocks before getting more. Soooo… I picked out this pearl bib necklace for RM15!! WHee!! It’s great to cover cleavages when the occasion calls for it.

I got this for RM8! I saw the exact same one at the Diva rip-off shop, Heart Beats or something?, selling it for Rm59! I was so happy!!

Some gem ones! I think.. RM10.

This was RM8 too! Cute flowers! Of course I’m doing it wrong..I’ll wear my bib necklaces with low cut stuff! I have been yearning to get my hands on some bib necklaces and I’m so glad I found some! At wholesale prices too!

Sort of like a Usagi headband but it has a sturdy band instead of a wire running the entire length of a cloth. So it keeps firm on top of my head! RM10 from Asian Avenue at Sunway Pyramid. πŸ™‚

Got this for 5 for Rm10 at Sungai wang. So cute and thin right?

So I bought all the colours that were available!

Love it that the hair sort of flows out from in between the headbands.

Proper Usagi headbands for RM4 each! NYAHAHA. Take that all of you who bought it for a larger amount! Also from Sungai Wang.

In a sweeter colour! I have more (accumulated about 10 pieces now) but at the time when these photos were taken, the Usagi headbands were no where to be found!

Glittery candy wallets. Don’t know when I’ll get around to using them.

Looks quite okay for an RM15 wallet.

*SQUEALS* Clubbing bag!

When I first saw it in Nose at Sunway Carnival in Penang, it was like RM89.90. I was taken by the sequins which you can flip over to reveal a different colour but RM90 for a clubbing bag is a lot of money! I didn’t get it then. But because of the awesome Nose sale, it was at 50% off!! Sometimes, it pays to wait it out a couple of months!! πŸ™‚

The flippy sequins!

If you have the patience, you might even be able to create an image!

Another pride and joy from Sungai Wang. There was a whole rainbow of other colours but somehow purple looked the least bit tacky and almost everything in my wardrobe is royal purple. I wasn’t even trying! πŸ™

I think I should call myself The Broke Barbie. 😐