My Beaaautiful *PINK* New LG KF350 Ice Cream Phone!

My hair is up to my butt now- longest it has ever been! It also comes with its disadvantages, such as dead cells so dead that it’s not even funny. My hair can spontaneously frizz up and entangle themselves causing others to mistaken me for the local beggar woman. So anyway, yeah, the story that comes with the picture:

This was taken yesterday on the North South highway when we were heading back to KL after our clinical paper. I roused from my slumber (Lie Yuen was driving for the first half as they didn’t want a Jolene-who-only-slept-12-hours-in-four-days-coz-of-the-damn-exams to drive), Poh Yee started laughing, “Jolene ge tau fat hou siu ah!!” (Jolene’s hair damn funny).

I know that I do have a tendency of having my hair teased when my head bobs about the headrest as I sleep. But I never knew that my now severely dry hair+damn long hair+lousy sleeping patterns can result in such a wtf state of affairs.

The tuft of hair was tightly knotted in so many places that I was worried I might have to resort to cutting it all off together. It’s not one of my ‘staged photos’, I couldn’t even achieve this effect if I tried.

I took my comb and gingerly combed through each knot and probably more than a few strands of hair were plucked along with it. I was really worried that I would be bald for Chinese New Year and end up looking like the Kappa.

What i’ll probably look like if I DID cut through that tuft of hair. ;\

On a side note, as soon as I reached Subang, I made a beeline to Wai Ping’s place to collect my spanking new KF350 LG Ice Cream phone! This time, I. get. to. keep. it. How freaking awesome. The prettiest gadget I’m ever asked to review..and I. get. to. keep. it. I’m thinking of getting a new SIM card for this phone so that I can use it for my ‘professional’ purposes, such as calling patients and answering sticker customers’ queries.

It even came in a proper box! 😀

Here’s one for those geeks out there who shiver at unboxing gadgets.

The surface is so reflective, can even see part of my dad’s car.

I seriously can’t stop looking at it. First, it’s freaking baby pink (though my first favourite colour is baby blue). Secondly, you can’t see it but it’s damnnnn thin. Like a piece of wafer!

The phone has an external display screen, but I’ll show that to you later when I’ve inserted the batteries.

My only criteria for a phone is for it to be a clamshell.

I’ll tell you more after a week of familiarizing myself with this answer to all women’s gadgetly prayers – but there is one thing I already know for sure. The large keypads?? DAMN AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Me text maniac, so it works damn well.

*** Updated with the FULL review: What A Girl Wants Is An LG KF350 Ice Cream Phone!