My Covers on Glee’s Defying Gravity and Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance

Oh you know how it is, exams in over a week’s time (maybe less days now, I stopped counting due to fear), you stare at that program in your macbook called Garageband, feel happy you have an inbuilt mic, think that your bathroom repertoire should be immortalized to stroke your own ego….

Every girl could do with a little pick me up come exam season:) This is my way of doing it!

ALSO I AM OBSESSED WITH GLEE. First time I am crushing on a guy who is one year younger than me. Even with celebrities, I couldn’t bring myself to go gaga over someone younger or even a gay personality. It’s like totally no hope, so why go there? KURT AND ARTIE ARE JUST AWESOME. I think their real names are sexier, though so common. Sorry to all the Kevins and Chrises out there! Chris Colfer looks like a character out of an Enid Blyton book. You know those school boys who bump into fairies in the woods when they go out to play and having to learn a lesson from a magical spell gone wrong.

I watched Wicked when I was in London back in September, so I was absolutely thrilled when I read that Defying Gravity was going to be on Glee. Totally loved the version on it.

Here’s my take.

And for the longest time, I have been obsessed with Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. Jimmy and Poh Yee who are usually with me on the four hour rides home to KL will have to endure at least a few rounds of Bad Romance and me screeching along to it.

So here it is as well:

🙂 Thank you for listening! Hope I didn’t get too screechy/breathy/nauseating.

Back to the books.