My Desperation For A Touch ‘N’ Go Card

Since I’ve discovered the wonders of Plaza Rakyat behind the Pudu Bus station, nobody wants to fetch me from Pudu Raya anymore.

It’s no fun queuing up during the eleventh hour trying to catch the last train back. Or to be stuck in Subang an hour before the bus leaves.

You know, I thought I was all high and mighty, equipped with the knowledge that I, Jolene Lai, know how to commute back and forth without needing much help from my parents or my darling bf.

Sitting in the ktm and pretending to flip through my anatomy notes like the so called diligent student that I am, I began to freak out that the ride to KL Sentral was taking up the better part of an hour.

Upon reaching KL Sentral, I ran to the toilet because I only had half an hour to switch TWO lrts and hop on to the bus that would bring me back to this shit hole I live in in the name of education and a good career.

I was in a long queue for my ticket to Masjid Jamek. Upon reaching Masjid Jamek, I stopped by the streets for a moment and felt like a true KLite. With the city wind blowing in my hair, drying my sweat and looking up at the sky scrapers……….oh fuck, 15 more minutes to 4pm!!

I immediately bought a ticket to Plaza Rakyat and climbed the stairs. To my dismay, I saw a horde of people descending the stairs. “Oh no,” I thought. “I’m definitely going to miss this train………”. So I ran up the stairs and the bell on the LRT went off, indicating that the doors were about to close.


I ran towards the closing doors….I was doubtful if I could make it.

BUT, with a mighty parabola leap I managed to jump onto the LRT and the doors closed shut behind me. All the passengers inside the LRT were looking at me. I wondered if they would start clapping their hands. Seriously, I felt like I was doing some action movie stunt. Hahahahha.

Die die die.. 10 more minutes left.

When I reached Plaza Rakyat, there was a still a long way more to walk. I ran all the way to the metal walk way that leads to the bus station. My legs were like clockwork!

Along the way I saw a lot of beggars and I thought, “I should be nice.”

So as I ran along, I was putting RM1 notes into their mugs without even stopping. Can you imagine the scene? Like I was on some freaking game show.

But anyway, I managed to board the bus.

See, if I had a touch n go card, I would not have to queue up and then I would not have to be so drama-rama about my trips.