My Email Boo Boo

I know it’s no big deal but I’d like to blog about it.

Two nights ago, my dad forwarded the missing Dora email to me and I thought, “Wow, this only happened hours ago.” and so I forwarded it to everyone I’ve ever came into contact with on my gmail.

There were over 600+ contacts in my gmail. I don’t even know how I’ve managed to accumulate so many contacts. Be it companies I’ve asked sponsorship from(dental dinner), friends, blog readers, distant relatives or even lecturers who passed me their email addresses, I didn’t care. I just sent the email out to everyone.

I had to divide my contacts into two sets. For the first batch, I carelessly added everyone into the “To” column of the email thus allowing everyone else to see the list of emails.

I received a couple of angry emails later on about how I should have used the BCC function instead. I KNOW. I used it for the second batch of emails. The first one was a careless mistake. I don’t mind to be politely told off. But sometimes angry emails have the same effect as flamers who leave unpleasant comments on blogs.

Here’s one of the emails that I felt was kind of rude:


I know the email you forwarded was urgent and you may not have thought through your actions when you forwarded it to *everyone* on your list.

But please observe the basic security measures in forwarding emails. It is not advisable to include everyone in the CC section of your forwards as this helps phishing activities. Please put them under the BCC section.

I do not appreciate having my email clogged with spam as a result of your careless actions.

Thank you.

p/s: Dora is safe as of late afternoon yesterday, please check your facts before forwarding unnecessarily. ”

Obviously I’m a little embarrassed that I subjected my contacts to spam and email phishing. However, how much spam can I submit people to? Another penis enlargement email won’t make a difference to your inbox. Furthermore, the person who sent the above email was merely using an address that she used as an admin email for her website. It’s not even a personal email.

Yeah, so sue me if I think it’s a woman. The tone of the email sounded bitchy.

Anyway, I wrote an email to apologize for my mistake(and also to a few others) and told her not to be so sarcastic. Fine, it’s my bad on the BCC part.

Naturally, I felt that I owed an apology to EVERYONE I sent the email out to by exposing their email addresses like that.

So I sent out an email that read:

“Hello everyone… at least those I forwarded the lost Glenmarie girl email to.

I received a few angry email replies that pretty much ruined my day for not using the BCC function when sending out that forwarded email message.

I’m extremely sorry for my carelessness and I promise it won’t happen again. I’d feel terrible if I were to, again, subject any of you to email phishing or spam and stuff like that.

And the girl has been found btw.

I was also sarcastically told to check my facts properly before sending the email. ya as if that’s the first thought in my head when I received the email about the girl who was lost only hours ago.

I honestly thought it was the best way to just send it to anyone i’ve ever corresponded with on Gmail for maximum effect on| the kidnap case.

Sorry for the inconvenience that I’ve caused anyone.”

I felt better after sending my note of apology to my contacts.

However, what’s even more amazing is the amount of emails I’ve received from my contacts saying how it doesn’t matter to them if I used the “to” function or the “bcc” function and that it’s not a problem at all to them. I didn’t know a simple apology can result in so much. Makes me kind of happy, in a way.

I even received an email from my Uncle who hardly goes online!

What’s even more interesting was when Timothy called me while I was on the bus(ya. I’m back in Subang. DON’T let me see the name “Holidays Coach” or I will set that bus on fire. 7 hours to come back from Kedah. What the fuck.) and asked me to cheer up and that he didn’t even mind that I subjected him and the rest of the Nuffnang people to spam. He was telling me that he and the entire team received an email from a certain ‘self declared problogger’ who seemed more like spam, trying to get people to visit his wedding site. I think it was my fault that this problogger got to them. Or I might be wrong, Apparently this problogger has been trying to make his wedding fully sponsored and in return the companies that sponsor him will get publicity. Right. The guy even emailed me and left multiple comments on my blog before asking me for the contact of the Estee Lauder PR as I’ve received free products from them before to review.

He wanted to get free products for his wife too prior to their wedding day. Honestly, wtf. If you love your wife, SPEND money lah!! I’d be embarrassed to marry such a man. So kiamsiap.

At first I denied his request and then he emailed me and asked me if I know who he is. I don’t care if he’s famous. If I’ve not heard of his name before, he’s probably a nobody. I’m embarrassed to admit that after awhile I gave in and gave him the PR’s email(I’m sorry, J.) because I thought in a way he does love his wife enough to do something. Just not the right way.

Anyway, moving on… yeah, so sending out that simple email resulted in a torrent of emails, a concern phone call and some immediate MSN messages. Interesting..

I’ve learned my lesson. All I wanted was to provide some community effort for the kidnapping case.

At least I’m not one of those people who are so afraid to die at 12 noon the next day. I think the last “You will find your true love!” forwarded email I sent out was back in form1. At that time I actually looked forward to receiving them because the graphics were so pretty and I was touched that someone cared enough to include me in their list of emails. *rolls eyes*

Sorry for being tardy in my comments. Will reply them as soon as I can(me, procrastinator. sorry,sorry.)! Thanks ya.