My Feeble Attempt At Live Blogging From Dubai Airport

When god gives you wireless internet access, you make a blog post out of it.

So hello from Dubai airport! My family and I seem to be the only chinese people around. I thought Asians were common!

My brother gave me an apple sticker to put on my beat up old dell inspiron. Baby steps to a true blue white macbook!

A little bit of jakun reporting to be done:

I was bubbling with excitement as I sat on the train from within KLIA to a far off gate and even more excited when I finally got onto the Emirates plane. The last time I sat on a proper aeroplane was to Vietnam in 2005 and perhaps back then there wasn’t even a sophisticated in-flight entertainment system yet.

There were so many movies and tv shows to choose from on board that I didn’t even know where to begin! Ended up watching reruns of Friends and laughing out loud. Thankfully the whirring of the plane drowned most of my laughing out.

For such a huge brand, Emirates does indeed have a very classy plane and their staff is made up of a huge variety of races! No duplicates! But the staff are quite aloof and they don’t come to you when you call them. At one point, I was sweating as it was quite hot.

And then there’s this breath taking ceiling along the aisle.

It’s so freaking gorgeous! When the normal cabin lights are turned on, it’s just an unassuming ceiling, very normal aeroplane ceiling kind of ..uh, ceiling. You can’t even see the tiny holes where the lights emit from but when the lights go dim… I was in Jolene heaven. Where glitter is a necessity of life.

My future house will have such a ceiling!

Oh, and the name of the network in Dubai is damn cute:

Du. Maybe Du as in ringing tone kind of Du Du.. Du Du..

If you’re thinking about Angel, she’s putting up at a dog hostel. Got aircon one man, don’t play the half.

Another 7 hours of butt-aching plane ride to LONDON!

Perhaps I shall watch some of the Disney classics available on the plane. I was half way through The Rescuers Down Under when I reached Dubai, a cartoon that I loved so much as a kid!