My First Fun Fair In A Decade!

Strangely, there’s a fun fair next to One-Utama this weekend. I didn’t know about it until Calvin asked me if I want to come along and give Liss a surprise!(She doesn’t know that I am back from Kedah).

After months-long hiatus from driving, I still managed to get myself down to the fun fair ….driving alone at 8.45pm..:(

But my direction’s getting really whacked though. From the Subang airport way, I’m supposed to turn into Damansara’s toll but ended up turning into Glenmarie…well, U-turns rock!

No need to further embarrass myself with details on how I almost did not go for the fair.

I did not expect to see a ferris wheel there! I mean I thought it’d be another crappy throw-three-balls-and-win-teddy-bear kinda thing. Those type of games are for old school lovers leh. Too old fashioned liao, but if some people like to romance each other that way, I say, “Go for it.” ..  shit, what am I crapping, 2.20am liao. Damn tired. Anyway, show you somemore pictures!

Yeap,was entertaining myself again with Dad’s camera while waiting for Calvin and his college friends to arrive. My role there was to surprise Liss, so I couldn’t go in yet, just in case I bump into her.

Calvin asked me to creep up behind Liss and cover her eyes with my hands and keep VERY quiet.

asked her to guess who! She couldn’t guess and kept asking me to say something. Cannot tahan liao, HAD to giggle. Wahahahhaha.. Pecah tembelang. She said, I crept up behind her and tried to cover her eyes but nearly poke her nostrils in the process. But anyway, alls well and my hands were over her eyes and she was screaming! LOL! Calvin”JO?!?!”

Ahahahahah.. it was such a fun thing to do. Was happy to see that she was actually happy to see me. 🙂

Got introduced to her college friends and they seem pretty nice as we got along okay.:) It’s always nice to make more friends, no? I do hope that I was not intruding though..after all it’s their outing.

l-r: Calvin, Daryl, Liss, Me,  Andy, Gigi, Sarah and Danial.

l-r: Andy, Gigi(doesn’t she look like Tanya?!) and Dumbo the Elephant.

The first ride we went on was something similiar to the Spinner in Genting Highlands. It would be something the 5 year old me would go and brag to my kindergarten classmates about how cool it is just because I could bring myself to sit on it. It’s not scary but it’s exhilirating.

I was more worried about my miniskirt than anything. STUPID Jolene wears skirt to a fun fair. Anyway, it was fine. I crossed my leg daintily as I got swung around and around and around….

…the seats lifted up and imagine little baby mobiles hanging from a huggee umbrella. It spun around and around and sometimes your swing twists around and the wind catches your hair and your stomach goes up and down, up and down….you just forget what happened in the past four months. If you hate changes and one way to bring you out of the rut you’re in, just hop on to the nearest spinner. It is a very comforting, if not, therapeutic ride.

Next stop! Some-seats-in-a-circle-spinning-and-swinging kinda ride. Not good with names. This was  a little freaky because if you know rides like The Crazy Galleon(a big pirate ship which swings like a GIGANTIC pendulum) then you can imagine how this works. About 24 seats arranged in a circle and the damn seats they spin around and around as the whole thing swings like a bloody pendulum!!

We were screaming non-stop and laughing our hearts out. It was just too fun.

As we were descending, Liss said, “Ei, Adam from 8TV is here.”. Immediately, Kinkybluefairy came into my head.

If some of you managed to see my MSN nickname this afternoon, it read, “Miss Lai, you have just discovered KinkyBlueFairy’s magic. Please indulge yourself.”. I spent the better part of the afternoon reading her blog and enjoyed myself immensely! I mean I’ve seen her around the blogosphere, heck, her blog is so famous she’s practically a celebrity.(Once, Nigel, E-Guy and Kwo Kuang actually talked about her during our yam cha sessions… I never knew they blog hopped..). So yeah, I finally got myself to read her blog and I love it!

And sure enough,KinkyBlueFairy was there. It’s strange, I was more excited that she was there rather than being the typical Malaysian teeny bopper who gets too excited when she sees Adam Carruthers. So can’t I be a fan of both of them??

I went up to her and introduced myself. “Hi Joyce!! I read your blog..I’m Jolene, but I go as Jayelle online…” *waves hand dismissively to indicate that I’m also in the whole blogging thing*

And she was really sweet as she smiled and said, “Hi!! I see… I think I’ve read you as well!” I’m sure she was just being polite(saw it happen alot at blog meets), but nevertheless, I was being such a fan girl. >_< Sheesh.

I asked if I could take a photo with her.

KinkyPugKevin is here as well!” she said.

OH! He is!!

KinkyPugKevin is one of the bloggers that I’ve seen around when I first started to blog hop wayyyy back in middle 2004.

I got introduced to Adam and KinkyPugKevin after that!

l-r: Joyce/KinkyBlueFairy, Me, Adam, KinkyPugKevin.

l-r: Liss, Sarah and Me.

I did not bother to go look see at the other funfair games… so here’s my sole photo of what it looks like.

They even had a Top Gun there! Just like the one in Sunway Lagoon! Didn’t get to try it though.

Another scary pendulum ride. There is an 8 seater kinda carrier on each end of the pendulum thingie which spins according to gravity. So it does involve one being spun upside down. I always have great debates with myself when faced with rollercoasters and the likes. I’m all for the experience……just*embarrassed*..can… it. 🙁 I hate to admit it but that’s how I motivate myself to try out everything that is thrown my way….just so I can retell my stories to the world.

Too freaky. The carriage just swings uncertainly..

Get my picture?

See how flimsy it is!

Liss and Daryl preparing for their ride.

I chickened out… see what has become of my coupons due to anxiety and panic.

Everything’s temporary…

..even the toilets were temporary. In trailers, they were.

Liss and I camwhoring! As always.

Another one..

l-r: Sarah, Me, Alvin and Daryl.

Me and Calvin.

l-r: Liss, Sarah and Me.

Never knew I would ever have the chance to take such a cliche photo in my entire life.

Calvin and Sarah.

Last stop, ferris wheel. It went around until we were begging to get off. It got too slow pace for us. That’s the thing with ferris wheel. They never know when to stop.

l-r: Daryl, Liss and Alvin.

I can’t take a photo of all of us, so you just gotta be satisfied with em thighs.

Calvin and Sarah again! With a lovely background, no doubt about that.

A spectacular view of our second ride! That pendulum one.

Sarah and I camwhoring in the carriage.

The structure of the ferris wheel… haiyah, just deal with it lah. It’s me and my nonsensical photo-takings.

A lovely view of part of the fair. It was almost closing time, so the lights are few.

We left the place at 12am and I drove back to Subang at full speed. Wound down the windows so I can feel the excitement an Ah Beng feels when he does that. I was short of a ciggarette to hold to complete the whole picture. The cars zoomed by and it got too scary so I wound the windows up again.

I thought I was IT because I was going at 130km/h(yea, yea, so what) along the Federal Highway on the middle lane.

Fuckanathan…the turning into Subang flashed past me.

I was heading into Shah Alam at 12.15am!! ARGHHHHHHHH..

At least I know I am a woman with mistakes like these. Women drivers. 🙂