My Love for OPI Nail Polishes and FIMO Nail Art Canes

My OPIs just arrived last week at uni after waiting for a whole month! These are pre-ordered bottles from the US going at about RM28++ per bottle which is such a steal compared to what we have to pay to the local shops for a bottle of OPI (about RM51-55 per bottle). The last OPI I ever bought was when I was in Form 3 and even then, it was my mum who bought it for me when we got conned by our hairdresser into buying it.

If you are interested, go join one of this girl’s OPI/China Glaze sprees. Be quick though, OPI is suing online shops selling OPIs at dirt cheap prices (hee!) and thus this particular website called Transdesign is liquidating their stocks. I want to get some…but I really don’t want to spend another RM100++ on nail polishes. Beautiful as they are, but spending RM100 on nail polish can’t be done too often.  China Glaze colours look quite pretty too but I have not tried their products! Maybe one day. πŸ™‚ I am not sure if they are sold in Malaysia but this girl listed the price at about RM17++ per bottle!

There is no doubting the quality of OPI nail polishes though. Dubbed the Mercedes of Nail Polishes, it is no wonder why every single nail salon out there has a big window display of OPI colours. I hope to have that many OPI colours one day. A girl can dream. πŸ™‚

For now, I started off with Malaysian Mist (far left), Off With Her Red, No Room For The Blues, Suzi Says Feng Shui and that is Brenda’s All The Berry Best. If your purchase is above Rm100, then the lowyat forum girl will give you free postage!

I got Malaysian Mist because it is a lovely nude shade and how can you not buy something with the word Malaysia on something so famous in the international arena? It sucks to be a dental student because we will get chastise for our bright and colourful nails. I can’t remember when was the last time I indulged in a little nail art fun. I stopped messing around with nail art around 2004 because my entire bag of 50 over bottles of nail polish crashed to the floor when a college classmate dropped it. πŸ™ I lost my love for nail art on that day because I was so demotivated about the loss of half my nail polish collection.

As a result, I never really caught on to the trendy Japanese nail art designs that are almost everywhere these days. I wish I did though. They are so pretty!

I did however sort of jumped back on the bandwagon when I found out about FIMO Nail Art canes. These canes are made from polymer clay and I don’t blame you if you thought that they are erasers. Apparently FIMO is a special type of polymer clay which is quite flexible.

I took in like 150 designs (about 700 sticks altogether) to be sold on The Sticker Monster and damn, they are going like hot cakes. I couldn’t be happier. πŸ™‚

As you can see, it is quite soft.

With a kitchen knife, you can slice the cane into thin slices. I’m quite lousy at that so a few came out rather thick.

Choosing a few canes for myself and slicing them up. Most fimo nail art cane users claim that a stick can get them up to 100 pieces if they slice it thin enough. As you can see, mine are rather thick. πŸ™

Another angle of the cane slices.

With flash!! *don’t hit me*

To accompany the fimo nail art slices, I used a little bit of my Swarovski Grade YHB Crystals to adorn the nails. These can also be found at The Sticker Monster. πŸ˜‰ Promo abit.

On the thumb I started off with No Room For The Blues, a happy shade of the brightest of blues.

I am not very creative so I simply picked a few slices and slapped ’em on. For the crystals I used Blue Zircon SS10 and Aqua Bohemica SS6.

The idea is to embed the slices in before the nail polish dries. A top coat can be used to go over the slices but I didn’t use it because it would have made the crystals look murky.

Malaysian Mist for the second finger!

A fruity themed one! I added some Rose SS6 crystals too!

I have always wanted a gorgeous red polish and I am so glad I found it. πŸ™‚

Off With Her Red is from the OPI Alice in Wonderland Collection. I wanted to get the Mad As A Hatter which was a kaleidoscope of colour but oh well, another time maybe.

I have bought red polishes from Sinma before (pretty much the only place I can find blood red nail polishes) but ughhhh the quality sucks serious balls and even with an amateur eye, my cheap ass nail polish colour will stick out like a sore thumb (pun intended) with its streaks and blotches. Sorry for being a nail polish snob. I use cheap brands like Elianto too okay! Though I must say, Elianto is not that great either but the colours are all so fun.   😐 You can’t have everything I guess.

My supplier sent me some new Swarovski Grade YHB Crystals in a few other sizes and colours. I used Light Rose SS10 on this one with a few Crystal SS6 and Light Rose SS6 along the sides of my nail. A chanel-love-snowflake themed nail. Okay fine, I don’t really know what I was getting at. :\

Posing with the leftover crystals. πŸ˜€

Three done! Two more to go! πŸ™‚

My little nail art workstation.

Mmmm..Suzi Says Feng Shui is from the OPI Hong Kong Collection. A lovely shade of teal isn’t it? I am actually trying to recapture the memory of my very first nail polish – a bright blue shade with tiny bits of glitter on it. I was 10 years old and had just discovered the joys one can get at a Guardian or Watsons pharmacy. I remember reading every bit of the bottle and it was apparently made in Paris. I loved it all the more knowing that it was imported from far away and in such a funky colour too. My nails were never any other colour except for the colours my grandmother had which were safe colours like pinkish red, pinkish brown, pinkish pink and a nude shade or two.

As I had ran out of colours to play with, I used Off With Her Red and No Room For The Blues to make a Superman themed nail. A little ribbon to emasculate Superman with some tiny crystals to finish it off.

And there you have it, my entertainment for the night.

I love it! πŸ™‚ Simplicity is the best.

You know you’ll have to bear with more than one photo of my finished product.

It sucks that I have to remove everything before clinics the following day. πŸ™ Poll TIME! Would you, as a patient, mind if your dentist had funky nails? 😐

Left over slices for another day of procrastination.

There’s another nail art trend called Minx Nails that I am looking forward to try. It’s sort of like a foil plastered onto your nail. Imagine mirror-like sheen on your nails. Glossy is SO out. Mirror, metallic, so so much hotter! And if it is nice, I’ll take it in and put it up on The Sticker Monster. πŸ™‚

Oooh ooh, while I’m at it, here’s another product of my procrasination. I deco-ed my Satio:

I allowed some space for the camera cover to slide. Cute right??? Sales are doing well, so I am hoping to take in more designs! Click here for ready stock designs!

Next up, I am planning to do something to my car bonnet. Dad, Mervyn, don’t scream. It’s not permanent.