My Nose Is Clogged And Dry And Other Things That Piss Me Off

One part of the MUET is down, another one more to go on the 17th of May.

MUET stands for Malaysian University ENGLISH Test. I couldn’t refrain from raising my eyebrows when the invigilator gave the instructions in malay. Uh, I thought we were sitting for an ENGLISH test. It didn’t help make the whole situation seem anymore professional when the guy threw in a couple of English words, “You can mula now.”

WOW! I’m so impressed with the English words like “You”, “Can” and “now”.

I think I’ll use that for my essay! Thanks! (The essay which I wrote 300 words more than the required amount and still had time for an hour’s worth of sleep.)

I’m not going to sound uppity and say that the paper was SO bloody easy because it was not, it was pretty confusing and I just hope to get the maximum Band6. Because English is the only language I can converse well in, write and read.

As most of the Malaysian university students would know, there are four components to the paper, one of which is the Listening component. A recorded text is played for the entire examination hall to hear and we were to answer questions according to the given text. Multiple Choice Questions.

The comprehension component was also in the form of Multiple Choice Questions.

There were no MCQs in my OTHER english university exam(bloody English For Academic And General Purposes, sien) and I got an A+ in that. My only A+ since I graduated from primary school. Oklah, besides English and lower secondary school maths that is. So really, please, a Band6 for MUET is not too much to ask.

ANYWAY.. you know how crucial it is that we pay full attention to the listening component? How every single syllable uttered from the speakers matter?


I don’t think the invigilators quite got the point though.

While we were trying our best to find the answers from the recorded text, the stupid invigilators were PEELING MASKING TAPE without ANY discretion whatsoever. You know, just going, “SHHHAAAAAA..PRRAAAAAAAPPPPPPP…STRRIIIIIPPPPPP….!!!”. I don’t know for what lah, perhaps to seal our earlier test papers. BUT STILL. HAVE SOME BRAINS LAH. WE ARE THE STUDENTS HERE AND YET WE CAN DIFFERENTIATE WHAT IS STUPID AND WHAT IS THE NORM.


And the CHIEF(I bet he doesn’t know this word since he doesn’t use english as a medium of instruction) Invigilator was chatting happily with another one of the lady invigilators. I could only here a constant string of mumbling and I was sitting about 8 seats away from the front of the hall. Imagine the poor students who are sitting in the first few rows, being bothered by every single distracting syllable uttered by those inconsiderate invigilators.

Let’s not focus on only ONE thing that pisses me off.

Let’s move on to bloody rude bimbos.

That’s my ex-housemate, Vinnie and her arm and the guy who is falling off his chair is Steven.

I should have taken a picture of the ceiling of my room in Kedah for this blog entry.(am back in Subang for the weekend). Anyway, one of the panels is curved downwards, threatening to fall. But one end of the panel is held up by the CEILING FAN and another end is held up by the FLUORECENT light. My biggest worry is that when it fully detaches, it’ll bring the fan and light down with it.

This could be one of my last time blogging in this blog. See ya folks. It has been a good two and a half years.

Okay, fine, of course I called the agent because I am not that stupid. They procrastinated sending someone over and insisted that the owner who would be coming up to Sg. Petani this weekend would like to see the ceiling for himself.

I called them on Tuesday. By the time Saturday comes around just so that the owners can have a look, the ceiling fan would have chopped of both my legs while I’m asleep and the fluorecent light bulb would have smashed to pieces and the shards of glass would have made me blind if I was fortunate.

If I was unfortunate, the ceiling fan might fall and decapitate my head AT an angle(think cutting Kai Lan stem style) and the fluorecent lamp would probably stab right through my head, whichever comes first.

The only good thing that will come from these choi-tai-kat-lai-si(choi, touch wood) incidents would be the ability to sue the pants off the real estate agent. And my insurance. And basically making a big hoo-hah over my freak accident.

So you guys heard it here first. Li Shen has the name of the company, get it from her if anything happens to me and help me seek for revenge ka-ching style.

Sigh. Will call them again when I get back to Sungai Petani.


Malaysian express buses? Same ol’ story.

If I drive from Selangor to Kedah, it takes a miniscule amount of 4 hours.

Take the bus and 2 more hours of your life is wasted.

Usually it is only 5 hours. Today it was 6 hours. I DON’T NEED TO PEE THAT OFTEN, GODDAMNIT.

And I know they have been warned not to go fast but at the speed I was going I could count the amount of white lines drawn on the tar road. Even a Kancil was faster than the bus. A decent speed should be a speed that is fast enough to see the strips of line that separates the lanes as a single white line.

Instead of reaching Subang at 8pm(plus ktm and lrt journeys) I reached at nearly 10pm. In the morning I cheerfully smsed my parents and told them I wanted to eat Jap food since I’m oh-so-pityful-and-nutritionless-in-Kedah and they said, “Sure dear! No problem~!”

🙁 By the time I reached home all the decent jap restaurants have already closed.

Feel so depressed, I think I’ll go to sleep now.

Paying my paternal grandfather a visit in Malacca tomorrow morning. It’s a little late for cheng beng but that’s how my family functions. Simplicity at its best. Crowds suck.