My Trademark Mess Courtesy Of The Impending Final Exams

Sticker Monster updates (actually very old already, just that I haven’t had the time to pimp it here)!

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If you’ve stuck around for the past four years, chances are you would have seen photos of my messy room whenever exam looms around the corner.

In three days, I’ll be sitting for my Year 4 final exams. Just one more round of super exam-induced mess to go through and I’m outta here. Away from Sungai Petani, away from kedah. I might actually miss this place though. :\

Here’s a link to one of my first posts I did when I first entered this course.

And some links from my midnight oil burning nights of yesteryears. How time flies. 🙂

Mountain of clothes on the left, Lie Yuen’s pink table because she studies in my room when it gets too hot in her room (though we just realized that, DUH, she can use the table next to me. -_-) and my pile of books. As usual.

I’ve lost things in that mess. Seriously. I’m so messy to the point that I needed a second table.

Well, at least this shows that there’s progress right? ;D

The sticker boxes in the corner with the book shelf. And some bananas sit on the other chair in a blue plastic bag. Tip: if you’re constipated, bananas can so do the trick. I had five and within 10 minutes I was rushing to the toilet. Mmm.

p/s: While looking through my old posts, I found one of my favourite posts of all time. 🙂