Obligatory Retail Therapy

What is a blog of Jolene’s until it has been graced by photos of her shopping?

Nothing, I tell you, NOTHING.

But I’ve failed myself deeply. I can’t believe I only bought two tops and a pair of Birkenstocks(something that looks like it at least). What is this man!!

Furthermore I was shopping in the haven of Lala. Land of fancy unique treasures. Filled with fashions of all possibilities. A myriad of colours and textures, a maddening maze of endless genre of extravagant garments.

Yup, I went to Sungai Wang last Thursday.

A Harry Potter-purple cropped cardigan with gold linings.

They have it in white but I though the purple one was more unique. At the KL Sentral station, I saw a malay stall selling some clothes and bought a white cropped cardigan anyway.

After shopping alone for awhile, Lie Yuen finally arrived.

Tako? Taco? Some Japanese flavoured balls. Don’t know made of what, but they have stuffings inside it and I had Octopus in my balls. Lie Yuen had the Cheese and Ham balls and there were Prawn Balls too!

Sweet and simple ya? But for RM70 is was just too much for me.:(

Hey girls, are you aware of the sixth floor?? I bet Su-Chien(whom I go hardcore shopping with. She hardcores, I softcore around) never knew it existed. The escalators don’t go up to the sixth floor. Need to take lift one! Mind boggling fashions and then shops which sell the most interesting of trinkets.

Purple off shoulder top. Sleeves could be pulled up if I go for class. Makes me look fatter than I already am. Looks nice la on top.. how how how?:(

Ah. Love the idea but the cutting was SO off. You see, the ribbon is around the chest and it works like a wonderbra. You want a deeper cleavage, just tie the top tightly.

Met up with Brenda at KL Plaza’s Coffeebean.

We were then joined by Lie Peh, Lie Yuen’s sis.
L-r: Brenda, Lie Peh, Lie Yuen and myself. It is a coincidence that we were all wearing white.

Another one.

Thought the stall looked nice 🙂

I’m into corsetts okay? It’s been a live long mission to look for one that doesn’t make me look like a bao chang. But this was too pricey for something which is not quite a timeless piece.

BIRKENSTOCKS!! In such pretty colours. Didn’t get those as they were way out of my budget. I stuck with a fully glittery design. Which was bright pink. -_- RM40.. for comfort, glitter and pinkness. It’s more than I ever dare ask for.

I feel I owe myself an apology for my substantial ‘shopping spree’. I should make it up to myself by going for more shopping.