Ode To Subang Jaya

Eight McDonalds within a three kilometer radius,
Students come from far, promising and ambitious.
Cars and motorbikes in a congested mess,
Four to seven in the evening, nothing less.
The monsoon drain that flows from nineteen to fourteen,
Rushes with the aftermath of the pouring rain.

Those who are dearest, only five minutes away,
24 hours in connection, so many things to say.
Fifteen’s smelly drains deter but yet the place attracts us so,
To play Dota in the cyber cafes, all the boys will go.
A food court of the grandest scale,
The DVD sellers never go to jail.

Our famous storms send modems back,
For the Streamyx people to thoroughly check.
The infamous field in eighteen,
Congregates gangsters of thirteen to seventeen.
Promises of more highways materializing soon,
One day the layers of highways will reach the moon.

To someone else, USJ resembles the Bermuda Triangle,
Where the residents, strangely, enjoy to mingle.
Suicidal thoughts invade the head on Fridays at 12pm,
If you¡¯re stuck near Subang Parade amidst the Muslim prayer’s jam.

Dogs run away, they don’t know the way home,
The most expensive mamak food is under a hideous dome.
Nights whiled away at Tanjung with petty chatter and cups of teh ais,
In the company of family and childhood friends, it is always nice.

– a very bored Jolene who misses home.

I’ll be back in a week’s time!!! For the entire week!!!

I’ve made a breakthrough discovery: notes made on lined paper causes one to hate studying. USE plain A4 paper! I love studying!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! WHOOHOO. ..

……….i want to come home, like NOW.