Of Bimbotic Aspirations To Quit School And Blog Full Time

A couple of days ago, a friend and I were talking about blogs and how it has changed over the years. She sent me a link and said that it was her friend’s and that this chick is just one of the more popular blogger in recent times. But you can just about guess what are the reasons chicks become popular bloggers these days. 

I mean I’ve seen enough blogs that become ‘famous’ just because there’s a hot girl strutting about with photos of herself plastered all over their blogs. Like 80% of the picture is of her face and her body, and maybe like a puny 20% is of the background of wherever that she is at. 

I immediately clicked the ‘x’ button after scrolling through. There was NO content, only like photos of herself, a few inanimate objects around her, two or three words simply strung up to form a caption for one or two of the photos. And there you have it, a popular blog.


To top it off, my friend told me that this particular girl actually thought about quitting school and going on to become a full time blogger and maybe do more event stints. You know, those car modelling/umbrella girl crap. I shit you not, with two or three words for sentences, yes I’m pretty sure you’ll have a stellar blogging career. 

I have no issues with beautiful women who can engage you in their blogs. With their words, not with their boobs and big eyes combo. It makes you envy these women because they have the best of both worlds but when there’s no substance in your blog only photos of yourself knowing clearly well that you’re sizzling, and THEN have the audacity to consider a career in blogging full time, ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?! If you finish school already and don’t quite know what to do yet also not too bad lah. But are you mad ah? If your writing isn’t even good enough for a magazine to take you on as part of their contributors’ column, please just get your degree/diploma first. Don’t embarrass us womenkind with your mentality. Once you graduate and bum around, you’ll have all the time to earn those moolah, go for events and maybe read some books (if too difficult, maybe magazines also can) so you’ll learn how to structure proper sentences. At least then your blog entries are whole, you know? Not just smatterings of words and emoticons. 

It boggles the mind that there are such bimbos around. While we’re on the topic of bimbos, are girls who work for car shows, alcohol and tobacco products actually proud of their jobs? I mean I’m all for baring skin if you have what it takes lah but to be paid to bare most of your some skin while selling things? Right, I won’t pick on those damn kesian girls who have to feed their mother, father, sister, brother, dog at home. Money is hard to come by, I get it. Any job that comes along, you’re hot, you take it. A bit of skin for food on the table, degrading but what can you do. 🙁

But what about those college girls at private institutions who just want that extra cash to go on shopping trips? Damn low la please. I’ll give my daughter two tight slaps if she dares to take on such jobs. 

Oh right, back to little girls who can’t write and want to be full time bloggers.

As we know, there are a few full time bloggers around but these are people who have made such a name for themselves that they are practically a brand in their own right. They are involved in huge projects and… well, people actually know who they are. You know, like they have audiences that actually consist of females and males. Not just very friendly boys.

No doubt about the fact that full time bloggers do get paid rather well, which is why these little girls aspire to be full time bloggers too. Of course success stories can be repeated because OnE SHoULd DaRE To DreAm RighT?! Bloggers who manage to carve a name for themselves and thus are deemed popular are usually of the intelligent sort. If they have not already completed some form of education, they are most likely to currently be pursuing one. They have ambitions like normal people. 

Quitting school to blog full time is just plain dumb.