Of Passion and Fried Mee Hoons

Pet peeves in the clinic:

1. Chinese patients who exclaim how delightful it is that there’s a chinese dentist in a government dental clinic. It embarrasses me, as a chinese, that a fellow chinese can say such things out loud like it is so normal.

2. When telling patients to sit down, they sit on my chair instead of the dental chair. It is annoying in an innocent kind of way, kinda amusing too. But today lagi teruk, a used bib was left on my chair as the patient walked out! So convenient hor!

Been reading a few happy blogs recently and happy blogs always make me want to indulge in all the hobbies that I am supposed to have. My new found hobby: Cooking, duh! Photography, blogging, sticker selling……drama watching is more like a habit..so, nothing very creative with that. Good blogs make you want to create and share!

Here are two of my latest favourite ones before I spam you with today’s cooking photos:

Rob & Lauren – A young married couple – really young like, the girl is about my age (haha perasannya me) – who are one of Canada’s top wedding photographers and are really passionate about what they do. The best part is the two of them run this wedding photography business together and if you’re into portraits, wedding photography and randomness, read everything!! Or more like see everything, since it’s a photoblog. Love their talent. It helps that the guy looks like Justin Long too. 😀

The Journal of A Girl Who Loves To Cook – I’ve long heard of her name but can’t really recall when and how or who told me about her. I didn’t know Delectable had such a long history and the brand was brought to my attention when Mel raved on FB about the christmas themed cupcakes that were sent to her office. She has immortalized Su’s famous Penguins in the office’s fridge.  Each of her blog post is accompanied by pictures of her gorgeous cakes, teeming with so much creativity that defies human limitations. And she is so full of sunshine in every sentence, so grateful for her talent and support from all that loves her and her work. And most of all, she is living her dream by opening her own cake shop. I love her story. 🙂 If I had a bucket list, it would be to visit her shop and eat one of her delectable delights!

Because of my forced-confirmation from loved ones (“ok ah my mee hoon? edible ah? Can serve or not you say?”) that my fried mee hoon was a-ok during my New Year’s Day potluck ‘do, I decided to cook it again this evening. Heh. Just because it ain’t stir fried something/soupy something, so better get some variety under my belt while I can.

First up! Soggify the mee hoon! I store my mee hoon in the freezer, in a plastic bag, as I don’t have enough containers. So apparently nothing happens to raw mee hoon in subzero temperatures.

Remove unwanted particles from the bean sprouts.

Ingredients! Chicken (i’d rather use minced chicken, but damn Giant doesn’t even have chicken fillet, so I had to make do with chicken keel. 🙁 ), fish cakes, garlic cloves, chinese cabbage.

Do you like my pink knife and pink chopping board?!? *squeal*

Taro’ everything in and stir fry with olive oil and a pinch of salt.

Blanch the soggy mee hoon in boiling water to cook it a little. Then toss it into the wok to cook with the other incredients. Add dark soya sauce to get it to look brown and authentic and more importantly, light soya sauce for taste!

Ta-dah! Fried Mee Hoon!  And as usual, I overcooked again, so I might be having fried mee hoon for tomorrow’s lunch, tomorrow’s dinner and the day after tomorrow’s lunch. T_T