Of Utter Stupidity

When you are given fuckingly blatant instructions, heed them and don’t ask the stupidest questions. I would slap you if I could.

Not everybody knows you by your stupid 15 year old nickname and can tend to your official needs that way.

Friendships are NOT meant to be exploited for commercial purposes. I do not have a friend and can never possibly have a friend called *some brand*. Don’t friggin’ call it a friendship when you want something from a bunch of people who can never be friends of huge ass companies. Money talks, bullshit walks. Understand?

If you don’t want it, SAY IT REALLY EARLY. Do not dangle the fucking carrot for months so that the poor rabbit’s neck is now elongated beyond recognition.

Racist jokes can be funny. Blatant racism is not. Bloody hell. Sekuntum bunga my backsidehole.

Do not paint your shindig to resemble something totally glam and exciting when it is so the opposite and such a letdown.


No one should be expected to share the burden of your initiatives.

You must be really stupid if you cannot hear from the tone of my voice that I would really like to end this phone call as soon as possible and have no interest to talk to you. Save your stupid jokes that are not funny and you should have given the Rm30 back to us eons ago. Why make a hoo-hah over RM30 now when you could’ve given it to us on the spot a year ago? Stupid stupid stupid. You know what is customer service ah?

It is rude to hold off something due to be given to someone within a time frame. FASTER GIVE IT TO ME!

Fresh meat does not contain worms, so don’t be a snob.

Please do not think that you’re so funny with all your supposedly cute and funny comments which are totally rude and offensive. Even more so when I don’t even know you THAT well in the first place.  So old already also no brains.

Nobody wants to hear your stupid hand phone blasting out terrible sounds (whatever it is that you call music) while you block the way by sitting on the stairs.

From the beginning, I’ve always wondered if you’re gonna end up just like how each and everyone of them did, one by one. You let me down and turned out the worst.