Oh, For The Love Of Pink And Saving A Baby Kitten

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Last Saturday, I recruited Weng Lum and Suet Li to assist me in an article that I’ve been planning to write for R.age.

I wrote two articles. The first one was about why girls love the colour pink. I do realise it makes me sound abit bimboish but I had fun writing it. The second one was about guys wearing pink. To make it more interesting, I called Suet and Weng Lum out for some window shopping in Mid Valley. Hehe. The idea was to get him to wear as many pink things and just play by ear what we can crap about a pink t-shirt, pink bags etc.

We started out about 2 hours late. Sigh. Then I got lost in USJ trying to look for Suet’s place. -_-

When she came in the car, I asked her which route does she think is less jammed so that we can get to the Federal Highway faster.

“Where’s the Federal Highway?” Suet Li asked.

“…. you don’t where the Federal Highway is?” I said.

“Er, No?”

Hhahahahahaha. Ohmigod.
Upon arriving at Mid Valley, I saw a chinese guy in a hot pink singlet. The first thought that came into my head was, “Ah! I should interview him and maybe take a photo or two.”

I was quite nervous to simply go up to some stranger..but I thickened my skin and proceeded anyway.

I went up to him and said, “Hi, I’m doing a piece for the R.age, it’s a college news paper by the St-…” and before I could continue, I was lost in his eyes. and hair.

He had a frown that looked at me as if I was the weirdest person in the entire world and that I am this freak of nature.

I was still bewildered by his eyes and hair.

This is how he looked like:-

The same eyes, the gold hair and the pale skin and the hot pink singlet.

So I stammered, “Cantonese or English?”

Then he turned to his companion (a girl in tights underneathe a mini skirt, super lala-ified none the less) and said, “Ta chiang shi mo?”(What is she saying?)

So all the alarm bells rang in my head and I said, “Ok, nevermind, thank you byebye,” and sauntered back to Weng Lum and Suet Li who were sampling some free garlic bread at the Jaya Jusco counter. Oh the humility.

So I was covering in embarassment like that:-

cowering in embarrassment.

And then I looked up towards the escalators and the hot pink singlet guy and his lala friend were still giving me the look:-

Damn tulan wei.

I wonder who in their right mind would like gold contacts. I came up with a rather reasonable explaination for the freak that I saw. He took the whole eye colour must match hair colour rule too far.

Anyway, the rest of the fake shopping trip was fun. Surprisingly, there were enough pink stuff for guys and we had a ball of a time getting Weng Lum into them. However, I’ve lost count of the amount of times shop keepers have said, “no photography please,”. I always feel so angry whenever they tell me that. But I’ve also learnt to thickened my skin and said, “oh, sorry!”… which is usually after I’ve already taken what I needed to take. Hohoho.

We put Weng Lum in a shirt to see if the colour ruins the look. Apparently not!

And then there were pink shoes.

Looking high and low for pink apparels.


See what I found??? My Sony Ericsson z610i! The PINK one! Actually I’m going to buy the blue one. It’s much nicer. And blue is my favourite colour. Pink is my accessorising colour.

Suet Li and the wall of the Miss Whatever’s fitting room. Miss Whatever is SO cool. It’s the more matured version of Girls or Maggie T. They cater to big girls like you and me. 😀

Of course I had to have a go.

Weng Lum and the mirror of infinity.

My turn! 

I bought adhesive jewels from Miss Whatever and decorated my camera with it! The border around my laptop’s LCD screen has some as well!! Yes la yes la inspired by Xiaxue. It’s pretty. I like her interest for all things pretty, that’s all.

A pink dress from Colours.

Chillin’ at McD’s after a day of hard work.

My two stars of the day. I owe them a dinner for all their help! Thanks, you guys!

For my first article, I gathered everything that was pink in my room and some of Lie Yuen’s things (ie. the toothbrush) and snapped a photo. Looks so nice right???:D



After dinner on Tuesday evening, Lie Yuen, Brenda, Joe and I wanted to go buy fruits at the usual fruits stall. I saw a kitten on the side walk and I shouted because Joe almost stepped onto the kitten.

We approached the kitten and it didn’t even move! So we peered closer and realised that one of its hind leg looked bloody. We felt so sad for it and contemplated if we should take it home. After much consideration, we decided to send it to a nearby vet. Since it was quite late already, the most that we could do was put the cat in a box outside the vet.

The little kitty.

It looks so sad. 🙁

Poor Kitty. We put it in a plastic bag for hygenic reasons. Don’t worry, I made sure it was comfortable.

I wrote a note to be pasted onto the box. Yes, I really attached RM20 with the letter.

Lie Yuen and Brenda making sure that the kitten was comfortable.

On the way to the vet’s.

Preparing some food for the kitten at the vet’s.

Hopefully he’ll be kind enough to take it in. Hopefully nobody steals my RM20.

Bye bye kitty!

The ironic thing about the following day was when we learnt that Bala had two weeks old puppies at his house. So we went over after class to play with the dogs.

We named Bala’s dogs for him. This one is Susu.

Because her sister looks like a cow. Who is appropriately named Moomoo.

Lie Yuen and Brenda and the two bundles of fluffs.

Face warmers!



Wrong tit, babes.

L-r: Ananth, Lie Yuen and a shih tzu called Sonia, Bala and Susu and Brenda and Moomoo.

Ananth is Bala’s housemate.

This Ananth is rather special. Despite being a total stranger, he managed to answer two VERY VERY important questions to me.

1. Is the kitten that we found the day before doing well?

2. Who is the owner of the red glittery Proton at Uni?

Apparently, his dog(Sonia) had to go for jaw surgery after biting onto a very hard bone. At the vet, he saw a tiny orange kitten and asked the vet about it. The vet said someone put it in a box outside and didn’t even leave a note.

NOOOOoO!!!! My RM20 is gone!! But as long as the kitten is safe. 🙁

And yes, he is the owner of the glittery Proton! He had it done for RM3000! Crazy…

Dog head.

Sisters! Fat sisters, that is. SO FAT AND CUTE!

Don’t look at my peepee.
Sorry for the lack of updates, folks!