Oh Ya, Happy Valentine’s Day

My second period for the year arrived on Valentine’s Day. With the first period of the year arriving on New Year’s Day, it seems like a festive season loving kind of menstruation this time around.

Here’s my list of predictions for the rest of the year:

Cheng Beng.
April’s Fool Day
Wesak Day
Agong’s Birthday
No period in July because I’ll be too stressed for my finals and there’re no holidays then either.
Su-Chien’s birthday – continue until She Dee and Zhuo Yan’s birthday.

Okay people! Place your bets! Those who can predict most of my period days will be declared the winner by the end of the year.

Well, yeah, Happy Valentine’s Day everybody. I called Chee Kiang at midnight and we spoke for 45 minutes, thus RM20 from my hotlink went into my long distance Singapore call. Not too bad considering it’s only once in awhile I make long distance calls and due to the convenience of MSN and Skype(which he rarely goes on.) He can’t call from Singapore either because the phone plan he subscribe to does not allow international calls.

I feel my creative juices flowing. I’m going to complete his present tonight. See people, that’s the good thing about long distance relationships. You don’t need to rush your presents and you can take your own sweet time buying it or making it. I had a good time drafting out ideas in the car while waiting for Lie Yuen to settle her fees in the main campus.

Is it really necessary to spend Valentine’s Day in grand fashion? Why can’t we choose a date which is special to the both of us? Chee Kiang and I have never had the chance to spend Valentine’s Day together properly and by the time we finally get to do that, I think we’ve reached the old husband old wife stage whereby we’re just too comfortable with the relationship to make a big deal out of the day. We do have a tradition of giving gifts to each other on Valentine’s Day even when we were still in school and were ‘just friends’ though.

But how is Valentine’s Day special anymore? Is it just the red and pink and whites that makes us feel..more? I won’t deny that my heart doesn’t thaw at the sight of red roses sitting in a pail, waiting to be wrapped up and delivered to someone’s sweetheart. I’m not a fan of spending obscene amounts of money and I think people who cash in on Valentine’s Day are evil.

Is Valentine’s Day an excuse to confess your feelings to that someone special? It’s a pretty good reason, yes.

You know, I really want to go on about Valentine’s Day and whether if it is evil or good but I just can’t go on. Maybe because deep down I still want to feel romance and if Valentine’s Day is all about it, shouldn’t I soak in a little bit of its novelty?

How do people who are in long distance relationships make the most of Valentine’s Day? Do we need to make the most out of valentine’s Day? So many friends have asked me if I will be webcamming with him today. But he’s not even at his computer as I’m writing this though he was online on MSN for awhile. I think he is manning a bazaar stall somewhere in NUS for his pharmacy society.

Isn’t it sad and pathetic that I have to say “he was online on MSN” for awhile?

Why do I feel so bothered by the fact that it is Valentine’s Day today? Why do I feel particularly aware about how special the day is?

I did want to send the gift to him on time like how I did two years ago but he said I’d better not as it might take a really long time to reach him. I’m better off giving it to him when I see him this weekend. But getting the gift on time is what makes the gift so special. It’s a nice feeling for the giver, especially.

So looks like I’m not one to slaughter the day like I tried to set out to be at the beginning of the post. Because it makes me miss him more. And due to our schedules, lack of facilities(good delivery service, efficient and affordable transportation systems etc) and abilitities(teleportation skills, better ideas) and further priorities(exams to study for, classes that stretch late into the afternoon)… I don’t feel that today is special to me as much as I want it to be. But isn’t that the case? The grass is always fucking greener on the other side. Stupid Valentine’s Day. Go die la.

In Lie Yuen’s words, “I don’t think they should create a day such as Valentine’s Day. Sometimes it hurts people.”