Over Burning The Midnight Oil

Countdown to finals: Two weeks.

I’ve been studying till the wee hours every night because I just cannot bring myself to start studying until say 4.30pm. After completing one chapter, the caterer aunty comes with my dinner. Then having dinner, washing the plates, throwing rubbish takes up about an hour. Alright, perhaps I should chill with the computer for awhile.

Oh. 5 more minutes. *blog hops*

Ah, what’s another 15 minutes. *checks email, friendster, technorati, statcounter*

Ooo! What a nice blog! *reads for awhile*

And before I know it, one and a half hours have surpassed me just like that. So I usually resume studying at about 8.30pm and try to complete 3 Anatomy topics, 1 or 2 Physiology topics, 1 Biochemistry topic and a dentistry topic or two PER night. If I am lucky I go to bed by 3am. Mu usual bed time is around 4.30am. I know, I know. it’s crazy. I’m used to it.

There are various ways which I use to keep myself awake. I make myself Nescafe! Like, three spoons of it plus lots of condensed milk. Yeap, I’ll die a diabetic. I know.

If that doesn’t work, I gulp down an entire bottle of Brands Chicken Essence. I’m quite taken with that salty liquid by now. *goes down and gets another bottle*. Yes, I know I’ll die a hypertensive too.

If I still feel sleepy after a couple of hours, I brush my teeth. Yeap, you heard me. Brush my teeth. The minty freshness immediately rouses me from my sleepy stupor, therefore allowing me sufficient alertness to complete my allocated topics for the night.

But what’s a student who needs to cram to do? 🙁 Health is not an option. COMPLETING THE SYLLABUS IS!!

Studying goes hand in hand with munching. Die la die.

Eh, half way studying, one gets bored okay. So I shall celebrate Happy Good Lips Day. 🙂 Kisses all around! (By the way, if my lips look glossy, it’s because of my saliva. Really. No lip gloss, no lip stick. Just me and my fluids.)

How about some lip reading, hmm?

Haiyo, forgive me. It’s not often that I realise what I like about myself.

Scribbling self reminders for the following day’s activities. 🙂

After sitting on the chair for hours, lying on the bed makes a good change of environment!

Yalah, posing.  But while posing, I was actually reading and could actually understand what I was reading because I was posing with that same page for so many times.;p

But it’s true. I’ve been staying up late. Siggghh. What removes eyebags, people?

I finished my maxillary nerve topic and aimed to finish charting the permanent dentition so that I can proceed charting the deciduous dentition(milk teeth) on the following day. Look at the time – 5.30am. Sigh.

I was drained..

Not to mention bored. But I was only taking a little time off to study!! Hahhaa, yes Peababes, that’s THE alarm clock. 😛

I want to sleep. *:{ < -- supposedly self created cute pouting emoticon.
Need. Sleep.

I’M REALLY WORKING ONE LAAA.. not camwhoring all the time. Please!

After working for another 40 minutes, sigh…….

LOL Check out the hair!

I wanted to blog about some noises I heard like pigeon cooing and people cooking breakfast which made me feel uneasy(because believe it or not, I feel guilty about staying up so late), but in case I forget, I decided to jot it down first. 🙂 But it makes a nice blogging style on its own. No? Maybe I’ll do this more often. Simply jotting down passing thoughts that I would like to blog about but will perhaps forget later on and then photograph it. Yeah! *source of inspiration*

After another half an hour, the sun was rising already. As you can see, after a while, you don’t get sleepy anymore.

ALRIGHT!! 7.10AM and I was done with tabulating the bloody tooth morphology. (the lecturer’s notes are so jumbled up, it makes no sense to search through the ugly fonts.. so I might as well make it into point form and do it in my own hand writing and put em into tables. So neat.:) )

My goodness. In all my life, I’ve only stayed up till the break of dawn.. I think for:-
1) Interact Camp in 2000
2) Interact Valentine’s Day Project 2003(hahaha good ol days eh esther, zhuo yan, jean ee, kaang cheing etc..)
3) New Year’s Day 01 (Chien’s house sleepover)
4) New Year’s Day 04
5) Liss’ birthday 2003
6) and now studying for BDS First year finals. 🙁

It’s still sort of night time as my glow in the dark butterflies and flowers can still glow.

Ah….I need more sleep.

Oh!! I did another recording of myself singing 😛
This time it’s The Power of Love!! 🙂