Pillow Fight Day In Kuala Lumpur?!

Ok guys, remember that awesome stunt called KL Freeze which involved more than 1000 people totally frozen for four minutes at Pavillion? I really wanted to be around for that one but unfortunately I was stuck in Kedah. As always.

Fortunately for me, the same people who came up with KL Freeze will be organizing the Corntoz Pillow Fight which is in conjunction with International Pillow Fight Day! I don’t hope to miss this one! It’s going to be on the 4th of April, 4.00pm to 7.00pm, this Saturday. I’ll be home!!! 😀 Faster go sign up with their Facebook event page so you won’t miss out when they announce the secret location.

I don’t know who will teman me but damn this sounds like some serious fun. Just taking your pillow and whacking total strangers.

How liberating! You could be like, “I don’t like your face..” *whack* or “Why are you talking to my boyfriend? CANNOT EVEN SMILE, BIATCHHH!” *WHACK* (and sneakily give a few punches when the Pillow Fight Police are looking away).

Just like KL Freeze, the location of the Pillow Fight will only be released two days prior to the event. I mean, it’s really something to tell the grandkids about!

I had a few rounds of practice. Just to see exactly what I can do, you know? Don’t want to go there as a weakling on that day.

Even if you don’t intend to whack the fella, it’s still quite fun to look at him shiver in his pants while you maintain this expression and pose.

oh..oh.. kena tickle by another pillow fighter.


Fell off the bed.

Pretend to be pig and then eat tiger.

There are bound to be super crazy strong people among the pillow fighters on that day.

Practice crying, just in case you want to gain some pity from the opponents..

…before you go mental on them.

The Baboon never fails.

When a cute pillow fighter walks by.

Gone to have a ‘chat’ with said cute pillow fighter.

Bumped into an old friend during the Corntoz Pillow Fight.

Imagine a whole bunch of crazy psychos whacking each other with pillows and goosefeathers (though I don’t think our Malaysian pillows are stuffed with goosefeathers) flying all over the place. So awesome!! It’s going to be like winter. I checked the facebook event page, so far, there are about 340 guests and the number is increasing by the minute.

Sure seems like the answer to a really really long week.