Please Vote For My Sizzling Hot Friends

While I’m busy editing a whole batch of photos and getting hooked on The Drive Of Life( is heaven sent! Somemore this particular series has english subtitles!), please spare a click of your mouse by voting for my friends Karen Siah and Sean Phuah on 8tv’s newest show The Ultimate Prom Nite!

Here’s the link!

It’s always good to show support to your friends and of course your friends’ friends. (Ahem, this is where my relationship with you comes in. If you read my blog, you’re my friend already. If I don’t know you, it’s okay, when you say hello to me on the streets, we can be friends from then on.)

Coincidentally, I know ONE girl and ONE guy from the top 10 finalists in the show.

Let’s start with Karen. We were both doing the Leo-Interact IU and Installation Days scene back in form4/5. She was a Leo president and I was an Interact Club secretary, both trying to make as many friends from other school as possible. She was from SMK Subang Jaya and I was in SMK Subang Utama. Both of the schools were only separated by one main road. We went on to become physics tuition classmates where we got to talk a little more and warmed up to each other much much more when college rolled around. After leaving Taylor’s college, she went on to Metropolitan for her degree.

Almost everyone I know respects Karen. She’s what you would call an all rounder, a people’s person and she has everything that would make a person well loved by all. But one of the thing I respect about her most is her enthusiasm for sports. She’s perhaps one of the fittest person I know! She even did an interview for Shapes this month. That’s how sporty she is. 🙂

Marathons, triathlons… she’s done it all. Yet, she’s still so down to earth. 🙂

So vote for her okay. Please?

And Sean Phuah…Sean sean sean sean. I could not recognize this handsome guy after slapping his ass back in 2001 when he only reached up to my elbows. He is actually Kwo Kuang’s childhood friend who had the ill fortune to bump into me in Sunway Pyramid that six years ago. He was also very unfortunate that I entertained Kwo Kuang’s request to give him a good Jolene’s Infamous Bum Slap. It was my way of making friends back then. Long story.

Fast forward to 2007, I bumped into him at Kwo Kuang’s 21st birthday at SOuled Out recently. Someone told me that he was Sean, Kwo Kuang’s childhood friend. Without thinking thoroughly, i leaned over and asked, “Are you the guy whose ass I slapped?” and he was like, “Uhhhh…I don’t remember.” Maybe too many ass slaps in his day.

We got further acquainted when we bumped into each other at the McDonalds drive thru in SS15. This guy really can talk cock about anything and everything but just shut him up with a crack at his hometown, Klang. It works. 😀 No offense to Klang people, we just enjoyed taking the mickey out of him by using Klang as the butt of jokes. I personally love the Bak Kut Teh and Seafood there and I *KNOW* there are new developments there. My cousin sister is renting a place there. Really posh!

For the record, his taller than me already.


Ooh, they have sms voting too. 🙂 You know what to do.