Hahahaha.. I know, I know. All the silly drama about me not being able to go for the bash and still I arrived albeit a whole hour late.

At 3am on the 23rd of June, I was chatting with SK and telling him how sad I felt that I’ll be missing out on such an event. He offered to drive me all the way to the bash if I can get myself down to KLCC’s lrt station since he works in KLCC. I got quite excited about it and immediately contacted Amanda and asked her if she was still keen on going. Chien who promised me that she would accompany me to the bash even before the exams started, immediately called me at 3am when I smsed her asking if it was a wise decision for me to the bash without my dad knowing.

The girl talked so much sense into me about how she knows I won’t feel good about doing something behind my father’s back. She made the most obvious and stupidest statement: “Why not tell your father that me, Amanda and Kay Hong will come with you?” …. Ya. I did think about that but I just did not think he would buy it. But it sounded so sensible so I decided to call my dad first thing in the morning.

I received a phone call in the morning. It was from a guy from Taylor’s Business School. I am not sure if he said he was a student there or if he was in admin. After telling him that I am not interested in business courses, he gave me his thanks before telling me, “Oh! By the way, nice blog site you have there.” I was dumbfounded and I asked him, “Ohmigod, how did you get to my site??” and he said, “Oh, my friend sent me the link.”. I’m still hyperventilating from it.

After that, I asked Dad for his permission to go for the bash. With good friends.

Dad said YES! As long as I don’t talk politics, sex or accept anything that is free. Ehehehe. The weirdest thing is that I was even allowed to drive down. Yes, people, it was my first time driving down to KL. Night time, somemore!

I tried on a few outfits and pestered those who were unfortunate enough to be online on my MSN to help me decide.


Naturally, I ended up near KLCC,  doing a little sight-seeing around Kuala Lumpur and nearly killed my friends and myself in the infamous KL jams. Kay Hong and Chien were squabbling with each other, each grabbing the map and telling the other that he/she is stupid and should shut up and I would be screaming, “TURN LEFT OR TURN RIGHT? WHERE????”.. and then they’d scream, “JOLEEEENNNEE..GOT DIVIDER!!!!!!”. Hohohoho.

Which is why I only arrived at Charlie’s Place at 8.45pm. I was so worried I’d miss the awards. I walked in and the first three people to greet me were Kenny Sia, Minishorts and SK. It was so fun that I didn’t tell anyone that I can finally come. Hahahaha. Throughout the night I had to repeat myself with an enthusiastic smile telling them how incredibly happy I was that my dad finally allowed me to come. I even got so carried away when I went up to meet Jeff Ooi  and he looked at me with recognition(but I mistook it for surprise) and I said, “Yea….my dad allowed me to come!”.

And then he said, “Um, what’s you coming and your dad allowing you to come got to do with anything?” …Omg. I really wanted to hide my face. So embarassing. OF COURSE JEFF OOI WON’T BE READING ME LAH.. Hahahaha. Stupid Jolene! STUPID!!!

He was nice about it and covered up by telling me that yes, dads are all very protective.

By the way, bloggers are a very contradicting bunch. Their online personas are mostly the mirror images of their real personality.

David and I camwhoring to start off a fun night! David is SO tall. He was at least 2 heads taller than me. No kidding.

Chliew and me!

Aiz, manning the t-shirt booth! The t-shirts are SO comfortable. Everybody should get one!

Kim and me!! She looks much softer in person, very dainty, demure and definitely fun. Ok, folks, doesn’t she look like Reese Witherspoon??

I WAS STARSTRUCK. I saw James looking at me before my mind registered who he was and then I screamed, “OMIGOD IT’S LOOPYMEALS.” And I also got to see how beautiful Mae was!! James looks good as well! They are both just as friendly as how they portray themselves to be. Poor Baby Jesse couldn’t make it that night, he had other plans such as sleeping. 🙂

Right, so I was walking around the garden area and I saw this young guy smiling shyly at me, looking up from pretty lashes. I thought he was a sweet looking fella and gave a smile back before I got STAR STUCK again. OMIGOD. It’s THE Huaibin of Sixthseal!! I immediately shook his hand and asked if I could have a picture. He’s really really approachable and is extremely friendly. Heck, everyone was! But you know how some people sounds more aggressive on their blog? Ah, they’re not like that in real life. 

Me and Huaibin. I think this is my starstuck face. I had the same expression on last time when I met Douglas Lim. haha.

Huai Bin and David

l-r: Jaime, Suanie, Giant Sotong, Me, David.

Another starstruck moment! A girl at the bar said hello to me and I asked her for her name and then she said, “Lainie!”.. .. I was in awe. And when she introduced Fip to me, I got into groupie mood again. Hehe, they are really nice as well! Honestly, every single person sounds more bitchy and aggressive on their blogs, but they are so. incredibly. sweet in real life.

l-r: Me, Sk and Nicholas Tay. I was so happy that I could recognise Nick. Haha! He has a nice camera.

And this is Albert Ng. We’ve known each other for, like, let’s see, year 2001… about four to five years now. But we’ve never met. Hahaha, this is the dude that okays all my articles for Xfresh. If it wasn’t for him none of my crappy writings would ever get posted up on Xfresh. He even remembers my very juvenile nickname that I used in Xfresh: Joeybear. *groans*. We’ve got a few friends in common as well. Been seeing his name around alot, heard about him alot, etc etc..and finally. FINALLY I get to meet him. I always thought he was one serious dude who is quite quiet and all. But no leh, he’s damn cheerful one!!

A nicer picture!

top l-r: Sharizal, Chien.
bottom l-r: Amanda, Kay Hong.
My wonderful friends managed to entertain themselves by having fun conversations with each other and camwhoring too. Kay Hong bought a new camera.

Shaolin Tiger and Me. Oh man, he is really tall. Another friendly guy. Much more friendlier than how he sounds like on his blog!

IreneQ and me! She’s still very very very nice to me, helping me to find out where I can get my food, making sure that I ate my dinner in case I got a gastric. Wish I can hang out with her more in the future.

l-r: Mack, Aiz, Me, Alex. I was shocked to know that Mack could recognise me! What an honour. 😛

Actually I have no need to protect their identity liao, since their faces are plastered all over the internet already.
top l-r: Carl, Me
bottom l-r: April,Elaine, Mr. Minishorts, Minishorts and Eyeris.

Myself and Yee Pei

l-r: Clifford,Reta, Me.

Of course the awards didn’t start at 9pm lah, us being Malaysians and all. Even though everyone had to go into the bar area which was pretty crowded and stuffy, it was great to just be there. I definitely did not want to miss this.

Mack’s speech!

See the crowd?

THE TWO FAMOUS ASSES. *heart, heart*.

l-r: Huai Bin’s Butt, Kenny’s Butt, FireAngel’s arm.

I CAN’T get enough of the sexy famous bums. *sigh*

I turned around and told Suanie, “Hehe, see see, I took their bums.” And she was like, “ME TOO!!!!” Perverts united! Woot!

The ass takers.

Kenny presenting the ping of the year award. Or was it the neophyte blog of the year?

MessyChristian(whom I talked to for the first time and I was quite elated to find another Subang neighbour. :))

The sexy Simon. He’s so cool lah! Not smiling and all. Cheh wah! Ada gaya!

Jeff Ooi is going to sneeze. Everytime I look at him, I remember the incident. Still shy about it. ;(

Kenny looking cute here!

Presenting Kenny with Blog Of The Year award.
l-r: Jeff, Kenny, Mack

Best of friends.

I’m sure Kenny was really happy that night.

l-r: David and Andreas. Andreas is very approachable! Wish I had more time to talk to him as well. Sigh, oh well. There’s always next year!

The birthday cake!

The birthday boy’s father.

I forgot who helped us take this photo but I got cut in half. Ish.
l-r: Kenny, TV Smith, Jeff Ooi, Huai Bin, Elaine, 1/2 me.

And then l-r: 1/4 Kenny, TV Smith, Jeff Ooi, Huai Bin, Elaine and then me. ;

l-r: Wuan, Peter, Myself. Fortunately I managed to talk to Peter during the Pre-PPS bash meet. Didn’t really get the chance to talk to him last night.

l-r: I didn’t get this guy’s name, Peter, Jack, Irene and Me.

I went up to the art gallery and took a picture of the crowd from above. I asked Aiz if he could gather everyone out on the grounds and someone goes up to shoot a pic with all the bloggers looking up. That would be nice. But unfortunately, according to Aiz, everybody were to lazy to move.

So I entertained myself by taking more pics from the balcony.

At the bottom of the pic, you have Charlyn Tangerine. Whom I stupidly did not take a picture with. He said, “Eh, damn daring ar you, go up there in your skirt!” And he keeps saying he feels old whenever I come around. Haha, don’t lah!

Myself and FireAngel. She’s such a hot chick. And is really hyper.

This is Jason/Chi Seng! I sort of remember him from old Interact functions. Us Subang people. The dude’s from SMK Seafield before.

Finally a nice picture with David! See how he towers over me??

Carl did alot of networking among the other bloggers. I asked him which blog he owns and he told me that today would be the first time that he pings at PPS. He asked me about my domain name, jayelleenelial. I explained to him that it was actually my initials followed by bits of my name which I turned around. Albert who was nearby claimed that he always thought it was Jayelle In Denial. Haha, Okay!

Dinz and me! Such a friendly dude. He can’t stop smiling!! 😀

Itu Eyeris la. Always must mosaic him one. This time I go less on the mosaicing so you can all see how handsome he really is. 🙂

Minishorts’ table.

Another familiar face! David who came back from Melbourne managed to attend the bash and we also have alot of friends in common since he was in the Taylor’s PJ Campus. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the other guy’s(in grey) name. So sorry..:(

Lucia Lai and me! She came all the way from Penang for this!

What a wonderful night of moving around shaking ahnds, smiling, making small talks, laughing, sweating, clapping, cheering, camwhoring…. I didn’t get to eat my dinner until a couple of hours later. I came back to the table to find it clumpy and cold. Rm18.50 gone like that.


April and me! I will have to look her up when I go to Monash for biotech/biomed.

After most of the crowd filtered out, David and his housemates, me, Chien, Amanda and Kay Hong sat around and got to know each other better. Kay Hong got comfy with the girls fast.

Kenny and Amanda.

Myself and Kenny. Finally managed to chat with him about close to 12am and he is a very sensible person. Still so humble despite all the praises and the award. He was telling me that he was overwhelmed. Hehe, I can see. He looks a little flustered and just a wee bit pink in the face. Must be the beer! I was supposed to bring Audrey to meet him in KLCC today but the dear girl has a hair appointment to catch and so poor Kenny and Audrey will have to wait until the next time before they can finally meet. Sigh.

Group photo with Kenny and Alex! This looks like a class picture. Hahahaha. I didn’t know Alex was from SMK Subang Utama as well! Man…this is such a small world.

Amanda’s loving the halo of lights.

Hehehe, nice right the shadowing and all. Lovely picture. I bet it’ll be up on their Friendster soon. They were at first shy to strike this pose, but then I said they are among bloggers, people like me who takes photos of anything. Then they felt more at ease. Hehe.

The scary gated place where we parked the car. BOoo.

Freaky, no?

Getting a drink at 7-11 for my brother.

Amanda bitching about how expensive Ben and Jerry’s Ice creams are.

Since Angel always disturbs Amanda, we had to put her in a bucket so that we can go up the stairs in time before she attacks Amanda’s toes.


My room is damn messy..:(

THE SHIRT FITS SO WELL.. Look at that, it doesn’t scream fats, its material is SOOOOOOO good.. and most importantly it’s a white baby tee which promotes Project Petaling Street. I wore it until 7am. Hahahaha. I WAS PHOTOSHOPPING THE PICTURES, UPLOADING THEM and then tried to blog but fell asleep at 7am.

The back of it.

Okay, cannot tahan liao. Had to go to sleep. Wanted my post to be the first thing everyone saw in the morning..

I was looking like this. How to tahan?

When I arrived home at about 1am, stomach growling and all. Didn’t eat my dinner, only ate half a plate of Char Kuay Teow the entire day. And now, at 3pm, I have not eaten anything yet. Amanda’s still sleeping. Hehehehe.

I went to PPS and amidst all the PPS bash posts(you guys are too fast), I saw this! Wah! My first spoof! Hahahaha.. thanks Wingz. 😛

I’m just really honoured that I was able to attend such an event. I would not have missed it for the world. Everyone sounded like how I imagined them to be. Strange isn’t it that the way a person writes can reflect in the way they sound? However, I think I was easily the youngest there. Any one there less than 18 years old?? My friends are all 19. So, yeah, I was the youngest! 😀

I really wanted to meet people like Belacans, Gina, Leokoo,Kenneth,Wingz, Michael Ooi, Applegal, Lilian, Jennifer Tai, Izuan, Midnitelily, Papimami, The Hustler, just to name a few. Apparently I missed Joyce The Fairy and Adam of 8tv  as they left early. Oh well.

Okay, now I’m going with Amanda to look for McDonald’s! Hope the photos didn’t lag your computers. This post sure took me a long time to do!

p/s: Alex of TechnoLAHgy v0.15 put this up! Go see! Go see! It’s the video of the entire event. I appear twice. Phuiyoh!