Putrajaya Fireworks Jam, Sush Is Back!, DIY Lanterns, My Second Self-Help Book

If you haven’t already checked out the fireworks at Putrajaya, make sure you go as there are only a few more shows left!

I was in my die die must go mode and poor Chee Kiang had to endure the one hour drive there(with minimal complains) and then the two hour jam home(he was pretty frustrated already at this point, hehe). I guess I would say it’s worth it? But with a better view, it would’ve been spectacular! So do go early if you plan to go. Team Japan is on the eve of Merdeka. Japan should be quite a show.

Bring your MPVs and SUVs along as the sun roofs will come in handy. So many people popped their heads out of their car to see the fireworks as the cars were merely crawling along, trying very hard to get closer to the main area. It was held at PICC.

It was so jammed that I could even go down and take a photo of Chee Kiang looking pissed off at the traffic.

I guess everyone had the same idea to just leave their cars in the middle of the roads when the fireworks started.

My shots are crappy but this is to show you that I saw fireworks. 🙂

I guess I can associate my love for glitter with fireworks. Sparkly and beautiful, I just can’t get enough of it.

This was the grand finale. Quite spectacular towards the end. Team Italy. Yay.

We had to wait awhile as some of the cars’ owners had walked a long way up the road and were no where in sight.

That’s self timer mode and a car as a tripod. 🙂

Since we were stuck in a jam, Chee Kiang and I played hand games!

“HAND GAMES?!?! HAIYOH!!” exclaimed my dad, in a tone of disgust when I told him what we did during the jam.

“Eeeyer..dad..!! As in Zet Zet Zet Bom Bom Bom. You know, things we played in kindergarten,” I laughed, knowing fully well that what I said had a double meaning. I love saying these things to scare my parents. Ho ho ho.

Quite a lot of games we played actually. He taught me one that he learnt during his juniors’ orientation. It’s so simple and fun that I can even teach you now. Sit in a circle with a group of friends. The first person says “One!” and the second person would say “Shoot!”. The third person would then say, “Bang!”. The fourth person would say, “Two!”. Fifth person says, “Two!”, sixth Person, “Shoot!”, seventh person, “Shoot!”, eighth person, “Bang!” and nine person, “Bang!” …. eh, get it? As in as the number increases you must say the word the same amount of times. Damn bodoh but damn exciting also.


Sush came back from UK after completing her internship at a firm there. Mel, Sush and I went to Melur for a good dose of roti tisu and a loooooooooooong catch up(read: major super duper gossip.) session. Even my dog’s personal life wasn’t left out of our topics.

And of course, a photo. 🙂 The girls demanded for another shot as the first one “made them look ugly”.

In the second one, *I* look horrible. But I’m the bigger person here, I will sacrifice my graceful elegant porcelain tau foo fah yong tau foo beauty to look like my dog’s twin sister(same hair, see?) when my two babes are satisfied with the way they look in the photo.

I’ve not seen Sush for over a year(and Mel for like 4 days, lol), I’m just glad that she hasn’t developed a UK accent. I’ve got dahlings in a few continents, specifically Chien who came back from Sydney and She Dee from Hawaii, each sounding like a native from their respective ..er…study lands. The former used to end everything with a question mark when she first got back and the latter had a hint of Paris Hilton-accent.

If Sush really came back with a British accent, I’d be damn disturbed but wouldn’t lose out and would start talking in a Kedah accent. Loghat Kedah.

Tak poh, asalkon kawon kawon mai balik, sayo gembiroh. Tigoh kupang, terimo kasih.

(actually bluff you only, the only two words I learnt in Kedah is Mai which is mari and Kupang which means cents. But to my defense, I also learnt quite a number of chinese words. Toya is taugeh in mandarin.)


Strolling around Jaya Jusco in Bangi(don’t ask me why) yesterday, I saw a stall selling the really really old school lanterns that I played as a child. This signifies that the mooncake festival is drawing close. Touching the metal and taut glass paper on the lanterns, I thought, “Hmm, this looks easy enough,”. All the designs were your usual ugly fare of dragons, fishes, pigs and what have you. I was thinking, “Hmm. What if I design some myself? I could make them look girly.. so that girls my age will adore them, like how we gush over things from pink super girly shops.”

That’s when I had the brilliant idea to break into the lantern market. Hehe. I was itching to go out to buy my materials but it was a Sunday. I just hate it when I have an idea that I am extremely enthusiastic about and would have to wait till the next day to execute it. It’s damn tormenting one, okay!

Yeah, so maybe if I can master the skill of making beautiful lanterns for the fashion conscious girl, it might sell!

So, on Monday, I immediately gathered the materials that I would need:

1) All possible colours of glass paper(transparent tinted plastic wrapper-paper)
2) Soft-enough wire(must be bendable)
3) Wire bender(or do you call it a plyer?)
4) Scissors
5) Blade
6) Glue pen
7) Cellophane tape
8) Jars and packets of glitter
..and I was set!

However, lantern making wasn’t as straight forward as it was made out to be. Plus, I couldn’t get any information off the net.

I won’t go into the details about how I cut the wire and bent it as it is damn frustrating. What’s more frustrating is when I had to cut the glass paper according to the shape of the wire I bent. Grrr.

I made two blue hearts and joined two pink triangles together. It’ll form a fairy when I’m done with it. Just you wait!

Wait for it…

The wings can be spread one, okay!

Diffuse glow for that marketing gimmick touch. (Sabar lah, after a while I’ll get bored of this photoshop function.)

Can insert a tiny fairy light in between the triangles. Hm, I’ll think of a way. But hey, it’s good practice what, right?

And I think for now I better make for myself first. T_T Too ugly to sell. And making one already gives me blister and takes damn bloody long. My dad was telling me that any business that involves manual labour is not a smart business. ;\

He was also talking about how he tries to tell his subordinates off nicely. He didn’t like it that some of the factory people didn’t wear helmets and he would summon them to his office. His tactic would be to make them remorseful, not angry at him.

He’d tell them things like, “Kalau ada apa-apa hal, saya mesti menjawab kepada isteri kamu dan anak-anak kamu…” bla bla.. and they’d feel so bad and put their safety helmets on.

But what’s most funny would be when my dad googles Simpulan Bahasas up to use it in his ‘lectures’ to make his messages more ‘deep’ to his staff. I was laughing so hard. It’s like he simply apply only, so that his staff would be in awe. I’m thinking of looking for a primary school Malay workbook with Simpulan Bahasas for him. I think he would prefer those rhyming sentences. What was it called already? Tatatertib? Tatasusila? Tatasilangkata? Tatabahasa? Wtf? Oh you know, the longer ones that are mentioned as the moral of a story in our primary school textbooks.

Speaking of books, I couldn’t find the eBook for this book called, “Why Men Marry Bitches”, by Sherry Argov. So yeah, I bought it and now I’m on my way to becoming less of a demure Asian wife(wtf.. i wasn’t even demure to begin with) and also to answer all these questions in my head when I see really good guys dating extremely horrid girls. The book really explains you know. If you want to borrow it, get in line. Melody chup already.

Okay, goodnight, gonna indulge in this book a little bit more. AND I HAVEN’T EVEN FINISHED HARRY POTTER YET!! #@*$#^^%. Shaddap! Don’t say anything!