Random Rants/Sett’s Birthday/Mum’s Birthday/Procrastinating Around The House

So, what do you think of the new banner? 🙂 It’s a result of my latest obsession with San-X cartoon characters, which also includes my unnecessary Hannari tofu love.

I found these images on Flickr and with the aid of photoshop, I made this banner. Each object that you see is from different pictures. Some are from lunch boxes, some from sticker sheets, some from notepads…:)

Well, the tooth was from a notepad. Very cute! It’s like supposed to be against sweet things like the blue cloud of sweets and ice-creams. Then the random cartoons in the middle is from left to right: Funwari Milk-Chan (a boob plushie. Just google it. The description is disturbingly cute.), Beer-Chan(it doesn’t look old enough to drink, but it really is!), Hannari Tofu and a Mamegamo which looks like it’s humping an apple. Those four icons are just so me, don’t you think? The tofu is so me simply because I love it. The beer-chan means corrupted minds. The boob plushie is for the infamous Left Boob moniker. Hamsap Mamegamo is Hamsap Jolene.

And yeeeapp, exams are over! Woohoo! I do hope I pass these exams as the effort I put in seemed like the scraping through kind. Seventeen topics. Roughly translates to seventeen hours. Hardly makes me shit my pants but let’s just hope for the best. *checks karma points balance*

In other new, I’ve bought my biggest Hannari tofu to date! I’ve searched One Utama, Sunway Pyramid and even Midvalley.. but I actually found it in the new shopping mall(which is like 1/4 the size of Summit USJ) just 5 minutes from where I stay. As in where I stay in Sungai Petani. Of all the places!! I must not underestimate Kedah ever again.

A pink Hannari tofu. And it’s filled with the type of squishy stuff that I like.

Just in case you don’t understand how big it is.

I can do a tofu tower! Bought the brown one in One Utama a week ago. I also bought a rectangular tofu(I prefer cuboidal ones.:( ) in the same colour back at One-U. I didn’t bring it up to SP. My brother’s hugging it while he studies for his AS exams.

Today was one of those mornings when I don’t bother to set the alarm clock. As a result, I awoke to some twittering buzzering sound thinking, “Hm, strange. My alarm clock usually has a ringing sound and my handphone’s alarm is set to “Sexy Back””. It took me awhile to realize that it was actually my house phone- and the only person who ever calls me on the land line is my mother.

I picked up the phone and heard my mother laughing.

“Mum, why are you laughing instead of saying hello?” I asked, still groggy.

“I’m calling my daughter so I’m happy!” said Mum.

“What? Why are you calling your doctor?” I thought I was going to become a sister, again! I don’t think I can handle all the stress all over again. *dramatic hand to forehead*

“Daughter!” my mum corrected me.

“Ohh. Right.” I said, still abit lost. Very sleepy.

So she went on about how my dad left for Vietnam at about 12pm and how my grandmother came up from Malacca and how they had lunch and then had tea and I was like, “Wait, what’s the time now?”

“Nearly 5pm.” said mum.


I totally skipped breakfast and lunch. Yay! 1 kg down.

..and then I had to feast on half a tub of Haagen Daz ice-cream(smallest size, I swear!) and a bag of Chipsters. booohooohoooooo..:(

Nonetheless, a well deserved break after the exams. A shopping trip to Penang and a 14 hours sleep – glorious!

About my practical exam on Friday, it was actually our first practical exam. Like something hands on. This determines whether we get to go into the clinical phase. As in if we pass this, we get to start treating patients.

So I was hoping that composite(despite Group A getting composite too a day before) would come out because amalgam is so much harder. All that carving is such a pain. You even get marks for professional behaviour and this includes how you dress.

I was a little nervous during the exam and during the rubber dam application, I was too aggressive with the forceps and overextended the rubber dam clamp(a small metal thing with two holes to be extended by the forceps, to be placed on to a tooth when a rubber dam is put on. Oh, google it.). It then flew into the air and hit something with a loud CLUNK. I couldn’t find it. It definitely doesn’t help with the situation when everyone’s trying to concentrate on the practical exam. It flew into the machinery of my stimulator which I later removed. But it was embarrassing.

Second hit – as I was drilling the cavity, I didn’t remove the water constantly and it overflowed down on to the floor. Definitely a reason to minus marks and so untidy too! So I placed a few paper towels on the floor which turned transparent almost immediately. My tutor came by, checked on my work and then as he walked away, the tissue followed him. Nooooo. Luckily they didn’t go very far and I managed to push it to one side with my shoe. I can’t pick dirty things off the floor during any procedures! Our tutors told us a horror story about one of their seniors who had to repeat a whole year because she picked up a dental probe off the floor and placed it back on the tray with the other sterile things. So scary!

After completing the restoration, I was all ready to polish it to perfection(ahem!). I was freaking out because the slow speed hand piece was not spraying any water. Without water, my tutor will smell the composite burning. 🙁

I jiggled with the hand piece and tapped the pedal and voila. Water came out at last. But in an upwards motion. Slightly dousing my neighbours and myself.

I’ve been meaning to put up this photos for the longest time, but since I was so miraculously dilligently studying(not true. If I was dilligently studying, I would’ve put up the photos due to wanting to procrastinate from the mounting stress. I was not in exam mode. 🙁 )

It was Sett’s birthday two weeks ago. After hearing so much about Autocity, I’ve finally had the chance to go see the place for myself. It’s somewhere in Juru, Penang with a lot of car show rooms hence the obvious name.

Autocity is a little bit like The Curve, where they pay more attention to the eateries. It was like a whole place dedicated to restaurants, bars and cafes. That’s part of a lantern festival in the distance, by the way.

We went to Nandos. All 25 of us.
L-r: Chee Wen, Xin Yi, Ee Chean, Steven and Ee Chia.

L-r: Chwan Horng, Jimmy, Sock Nee, Pei Zhi, Maxis and Nien.

Sett and Steffi. He turned 22 that day.

Zhu Zen and Nien “no eyes see”(mo ngan tai) when Sett kissed Steffi.

top l-r: Andy, Steffi
bottom l-r: Ah Thong, Ken, Hui Ling?(Shan? sorry!! 🙁 ) and Priscilla.

top l-r: Nien and Me
bottom l-r: Zhu Zen, Lie Yuen, Poh Yee, Cze-Yin and Brenda.

Poh Yee and myself. Ooh er i look so cheeky here! Another successful pose.

Another one with the pharmacy girls as well.

Chee Wen looks so cute being all curious.

Sett makes a wish.

One with the cake!

the pharmacy people!
L-r: Ken, Edmund, Mirage, Hui Shan?Ling? and Priscilla

top l-r: Ah Thong, Maxis, Ee Chean, Chwan Horng, Steven, Jimmy, Andy
bottom l-r: Ken, sett, Chee Wen

Big group photo!

Jimmy checks out the ultra long bill..

The damage!

The banker!

And the girls of course went out to do what they did best.

We saw a stall selling these pretty star shaped lanterns! They have a store at The Curve’s bazaar as well. The company has a website and the small stars are selling at RM18 and bigger ones at RM25!

Lie Yuen and Cze-Yin looking so well illuminated.

Me and starlight. 🙂

Lie Yuen and I amidst the stars!

A whole canopy full of floating stars. Aww.

Who doesn’t love soft glows?

Jimmy and Sock Nee wanted a photo with the equally loving Hello Kitty lanterns.

us girls utilizing them lights!

Lie Yuen with her old housemate Priscilla and Mirage.

Nien wanted a housemates-only picture.

And then a red shirts-only picture.

Lie Yuen and I wanted a loving photo.

Then all the dentistry girls wanted a backside-only photo. I’m third from right.

And front!

Sett and his first birthday present!

Later on, we went to Halo Cafe and I saw a little girl there with two pig tails running around. This is me copying her hairstyle and I was calling out to her.

She obliged and so I picked her up for a little bit of camwhoring. Not a fan of the camera, I guess.

Ah..Sock Nee. The perfect mother in the making.

Another birthday photo series.. My mum turned 47 recently! We went to Tai Thong to celebrate.

L-r: Kaiyeah, Shevie, Kaima, Mervyn, Mum, Me and Dad.

I think this is a really really nice photo of my parents! Finally, something to replace those decades old photos sitting around our living room.

And an equally nice one of my Kai Yeah and Kai Ma! Though I wish the angle was better.

l-r: Mervyn, Mum, Dad and myself.

l-r: Shevie, Kai Yeah and Kai Ma. Wonder how is Shevie’s SPM so far..

And some photos from when I was some what slogging for the exams.

To my horror, I found a mushroom, LITERALLY A MUSHROOM, growing from the top of my broomstick!

So fucking gross okay, it’s like fuzzy at the top.

A dog stayed on our porch for about 24 hours. We were so worried that it would be a permanent fixture. It was limping and we hoped that it wouldn’t die in our house. I mean it’s all very sad but how are going to handle it??

The grandmother who lives next to us is so passionate about gardening that she just lets herself in to tend to our garden.

As a result, we have a garden patch. There are sweet potato leaves, four angled beans, french beans, kangkung, onions(I think), pandan leaves and chilli. At first I wasn’t so happy with the idea of a garden but I warmed up to it when the grandmother showed us how to cook the vegetables!

This, can be cooked. But I’ve yet to attempt anything as I’m afraid that I might accidentally poison myself by picking up the wrong plant.

And when you have vegetables, you have slugs. Ughh.

I turned it over with a stalk of grass. It looks like a freaking mushroom at the bottom. Yuck!!

And then the damn thing turns over again and continues on its way.

After pouring salt on it, I wigged out of its former skin!! Can you see that white mass sticking on the grass? That was the slime it crawled out of.

I picked it up with a few pieces of leaves.

Lie Yuen was scared. She was asking me to take it away. Hahahaha.

So gross!!!

I wanted to leave it in the middle of the road, in the hopes that a car would come by and squish it.

But the better idea was to cover them with salt. They died a few hours later and their carcasses are still outside our house as I type and probably as you read.

Still very happy with the vegetable patch, I bought this from Tesco! I love kangkung!

I even bought a spade! That’s how serious I am about my gardening. (The spade has not been used ever since. Hahaha)

I’m such a natural!~

I think we made the mistake of NOT spacing the seeds out. The seedlings are turning yellow now. Sigh. And we’re too lazy to water them. Sigh. Let the rain fall on it only lah.

Lie Yuen decided to have a go as well!

ELECTIONS ARE COMING – Yang Amat Bahagia Datuk Seri Jolene Lai attempts to help during the launch of the village plantation in Sungai Petani recently. Looking on is Penghulu Heng Lie Yuen.

Now, I’ll end this post with a teaser for my next entry:

Goodnight. 🙂
*For self records: Period on 15th of November.