Roleplaying: Dealing With Elderly Patients/My Earrings Carousel/Dental Dinner Performances Practice

We have a class called Communication Skills where we would learn about the most effective ways to deal with the many situations which we would face in our career. I think marketing students and other communication students have this subject too. But obviously we have to deal with more specific topics like dealing with young patients, dealing with elderly people etc. and marketing students would probably have to deal with things like problematic customers ya?

Our lecturer injects fun into the class by getting us to come out to do a little role playing. I managed to get a video of two of my classmates, Andy and Bala, who went up to the front to act out a scene where an old man goes to the dentist and the dentist has trouble communicating with a stingy, partially deaf old man.

Now, I’ve downloaded a video converter and I’ve learned how to use Windows Movie Maker(which doesn’t play .MOV files thus the need to download that video converter) so I actually have a video to put up on Youtube! 😀 I even added titles..and credits! LOL. It’s me making those sounds when the credits roll. It didn’t take me very long lah if you’re all concerned about me not studying. Wait la! Now I start studying lorh! After this blog entry! Promise.

Just give me face and load the entire video. My first attempt at mini movie making. Wahahha.

As mentioned in a previous entry(can’t remember which one), I said I bought an earrings tower(or a carousel, if you wish to call it that). Here’re the photos of the latest addition to the decor(BWAHAHHAAHA..) of my room.

Since I’m very proud of it, there’ll be many many photos showing all sides of it.

I think there are about 80+ pairs of holes in this carousel.

And no, these are not ALL my earrings. 😀 I still have tons back home!

You know how those 3 for RM10 earrings are the same in all shopping malls? And if you realize, there are actually earring trends. Now, let me tell you something so that you’ll be ahead of the game. Go to Subang Parade on a reguar basis. Earrings that will eventually be trendy will appear there first. And there are tons of stalls there selling 3 for RM10 earrings.

I hung my bracelets in the middle and stuck my glittery hair pin thing in the middle too. Damn freaking functional.

Random shot of my purple earrings.

l-r: Appropriate teeth earrings, Sushi Earrings from Chee Kiang.

And faux glass(it’s plastic, duh) earrings from Subang Parade. I was using my new glasses to buy them so I had difficulties looking at the selection of earrings. I had a headache after that.

Coincidentally, Cze-Yin’s sister’s boyfriend’s mum sells earrings carousel as well. I’m currently waiting for her sms as she’s asking her sister to ask her boyfriend to ask his mum how much she’s selling her carousels for. I bought mine for RM48. And it’s only like 20cm tall? Apparently Cze-Yin said that her sister’s boyfriend’s mum also sells carousels which are about 1ft tall. But don’t know how much lah. Later I tell you all when she sends me the sms.

So if you guys want to order, just email me or let me know and I’ll help you to get the carousels:D

Then you can tell people, “Oh, I got it from my bloggerfriend’s classmate’s sister’s boyfriend’s mum.” (or insert any appropriate relative title)

As you all know, besides studying for the exam, we’ve been busy practising for our dental dinner.

I’m involved in an indian dance.

Pretty upbeat.. no video, so sorry.

I like this photo quite alot! It SO has the effect that we wanted to portray.

I like this part of the dance too as we get to gyrate our hips while doing some praying motion with our hands.

And this is the end bit. There’s suppose to be another guy behind me.. but he was having classes.(He’s one of our juniors).

On Wednesday(or is it? Can’t quite remember), we had ‘auditions’ for the dental dinner performances. But of course everybody gets to perform la. Sheesh. This is Melvin, Um-sorry-forgot-her-name-forgive-me and Adrian doing Utada Ikaru’s First Love. It’s sort of like an MTV, where they act out the scenes too as they sing.

And here’s one for the ladies. Adrian, Ken and Lun, all rather good looking guys by the way, sang Eagle’s Love Will Keep Us Alive. Damn lam!

Here, got video to prove to you girls: