Samsung Galaxy S Maxis10 Review – Part 4 – My Favourite Apps

I am actually falling apart as my house is in a mess and I am feeling extremely sleep deprived. Need to wake up at 6 something for my class trip to Langkawi. Luckily Nien offered to drive so I can snooze all the way there. <3 And the ferry from Kuala Perlis to Langkawi is just under two hours, more reasons to snooze! <3 <3

So now I shall focus all my energy on churning out this post. You all very bad one lah. I so susah payah do all the reviews yet hardly any comments. T_T Sakit hati tau! But it’s okay, DEMI MAXIS AND SAMSUNG! *fire in the background*

In today’s blog post of phone review monologues, I shall be showing you some of my favourite apps and also three instant messaging apps that I use on this phone.


Layar is a browser that shows you businesses and services around you in real time. The technology that they utilize is called Augmented Reality! You’ll see why.

Watch the video damnit:

If you are reading this as a note on facebook, you probably can’t see it. Don’t be so lazy, come to my blog directly lah!


I am not quite sure what this list is but it greets me everytime I log in.

You have many layers to choose from. Each layer shows you a certain category of service. There are many to choose from. Car rentals, ATM machines, restaurants, shops..etc. When I was at the Penang Airport, I tried using the Car Rental layer and my screen was flooded with listings.

You can even adjust the range. So you can just limit it to like within 1km.

Upon clicking the layer, grids will be sent out to assess the area around you. I don’t know if it’s just for show or not lah because the app clearly utilizes the gps, camera and accelerometer (to be used as a compass). As a result, you get a cool effect when you see the icons float in front of you. See those gas stations on the screen? It means that within a few km as depicted in the blue box with words below, that particular gas station is XXkm away from me.

Your radar.

You can click on the blue screen to get more details about that particular business.

I think this is one of its coolest feature!

You can freaking call them!!! 0_()

I love Layar a lot though it can be quite freaky. Especially when I used the Tweeps layer in a huge crowd. There are bound to be people using twitter while having their gps turned on. With the tweep layar, you can see who just uploaded a tweet like, meters away from you. Yes, it can be that freaky.

While waiting for my flight at Changi, I showed Chee Kiang the Tweeps layer on Layar. We were scouting for twitter users around us.


Watch the video:

Most people are no stranger to this up and coming form of social networking. Foursquare is useful in the sense that it tells you about places around you that are interesting and when your friend checks-in to somewhere new, say a flashy bar, you’d be enticed to check it out yourself too!

When you check-in more than a number of times, you become the Mayor of that particular establishment. Upon receiving your mayorship, some establishments have even picked up on the craze and issued discounts to these so called mayors of their establishment.

Places near my house..anyway, no worries about revealing where I stay. There’s nothing left in my house to loot. Only valuable thing is well……me! 😀 *bows*

Upon clicking on a venue, you have to then check-in.

You can brag to your friends that you’re at like… say, on the Eiffel tower! If only I had this phone last August. Ahem, ahem, brag, brag.

When you click on maps, you can even see exactly where the establishment is located in.

You can even see what others have said about this particular venue. It is very useful for other users who would like to share what they like about their favourite cafe so that other users who drop by would know what’s the house specialty and if it sucks or not.

Google Sky Map

Watch the video:

This is like my bed time story. I need to stare at the sky via this map before I can fall asleep.

Here’s a video of me trying out the app beneath the twinkling sky:

It is actually very fun for those who enjoy stargazing. I’ll be doing some of that tomorrow in Langkawi. Hopefully I can put it to good use!

The gps detects your co-ordinates and then the compass starts working and so the phone will show you what you are supposed to see if you are looking in that particular direction. This is correct because where I am facing in this photo is the west and it was night time already. So the sun has already set in the west and is sort of underneath me.

You have the options of disabling and enabling what you want to see – constellations, planets..etc.

If you point it up, it would show you that the sky is already dark, which it was!

They even have a ‘toggle night’ view thing to ease your eyes.

My Days

Watch the video of all the fun application on this phone:

This is a strange but intriguing app.

It charts your menstrual cycle and even shows you when you are ovulating and stuff.

You can add these to your My Days calendar. Very interesting. But my period has not arrived yet since I got the phone, so no chance to try.

Very useful if I am trying to get pregnant.


I’m a huge fan of the website so of course I had to download the application too!

It’s really great to kill time as you would just keep reading and reading.

You can even vote like in the website!

Healthy Recipes

One day….one day I will try this one. Promise!

It’s great that the recipes are divided into such organized categories.

I’m hungry already, damnit.


Everything a blogger needs……..NOT!

Though it is nifty but I still prefer finishing up my blog posts on a computer. The flow of words are constantly coming and trying to write all that on a touch screen phone is a whole different ball game. Totally a buzzkill.

It’s actually very basic but better than nothing.

You can select a photo to be added to your post.

The Star Online

The Star even has their own Android app!

It’s actually done really nicely!


Instant Messaging on the Samsung Galaxy S is very very easy. It’s great that they have practically all instant messaging  platforms available in the Android Market! They even have ICQ and QQ!

Let’s start off with gTalk first.


Watch the video:

Part 1

Part 2

It came preinstalled with the phone.

This is how the contact list appears.

Tried to kacau Liss but she didn’t reply immediately.

I like gTalk because whenever someone wants to chat, I get a notification. It’s almost like having Whats App. ALMOST.

MSN Talk (Msn Messenger)

MSN is so essential. But too bad it drains the battery quite a bit so I cannot leave it running in the background.

I love it because I get to customize it anyway I want!

I got my brother to layan me for my blog review.

Poor guy thought we were shooting a video.


Facebook Chat

It’s very impressive that Facebook Chat is even available in the Android Market!

You can download themes too!

Got my brother to layan again.

Swype Keyboard

Photos don’t do the Swype keyboard any justice so just watch the video:

Sorry if I sound brief in this post but I am really..really..really.. tired. I can’t blog from now till Sunday (the end of the review period) as I’ll be in Langkawi with my classmates!

Here’s some photos and videos from the phone as usual:

I’m sorry but I have to force another video of my bling bling carkeys on you. I worked so hard on it! I deserve some limelight!

Looking at the alphabets flip on the departures er…screen or very addictive.

The panorama mode is actually pretty good!! Click on the photo to see it in its original size.

Vignette in mono mode.

Oooops Lie Yuen was closing her eyes. We were clearing our lockers that day.

As Brenda said, hope we don’t have to put anything back in!

Made a trip to Tesco to get some essentials to make shifting houses a whole lot easier. Shrink wrap your stacks of books and tie them with rafia strings so they won’t slide about!

Chin Kai and Aik Munn came to get my bed. It’s great that the boys are natural handymen.

Very sad. Just one week left in Sungai Petani and we are introduced to a freaking Steamboat Buffet!! FML x 10000000.