Settling in Australia With Ease Abroad

A long time ago, I looked at my friends fret over university applications and accommodation procedures before making their way over to Australia. I didn’t need to consider going there because firstly, I had very low self esteem about my eventual A-levels result so I didn’t bother applying to anywhere (bad move) and also the course I wanted to do would be far too hefty a price if I were to do it overseas. 

As if trying to get a place in an Australian university wasn’t hard enough, students then would have to think long and hard about places to stay and if those places met their budget or not. Most of these students were leaving the country and their parents for the first time in their lives! Not every parent is rich enough to accompany their child on their first big adventure and thus the student is thrown into the wilderness that is Australia to fend for him/herself in looking for an accommodation and basically understanding how the city works. I’ve never heard of trams until Abby told me about how she takes the tram to Melbourne Uni every other day. 

It’s always better if there’s already a local who knows what you’re coming in for and can prepare you for all these formalities and details. A friend of mine in Australia (actually Amanda’s boyfriend, Josh whom I have yet to meet) came up with this ingenious idea with his partners to aid such students. They understand that when one moves to a whole new world, it can get pretty stressful so they will be there to help you iron out the kinks!

According to them it takes about 2-3 weeks for a student to find a place to stay in Australia (if you did not opt for the super expensive campus accommodation) and so those couple of weeks could be put to better use with their help. Like going on a longer vacation before you start that all important first year at uni! Better to spend more time with your parents too as half of you will probably not stay at home permanently anymore from then on. 

Here is their list of services
• Location of rental property
• Application for rental property
• Securing of rental property
• Furniture procurement
• Limo pick up service from airport
• Connection of utilities
• Peace of mind 

Yeah! Even a limo pick up service from the airport! I mean it’s no Thailand, but still, no worries about getting kidnapped by any conmen upon your arrival down under. 

Picture from one of their recent roadshows.

If there are any parents or students out there up to their heads in Australian uni applications or even expatriates hoping to start a new life, do check out Ease Abroad!

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I know I wouldn’t mind paying a small fee if it can sort out all the headaches for me and even helping me to secure better deals to fit my (would have been) poor student budget.